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Ecpclio05Biog\00001)Albright, William F 1//Went to hear his lecture in 1963?

Ecpclio05Biog\00002)Bordley, Elizabeth, Charles Willson Peale portrait, Sidney Hart re: 2//

Ecpclio05Biog\00003)Breslaw, Elaine-slides of Tuesday Club 3//

Ecpclio05Biog\00004)Campbell, Del Jim remarks on Washington's Birthday 4//

Ecpclio05Biog\00005)Chew Family, see also Nourse family papers, 5//

Ecpclio05Biog\00006)Ridgely, Charles; Carroll, Dulany bond to Charles Ridgely Jr, 1767 with graffiti 6//

Ecpclio05Biog\00007)Chase, Samuel, Sun article 7//

Ecpclio05Biog\00008)Carroll, CC of C re: tax decision on Carroll Chapel, Dougheragen, letter of Maurice Adelman Post Card and postal brochure 8//

Ecpclio05Biog\00009)Carroll, James Account book in Annapolis, ca1720 Includes sale ofslave cargo, inv of house, activity at Dougheragen Original in Georgetown Special Collections probate, 9//

Ecpclio05Biog\00010)D'Anemours, Count 10//

Ecpclio05Biog\00011)Dorsey, John, inquiry from Charles Peterson re: 11//

Ecpclio05Biog\00012)Delaplaine's works by D.McE 12//

Ecpclio05Biog\00013)Fowler, Laurence Hall, exhibit JHU 13//

Ecpclio05Biog\00014)Franklin, John Hope, comparision of editions re: slavery in VA by Mercer Neale 14//

Ecpclio05Biog\00015)Gunby, Jonathan, letter to Winslow enclosing Gunby letter of Jany 3 1780;research on Gunby 15//

Ecpclio05Biog\00016)Harlan, Louis 16//

Ecpclio05Biog\00017)Kistenmacher, Tom, various papers etc 17//

Ecpclio05Biog\00018)Mamout, Yarrow -Peale portrait, research by PRJ 18//

Ecpclio05Biog\00019)Morris, Robert autograph letter in Allen catalogue; 11/06/1788 to Carey and Tilghman 19//

Ecpclio05Biog\00020)Nourse, James 20//

Ecpclio05Biog\00021)Nourse, James- Miller collection 21//

Ecpclio05Biog\00022)Eden, Sir Robert, by PRJ with photographs of Eric, Sallie, David with Sir John Eden on 3/25/84 22//

Ecpclio05Biog\00023)Roosevelt, FDR "live in infamy" speech found, NYT, 1984 ECP/ 5/ 23//

Ecpclio05Biog\00024)Ridgely, David 1842 State Librarian's Report 24//

Ecpclio05Biog\00025)Ridley, Matthew- furniture for State House 25//

Ecpclio05Biog\00026)Shaw, John, furniture exhibit; John Brice receipt for borrowing Architectural book (Ware's Architect ure); State House Desk for sale, Oct 161975 26//

Ecpclio05Biog\00027)Twain, Mark letter re: support of black student, SUN 27//

Ecpclio05Biog\00028)West and Hobson, 1770s 28//

Ecpclio05Biog\00029)Washington Letter, to Gen Assembly, November 1784 with graffiti ECP/ 5/ 29//

Ecpclio05Biog\00030)Winder, William, Jr materials relating to 30//

Ecpclio05Biog\00031)Winton, Calhoun, notes on literacy, see also files on Charter ECP/ 5/ 31//

Ecpclio05Biog\00032)Harford, Henry 1781 Estate Act materials on microfilm from the House of Lords Library 32//

Ecpclio05Biog\00033)McHenry, James, notes towards a biography Karen Robbins, Columbia U.,working on a biography 33//

Ecpclio05Biog\00034)Lloyd IV, Edward paper by Jean B Russo "A 'Model' Planter: Edward Lloyd IV, Talbot County, Maryland 1770-1796 34//

