Samuel W. Chase (1800-1867)

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Presented pulpit bible to President Lincoln, July 4, 1864.

Samuel W. Chase was buried in Laurel Cemetery.

1865/66 BC Directory (Woods), Colored Persons:

[Chase entries:]

Chase Absalom, laborer, 2 Jew al
Chase Allen, laborer, 70 s Dallas
Chase Benjamiti, porter, 37 Raborg
Chase D E. at Sun office, dw 31 Edward
Chase David, porter, 89 Stirling
Chase Elizabeth, confectionery, 84 Centre
Chase Elizabeth, laundress. 37 Raborg
Chase Henry, sawyer, 33 Burgundy al
Chase Isaac, porter, 33 Grundy al
Chase James, laborer, 93 Chesnut
Chase Joseph, grain measurer, 30 Dover
Chase Josiah, laborer, 66 Welcome al
Chase Levin, drayman, 11 Hull's la
Chase Samuel, laborer, 201 Hamburg
Chase Samuel, carter, 210 s Dallas
Chase Samuel W. cabinet maker, 180 s Howard
Chase Samuel, drayman, 222 s Howard

Chase Rev. Samuel, 81 Leadenhall

Chase Samuel, drayman, 1 Tripolet's al
Chase Sarah J. laundress, 5 Momlet ct
Chase Susan, cook, 103 Orchard
Chase Thomas, soldier, 82 West
Chase Wm. ship sawyer, 57 Johnson
Chase Wm. barber, 4 Bank la

1867 chase samuel w obit.jpg