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ecpclio08_graphics-00001 Move from old Hall of Records Building to new, photographs of the first day, August 1986; old and new compared, contrasted ECP in old office; Dedication of plaque, Governor Hughes; proof prints 1

ecpclio08_graphics-00002 Annapolis Convention Slides 2

ecpclio08_graphics-00003 Roosevelt, Franklin Dpainting from National Portrait Gallery of him and his hands holding cigarette 3

ecpclio08_graphics-00004 Tom Kistenmacher's favorite quotes from Sarah Orne Jewett re: Conversations rooted in the past and not to worry about what's coming before it comes 4

ecpclio08_graphics-00005 Annapolis Houses: Dr. Murray's, Sands, John Brice, Paca, Chase/Lloyd 5

ecpclio08_graphics-00006 Baltimore about 1800, color print 6

ecpclio08_graphics-00007 HABS drawings of State House Dome 7

ecpclio08_graphics-00008 18th century wall paper showing mistress and slave 8

ecpclio08_graphics-00009 Charles Carroll of Carrollton medal from auction catalogue 9

ecpclio08_graphics-00010 Paul Revere review of the Year 1765 (print in color) from catalogue 10

ecpclio08_graphics-00011 old Treasury building, State House Grounds 11

ecpclio08_graphics-00012 detail from Albert Small's drawing of the State House; from MdHr G 1556-21 12

ecpclio08_graphics-00013 Cartoon created by Greg Stiverson with photograph of old man at the keyboard 13

ecpclio08_graphics-00014 Dickinson, John from Charles Willson Peale Portrait 14

ecpclio08_graphics-00015 Where is Watkins Point slides 15

ecpclio08_graphics-00016 Baltimore map dedicated to Thomas Langston 16

ecpclio08_graphics-00017 MdHR G 1213 slide collection for study of the mapping of Maryland ECP/ 8/ 17

ecpclio08_graphics-00018 Hammond Harwood Atlas, description of figures as related to MdHR G 1213 . 18

ecpclio08_graphics-00019 Huntingfield Collection, MdHR G 1399 19

ecpclio08_graphics-00020 French Map of the United States, MdHR G 1629-1 20

ecpclio08_graphics-00021 Catalogue of Hugh Young collection of paintings of the Calvert Family at the Pratt Library, sepia 21

ecpclio08_graphics-00022 Washington D.C., maps re: original layout in Maryland State Law Library, also survey of Anacostia river from the Peter Hains collection, L.C., canal map; MdHR G 1548. 22

ecpclio08_graphics-00023 Frederick Maryland, slides of maps of the town, profile of the lay of the land, lent to Archives for filming; MdHR G 1386. 23

ecpclio08_graphics-00024 Nourse family?, MdHR G 1384-29; drawing of woman sewing 24

ecpclio08_graphics-00025 Courthouses of Maryland, from Passano, early 20th century notes re: photos from Treasure Houses of Great Britain, close up of George Calvert Portrait. 25

ecpclio08_graphics-00026 Map appraisal, Smith Derivative, Bradford 1835 map of Maryland; Buel? map of U.Sca1789.; Virgina and Florida with White's indians, taken from White's map; Battles Civil War 26

ecpclio08_graphics-00027 Washington College papers from collections of StJohn's College, MdHR G 1428; 27

ecpclio08_graphics-00028 Map, Silver, Bictentennial Exhibits in the State House, MdHR G 1584 28

ecpclio08_graphics-00029 Annapolis Buildings, slides taken by Bruch Rich, VVKR, in 1982 29

ecpclio08_graphics-00030 Howell letter re: Annapolis in 1784, negatives taken by ECP at the John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI. 30

ecpclio08_graphics-00031 Second Conference on Maryland History, 1978; House on Francis Street; Will Warner; Deal Island StMary's Archaelogical dig; MrsAgnes Callum's family 91978-1981 31

ecpclio08_graphics-00032 Ratification of the Treaty of Paris (MdHR G 1556) slides 32

ecpclio08_graphics-00033 graphics relating to lecture on Frederick Maryland; close up of photos, Sachse style prints; 33

ecpclio08_graphics-00034 British Library Slides of maps of colonial america (Smith), satires of the American Revolution; Tate Gallery London, Hogarth's Marriage Contract; Sird David Wilkie, Village Holiiday. 34

ecpclio08_graphics-00035 Cartoons: Doonesbury on Jefferson the antichrist; Russell Baker the Processing process; Well here we are in the grand scheme; Calm in face of chaos; paper with little holes; 35