Ecpclio05Biog\00035)Mercer, John Francis notes towards a biography? 35//

Ecpclio05Biog\00036)Peale, Charles Willson notes towards a biography? See Ellis, Joseph J.,After the Revolution, Ch3, "Charles Willson Peale: ..Virtuous Entrepreneur 36//

Ecpclio05Biog\00037)Whistler, James A McN 37//

Ecpclio05Biog\00038)Douglass, Frederick, Bob Gallo's work Ripley, Black Abolitionist Papers,Vol II John Lewis to; biog sketch; 3-20-1855 38//

Ecpclio05Biog\00039)Hall, John letter on Convention, 12/13/1776 39//

Ecpclio05Biog\00040)Johnston, Joshua, Sun article 01/26/86 exhibit at Walters ECP/ 5/ 40//

Ecpclio05Biog\00041)Iglehart, Thomas Sellman Jr(1820-1904) MdHT file on home ECP/ 5/ 41//

Ecpclio05Biog\00042)Randall family of Annapolis, T Harry, d 1905 at 40 MdHTfile 42//

Ecpclio05Biog\00043)Waggaman, Henry 1790s? property in Somerset Co., MdHT file ECP/ 5/ 43//

Ecpclio05Biog\00044)Howard, Samuel Harvey portrait by Charles Willson Peale ECP/ 5/ 44//

Ecpclio05Biog\00045)Latrobe's view of America by Edward C Carter et al 45//

Ecpclio05Biog\00046)Ward, Anna Margretta bond for estate of Henry 46//

Ecpclio05Biog\00047)Tilghman, William, review of Christopher Weeks book with emphasis on Gross' Coate, SUN 8/25/85 47//

Ecpclio05Biog\00048)Washington, George to Thomas Sim Lee courtesy of Ross Kimmel, 9/11/1781 . 48//

Ecpclio05Biog\00049)Smith, Captain John Complete works of edited by Philip LBarbour ECP/5/ 49//

Ecpclio05Biog\00050)Armstrong, John Jr., PA Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 50//

Ecpclio05Biog\00051)Bassett, Richard, DE* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 51//

Ecpclio05Biog\00052)Bedford, Gunning, DE* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 52//

Ecpclio05Biog\00053)Benson, Egbert, NY* Delegate to Annapolis Convention; notes of Annapolis Convention 53//

Ecpclio05Biog\00054)Blount, John Gray, NC Delegate to Annapolis Convention 54//

Ecpclio05Biog\00055)Bowen, Jabez, RI Delegate to Annapolis Convention 55//

Ecpclio05Biog\00056)Breck, Samuel, MASS Delegate to Annapolis Convention 56//

Ecpclio05Biog\00057)Broom, Jacob, DE Delegate to Annapolis Convention 57//

Ecpclio05Biog\00058)Clark, Abraham, NJ* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 58//

Ecpclio05Biog\00059)Clymer, George, PA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 59//

Ecpclio05Biog\00060)Coxe, Tench, PA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 60//

Ecpclio05Biog\00061)Cushing, Thomas, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention 61//

Ecpclio05Biog\00062)Dalton, Tristram, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention 62//

Ecpclio05Biog\00063)Dana, Francis, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention 63//

Ecpclio05Biog\00064)Davis, Caleb, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention 64//

Ecpclio05Biog\00065)Dickinson, John, DE* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 65//

Ecpclio05Biog\00066)Duane, James, N.Y Delegate to Annapolis Convention 66//

Ecpclio05Biog\00067)Fitzsimmons, Thomas, Pa Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 67//

Ecpclio05Biog\00068)Goodhue, Benjamin, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 68//

Ecpclio05Biog\00069)Gransvoort, Leonard, N.Y Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 69//

Ecpclio05Biog\00070)Hamilton, Alexaner, NY* Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 70//

Ecpclio05Biog\00071)Houston, William C., NJ* Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 71//

Ecpclio05Biog\00072)Jones, John Coffin, Mass Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 72//

Ecpclio05Biog\00073)Jones, Walter, Va Delegate to Annapolis Convention 73//

Ecpclio05Biog\00074)Langdon, John, NH Delegate to Annapolis Convention 74//

Ecpclio05Biog\00075)Livingston, Robert C., NY Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 75//

