Wilson Homestead (1840-1865, 44.333502, -76.666614)

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Wilson homestead canada01.jpg

Wilson Homestead (1840-1865, 44.333502, -76.6666140)

About 1840 the Thomas Wilson (1800-1866) family moved from Richmond near Ottawa to a military tract near Mud Lake, Ontario Province, where they apparently built a log house. The log house burned to the ground in 1857 and they rebuilt the house of brick where it still stands today, although having suffered at least one major fire in the 1970s. The evidence for the location of the house and the occupancy of the Wilsons consists of census records for 1851 and 1861, two cadasteral maps, one from 1860 and another from 1880, photographs taken by ecp in 1957 and 1959, and Google Earth, including a street view. Eric, Cathy, Ed, Sallie, Clara, Everett, and Chauncey visited the house in December 2014, photographing and meeting with the current owners who provided an outline of their title back to Thomas Wilson.