ecpclio08_graphics-00036 Sachse print of Annapolis, Warren slides; details, 1973 36

ecpclio08_graphics-00037 Annapolis vsBaltimore lecture, slides of Newspaper debate taken in December 80-February 81 37

ecpclio08_graphics-00038 Chancery Case, John Murray vsWilliam Brewer, ca1819 re: property in Annapolis (negatives 38

ecpclio08_graphics-00039 negatives of stereoptican slides of Annapolis, mid-19th century; Scahffer photos; Frank BMayer sketches; taken ca1971 or 2; 39

ecpclio08_graphics-00040 Illustrations for In Pursuit of Profit (Annapolis, etc 40

ecpclio08_graphics-00041 Westminster Cathedral Archives (Catholic), ca1981 re: research on watermarks and Charter, efforts to find 1633 Declaration; correspondence re: George Calvert; 41

ecpclio08_graphics-00042 1981 trip to London; graves of the Calverts; original parish registers with Calvert burials; 42

ecpclio08_graphics-00043 John White Drawings, 1585, from Hulton, of Indians, map; crab; pineapple MdHR G 1600 43

ecpclio08_graphics-00044 Act to settle estate of the last Lord Baltimore; annotated, re: Henry Harford (Evergreen?) see: Vera Rollo's work, transcription. 44

ecpclio08_graphics-00045 Oliver Branch Petition, 1775, PRO edition 45

ecpclio08_graphics-00046 Drafting of the Declaration of Independence from the Ladies Home Journal (ECP's) 46

ecpclio08_graphics-00047 article in Sun Magazine on the District Court, July 17, 1983 47

ecpclio08_graphics-00048 Louis Glanzman portrait of Margaret Brent (arrival of original) 48

ecpclio08_graphics-00049 ECP's prints of StMary's Radcliffe, Bristol; harbor of Baltimore from Federal Hill; Charles Carroll of Carrollton (Field), Benjamin Franklin engraving. 49

ecpclio08_graphics-00050 Historical Society of Pennsylvania, ca: 1985, research on Annapolis Convention, Constitution; Coxe Papers 50

ecpclio08_graphics-00051 Paul Houston's slides of Maryland's boundary Stones, Transpenisular line (1750s); Western Maryland 51

ecpclio08_graphics-00052 Sachse Print of Annapolis from State House Dome, details 52

ecpclio08_graphics-00053 Shaw, John slides re: family of, including items from G 465 53

ecpclio08_graphics-00054 Jefferson, Thomas, Trumball watercolor 54

ecpclio08_graphics-00055 Washington's letter re: nephew's education at StJohn's ( 1556-191) 55

ecpclio08_graphics-00056 Robert Eden store account, mdHR G 1595 56

ecpclio08_graphics-00057 map of Isle of Wight presented to Governor Hughes 57

ecpclio08_graphics-00058 substitute slides for 8-15, Where is Watkins Point; experiment using Kodachrome 200 and Ektachrome 100 Includes Thornton, John Smith, Virginia Farrer; Emanuel Bowen, John White drawings of Indians 58

ecpclio08_graphics-00059 slides of Jeremiah Townley Chase, Hammond Harwood House, map of London in 1660s 59

ecpclio08_graphics-00060 Liberty Tree medal 60

ecpclio08_graphics-00061 Luther Martin engraving 61

ecpclio08_graphics-00062 StJohn's College as hospital during the Civil War, Sachse Print ECP/ 8/ 62

ecpclio08_graphics-00063 Manuscript letter, 1822, re: Politics, banking 63

ecpclio08_graphics-00064 1888 Article on Annapolis with engravings 64

ecpclio08_graphics-00065 postcard of Governor's Mansion, Annapolis 65

ecpclio08_graphics-00066 Newspaper, 1809/6/21 Columbian Centinel, Boston, re: Aaron Burr 66

ecpclio08_graphics-00067 Phildaelphia paper, 8/31/1878 re: Slave pen in Baltimore City 67

ecpclio08_graphics-00068 1807 newspaper relating to Aaron Burr; 1836 newspaper with obit of Aaron Burr 68

ecpclio08_graphics-00069 1807 newspapers re: Aaron Burr (3) 69

ecpclio08_graphics-00070 1948 Life Magazine Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss 70

ecpclio08_graphics-00071 71

ecpclio08_graphics-00072 February 26, 2000Job Ben Solomon from the Gentleman's Magazine, June 1750; sold into slavery in Maryland, 1731; Arabella, Cap Pyke; after a year purchased by Oglethorp; helped by Hans Sloan; Arabic 72