Ecpclio05Biog\00076)Livingston, Robert R., NY Delegate to Annapolis Convention ECP/ 5/ 76//

Ecpclio05Biog\00077)Madison, James, VA* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 77//

Ecpclio05Biog\00078)Martin, Thomas, NH Delegate to Annapolis Convention 78//

Ecpclio05Biog\00079)Mason, George, VA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 79//

Ecpclio05Biog\00080)Morris, Robert, Pa Delegate to Annapolis Convention 80//

Ecpclio05Biog\00081)Nash, Abner, NC Delegate to Annapolis Convention 81//

Ecpclio05Biog\00082)Randolph, Edmund, VA* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 82//

Ecpclio05Biog\00083)Read, George, DE* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 83//

Ecpclio05Biog\00084)Ronald, William, VA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 84//

Ecpclio05Biog\00085)Ross, David, VA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 85//

Ecpclio05Biog\00086)Shureman, James, NJ* Delegate to Annapolis Convention 86//

Ecpclio05Biog\00087)Sheafe, James, NH Delegate to Annapolis Convention 87//

Ecpclio05Biog\00088)Smith, Meriwether, VA Delegate to Annapolis Convention 88//

Ecpclio05Biog\00089)Sparhawke, John, NH Delegate to Annapolis Convention 89//

Ecpclio05Biog\00090)Tucker, StGeorge, VA* Delegate to Annapolis Convention; letter to Munroe about Ann Conv Baltimore, Sept 18, 1786; Sellers 90//

Ecpclio05Biog\00091)Ward, Samuel, RI Delegate to Annapolis Convention 91//

Ecpclio05Biog\00092)Wentworth, Joshua, NH Delegate to Annapolis Convention 92//

Ecpclio05Biog\00093)Williamson, Hugh, NC Delegate to Annapolis Convention 93//

Ecpclio05Biog\00094)Stone, Thomas (1743-1787) Article by Dorothy S Eaton, Vincent L Eaton,LC "The Dye is Cast ."; Vol 14 #4; 94//

Ecpclio05Biog\00095)Alexander, John H re: Weights and Measures, 2/23/1839 95//

Ecpclio05Biog\00096)Dulany, Walter, 1761, 1762 orders for goods to Robert and James Christie,London,for Annapolis house 96//

Ecpclio05Biog\00097)Eddis, William unpublished letters, 1776/1777 to Robert Eden as submitted in Loyalist Claims, 1787 97//

Ecpclio05Biog\00098)Chase, Jeremiah Townley, letter to sister, 3/7/1788; Sterett family bible 1800-, family tree; 98//

Ecpclio05Biog\00099)Carroll of Carrollton, Charles, files relating to 99//

Ecpclio05Biog\00100)Jenifer, Daniel of St Thomas, files relating to 100//

Ecpclio05Biog\00101)Carroll, Daniel biog materials relating to; Joe McPherson's speech; Rosenthal engr; Madison;s Notes re: Farrand on controversy among Martin, Mercer, McHenry, Carroll, over Carroll for a King 101//

Ecpclio05Biog\00102)Martin, Luther biographical Materials relating to; Rosenthal engraving; Madison's notes re: 102//

Ecpclio05Biog\00103)Zenger, John Peter life in Maryland; 1720 Annapolis Imprint; secondary sources 103//

Ecpclio05Biog\00104)Ridgely, Richard, LHP files re: 104//

Ecpclio05Biog\00105)Carroll, Charles, Barrister, LHP files re: 105//

Ecpclio05Biog\00106)Jervis Finney on Severn Teackle Wallis: "the corrupt practices of the democratic ring"; biog sketch 106//

Ecpclio05Biog\00107)Leo A Knott biographical materials; supreme court case involving Charter; 107//

Ecpclio05Biog\00108)Hall, Aquila for talk to the AH chapter, SAR, Harford County 11/6/87 108//

Ecpclio05Biog\00109)Zenger, John Peter, naturalized in Maryland; see article by Sarah M.Sartain, Va Hist Soc Occasion Bulletin; unique copy of laws of Md 1720 printed by Zenger 109//

