Frederic Bernal (1828-1924)

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Frederic Bernal was the British Consul in Baltimore during the Civil War. His reports on the politics and trade of the city including his admiration for Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney are to be found in ecp's research images From the British National Archives and the London School of Economics. See: 2004 Bernal research images.

See Bernal on-

Roger Brook Taney: Merryman Proceedings

Baltimore Fire Department: Praise of the Fire Department. Charles Wagandt (Media:Wagant_bernal_mdhm_1966.pdf) edited this dispatch in the Maryland Historical Magazine.

The citation for the dispatches for April and May of 1861 is:

Reference: FO 5/784


Consuls at Baltimore. Barclay, Bernal.

Date: 1861.

Held by: The British National Archives, Kew

Legal status: Public Record

Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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   FO 5/784 - Consuls at Baltimore. Barclay, Bernal.

Secondary Sources:

Barnes: The American Civil War through British Eyes Note that the Barnes's base their edition on Lord Lyon's papers and do not include all of Bernal's observations which are in the Foreign Office files.

White: Abraham Lincoln and Treason... White does not cite Bernal's dispatch re: attending Taney's Habeas Corpus proceedings in the Merryman case.

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