Ecpclio05Biog\00110)Tilghman Account & Letterbooks Acquired by MdHS (MS 2690) correspondence 1785-1789; donated by Elizabeth G Proctor 110//

Ecpclio05Biog\00111)Cock/Johns family and portrait attributed to Joshua Johnson of boy and a butterfly (symbol of death? Materials relating to Joshua Johnson exhibit,catalog, etc(see 4-78) 111//

Ecpclio05Biog\00112)Wallace, Charles Chancery case 5594, Calvert County, 1790 ECP/ 5/ 112//

Ecpclio05Biog\00113)Paca, William letter of 9/12/1783 re: re-establishing church, to General Joseph Reed; owned by Washington College 113//

Ecpclio05Biog\00114)</P> DATE: August 2, 1997</P> Database: 05Biog</P> Cook, Ebenezer Sotweed Factor, The Maryland Muse(Wroth); Bacon's Rebellion; poetry, Satire; ECP/ 5/ 114// Re: Cook, Ebenezer Sotweed Factor, The Maryland Muse (Wroth); Bacon's Rebellion; poetry, Satire;

Ecpclio05Biog\00115)Smallwood, William; Battle of Long Island; American Archives ECP/ 5/ 115//

Ecpclio05Biog\00116)Randall, John; Bierne Collection of Randall family papers (D 1931); Letter from Gov Hicks re: Civil War 1/22/1863 116//

Ecpclio05Biog\00117)Jenifer, Dr Daniel, 'Retreat', Charles County, owned in part by Margaret Klapthor; Hist Structure 117//

Ecpclio05Biog\00118)Gordon, Douglas, 'Charlcote House' in Guilford designed by John Russell Pope, 1914-1916 118//

Ecpclio05Biog\00119)Purviance, Samuel Jr article re: capture by Indians, 1788; see Scharf on; see letter by in Logan pa pers, Pa Hist Soc 119//

Ecpclio05Biog\00120)Williams, Otto Holland Calendar of Papers, Maryland Historical Society, HRS November 1940 120//

Ecpclio05Biog\00121)Warfield Family, Sarah Jane Rose's Notes 11/6/87 121//

Ecpclio05Biog\00122)Thomson, Sir Alexander 122//

Ecpclio05Biog\00123)Hanson, Alexander Contee (1749-1806), portraits inventoried by the National Portrait Gallery 123//

Ecpclio05Biog\00124)Buckland, William (1734-1774) Charles Willson Peale Portrait owned by Yale 124//

Ecpclio05Biog\00125)Faw, Abraham (see 6-377) 125//

Ecpclio05Biog\00126)Adams, John OCLC search re: Papers of 126//

Ecpclio05Biog\00127)Burr, Aaron OCLC search re: Papers; RLIN search re: Secondary Sources concerning (212 entries) Dissertation Abstracts: re: John Vanderlyn; Wade Hampton 127//

Ecpclio05Biog\00128)Gallatin, Albert OCLC search re: papers of 128//

Ecpclio05Biog\00129)Hamilton, Alexander OCLC search re: 129//

Ecpclio05Biog\00130)Jefferson, Thomas OCLC search re: Papers of 130//

Ecpclio05Biog\00131)Madison, James OCLC search re: Papers of 131//

Ecpclio05Biog\00132)Monroe, James OCLC search for papers re: 132//

Ecpclio05Biog\00133)Washington, George OCLC search re: Papers of 133//

Ecpclio05Biog\00134)Ross, David (1755-1800) political opponent of John Francis Mercer in Congressional Elections of 1792; 134//

Ecpclio05Biog\00135)Monroe, James, JHU catalogue search re: 135//

Ecpclio05Biog\00136)Burr, Aaron; Jefferson, Thomas; Gallatin, Albert; McHenry, James; Mercer,John Francis; Martin, Luther; Madison, James; RLIN searches re: in July,1988. 136//

Ecpclio05Biog\00137)Monroe, James Autobiography edited by Stuart Gerry Brown, xeroxes of References to John Francis Mercer. 137//

Ecpclio05Biog\00138)Monroe, James on attitudes towards the Second Bank of the United States taken from the W P Cresson biography 138//

Ecpclio05Biog\00139)Hyde, William (Inquiry answered for Bryden Hyde) 139//

Ecpclio05Biog\00140)Madison, James, letters at Naval Academy photographed by Marion Warren, negatives at MdHR 140//

Ecpclio05Biog\00141)Captain John Smith Statue, Jamestown (print) 141//

Ecpclio05Biog\00142)Carroll, Charles the Settler's confinement to the Tower during the Titus Oates affair 142//

Ecpclio05Biog\00143)Adams, John ECP's remarks on at Notre Dame conference 143//

Ecpclio05Biog\00144)Alexander, Robert, notes re: Loyalists, Harold Hancock article on Thomas Robinson of Delaware; drafts, critique of ECP's art for MdHM; Clements copy Remarks in Germain Papers; Benedict Arnold ltr 144//

Ecpclio05Biog\00145)Bacon, Reverend Thomas from Lawrence Wroth's History of Printing in Colonial America 145//

Ecpclio05Biog\00146)Bordley, Thomas and Stephen; Professor Norris's notes re: Bordley House in Annapolis, MdHR MS 81, 1731; essay by Norris on Annapolis History, true and false; ltr Rosamon Bierne 146//

Ecpclio05Biog\00147)Bordley, John Beale from Sellers Charles Willson Peale ECP/ 5/147//

Ecpclio05Biog\00148)Bordley Mss, documentation on purchase for the Maryland Historical Society from Parke-Bernet courtesy of Bryden Hyde 148//

Ecpclio05Biog\00149)Boyd, Dr John, re: Rudoph ownership, filming, sale to Duke University .149//

Ecpclio05Biog\00150)Bowley (Daniel) vs Goodwin, Chancery Case re: profits made on voyages during the Am Revolution Chancery 576; Baltimre City, 1811, not recorded..150//

Ecpclio05Biog\00151)Brice house ledger (James Brice); correspondence with Brice Claggett re: M1207 151//

Ecpclio05Biog\00152)Bray, Rev Thomas; article by Charlotte Fletcher from the Library Quarterly, 4/1957; Bray's 1700 Visitation to Annapolis (owned by Dr.Francis); Sion college collection offered by H.P. Kraus, N.Y. ECP/ 5/ 152//

Ecpclio05Biog\00153)Brooke family papers, MdHR 153//

Ecpclio05Biog\00154)Browne, William, d1808 154//

Ecpclio05Biog\00155)Carroll, Charles Barrister by Mary Louise Briscoe, article by Carlton Jones on Mount Clare Library books at U of Md Law School (22 volume collection) from Judge Brune 155//

Ecpclio05Biog\00156)Mencken, H L article on Charles Fecher in Messenger as his editor 156//

Ecpclio05Biog\00157)Madison? a time line from his papers or Jefferson's 157//

Ecpclio05Biog\00158)Cheston Galloway Papers re: Convict Servants 158//

Ecpclio05Biog\00159)Clarke, Joseph 159//

Ecpclio05Biog\00160)Coffing, William store accounts, MdHS MS 249 160//

Ecpclio05Biog\00161)Couden, Robert 161//

Ecpclio05Biog\00162)Cracroft and Hodgkin accounts 162//

Ecpclio05Biog\00163)Crissal, John account books as provisioner in Annapolis during Revolution 163//

Ecpclio05Biog\00164)Dick, James 164//

Ecpclio05Biog\00165)Stewart, Anthony, wife Jane 165//

Ecpclio05Biog\00166)Dorsey, Edward appointment as deputy clerk of indictments (see Sarah Jane Rose's comment on the clerks) purchased by ECP for $20 and given to MdHR 166//

Ecpclio05Biog\00167)Dorsey, John 167//

Ecpclio05Biog\00168)Dowson, Joseph 168//

Ecpclio05Biog\00169)Eastman, Joseph 169//

Ecpclio05Biog\00170)Galloway, Maxcy, Markoe papers 170//

Ecpclio05Biog\00171)Garrett, Amos 171//

Ecpclio05Biog\00172)Gassaway Family 172//

Ecpclio05Biog\00173)Gassaway, Elizabeth 173//

Ecpclio05Biog\00174)Gassaway, Thomas 174//

Ecpclio05Biog\00175)Geddes, David 175//

Ecpclio05Biog\00176)Gilmore, Robert re: Hazard, Cape Francois, owned by John Mason Rudolph .176//

Ecpclio05Biog\00177)Graham, Thomas 177//

Ecpclio05Biog\00178)Gordon, Charles 1779 CtCase in ES dockets 178//

Ecpclio05Biog\00179)Guy, Francis Antiques article re: 179//

Ecpclio05Biog\00180)Hammond, Nathan 180//

Ecpclio05Biog\00181)Hanson, Alexander Contee acct of expenses in Annapolis, 1786-87 ECP/ 5/ 181//

Ecpclio05Biog\00182)Harper, Robert Goodloe, guide to the microfilm edition of his papersMdHS,1970 182//

Ecpclio05Biog\00183)Harwood family 183//

Ecpclio05Biog\00184)Harwood, Henry 184//

Ecpclio05Biog\00185)Harwood, Benjamin 185//

Ecpclio05Biog\00186)Harwood, Nicholas 186//

Ecpclio05Biog\00187)Harwood, Richard 187//

Ecpclio05Biog\00188)Harwood, Thomas 188//

Ecpclio05Biog\00189)Hodgkin, Thomas Brooke 189//

Ecpclio05Biog\00190)Hollyday, James 190//

Ecpclio05Biog\00191)Howard, Samuel Harvey 191//

Ecpclio05Biog\00192)Hurst, Jacob 192//

Ecpclio05Biog\00193)Hyde family 193//

Ecpclio05Biog\00194)Hyde, Samuel 194//

Ecpclio05Biog\00195)Hyde, Thomas 195//

Ecpclio05Biog\00196)Hyde, John 196//

Ecpclio05Biog\00197)Hyde, William 197//

Ecpclio05Biog\00198)Jefferson, Thomas to Governor Thomas Sim Lee, 2/1/1781; subscription to the Ebenezer Hazard Papers 198//

Ecpclio05Biog\00199)Johnson Families 199//

Ecpclio05Biog\00200)Johnson, John 200//

Ecpclio05Biog\00201)JOhnson, Thomas 201//

Ecpclio05Biog\00202)Lux, George, 1782 letter re: Annapolis as the Capital of Maryland,comments on the Legislature; catalogue entry, authentication ECP/ 5/ 202//

Ecpclio05Biog\00203)Maccubbin, Moses 203//

Ecpclio05Biog\00204)Mccubbin, Nicholas, cordwainer 204//

Ecpclio05Biog\00205)Mackall, Benjamin, Charles Willson Peale Portrait 205//

Ecpclio05Biog\00206)Mackubin family 206//

Ecpclio05Biog\00207)Mackubin, James of Richard 207//

Ecpclio05Biog\00208)Martin, Nicholas problems of identification, 208//

Ecpclio05Biog\00209)Mathews, Hugh re: exchange rate dutch money, 1780 209//

Ecpclio05Biog\00210)Mencken, HLSun Magazine devoted to 210//

Ecpclio05Biog\00211)Morris, Rober, JHarwood family, Morris Harwood Papers, MdHS ECP/ 5/211//

Ecpclio05Biog\00212)Morris, Robert autographs for sale 212//

Ecpclio05Biog\00213)Moss, James account book of Moss family near Whitehall, across the Severnfrom Annapolis, 18th cents sells watermelons 213//

Ecpclio05Biog\00214)Muir, John 214//

Ecpclio05Biog\00215)Monroe, James letter written sometime in 1814 discovered among the Wilson Papers, Library of Cong by Sterling Kernek 215//The Assistant Secretary of the Navy Washington January 1, 1917 My dear Mr President, I came across the enclosed memorandum while going over some papers I acquired many years ago -- It is in the handwriting of James Monroe, and was evidently written in 1814 when the Congress of Vienna was about to meet. I have been unable to discover that it was actually used in any official message or document; but it is in many ways so interestingly parallel to events of this day that I thought you would like to add it to your collection of historical material. Believe me always, Faithfully yours, Franklin D Roosevelt. The President, The White House [enclosure in James Monroe's hand, dated 1814 in another hand] The friends of peace every where must feel an interest in that equilibrium of power in Europe on which peace in every other quarter of the globe, as well as in that, so greatly depends. A war in Europe to which Great Britain with her floating thunder, and other maritime powers, are always parties, has long been found to spread its calamities into the remotest regions. Even the U.S, just and pacific as their policy is, have not been able to avoid the alternative of either submitting to the most destructure and ignominious wrongs from European Belligerents, or of resisting them by an appeal to the sword: or to speak more properly, no other choice has been left to them but the time of making the appeal; it being evident that a submission too long protracted, would have no other effect than to encourage and accumulate aggressions until they should become altogether intolerable; and untill the loss of honor being added to other losses, redress by the sword itself would be rendered more slow and difficult. In this point of view, the eyes of the U.S are naturally turned to the Congress of the Great Potentates at Vienna, the object of whose deliberations is understood to be such an equilibrium of power, and such a system of policy as may promise lasting peace to Europe, and promote justice and peace throughout the world. In wishing for such a result, the U.S., altho' consulting their own interest, are far from considering it adverse to the true interest of the nation, with which they happen now to be at war, A system of things that would impose an external controul on war like passions and propensities, would be salutary to all nations; and would in part be more so to Great Britain than to any other nation; because, without supposing these passions and propensities to be stronger in her than in others, the internal controuls on them are more feeble than in any other. Her facilities for making war, her exemption from the sufferings of war,and her consequent temptations to rush into a state of war, are certainly without example in any other nation. Whilst the command of the Sea, enables her to invade the most distant countries, to ravage and destroy their most assailable districts, and to spread alarm and distress among every age and sex of the inhabitants, the wooden walls which surround her, leave the repose of her own inhabitants undisturbed. Never participating themselves in their sufferings, they are the less touched with them when befalling their friends; and have nothing of that sympathy which is due to the sufferings of their enemies. They can read of the distant burning of Towns, and plunder of individuals, and even of the massacres and tortures of the tomahawk and scalping knife without any of those feelings which their own liability to similar incursions and devastation would awaken. The alarm of a Privateers crew landed on the British Shores has been exemplified. What would be the effect of a band of Savages such as she employs on our inland frontiers, tomahawking and scalping the women and children near Liverpool or Bristol? Whilst again other nations find it difficult to provide the pecuniary means for commmencing war, and are quickly checked by that difficulty, in carrying it on, Great Britain is under no embarassment of that sort. Such is her credit and her capital, honorable doubtless to the sound maxims in her poltical economy, that with a tax of four or five pounds, she canspend a hundred; and such her sources and systems of revenue, that the greatest part of the tax is so disguised as scarcely to be known to those who pay it. And such finally is the superiority of her capital in trade and her predominance on the ocean, that she levies contributions on the whole commercial world, and not unfrequently more in time of war than at other times. These facilities and advantages for war, nevertheless great as they may be,are not inexhaustible. But unfortunately untill they actually fail the delusion is indulged that they never will be exhausted. Hence they continue to nourish that passion for war and dominion, which if uncontrouled, may in the end be fatal to herself, and must in the mean time be a calamity to the rest of the world. [The Congress of Vienna (German: Wiener Kongress) was a conference of ambassadors of European states chaired by Austrian statesman Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, and held in Vienna from September 1814 to June 1815. Congress of Vienna, assembly in 1814–15 that reorganized Europe after the Napoleonic Wars. It began in September 1814, five months after Napoleon I’s first abdication and completed its “Final Act” in June 1815, shortly before the Waterloo campaign and the final defeat of Napoleon. The settlement was the most-comprehensive treaty that Europe had ever seen.Could this have been written shortly after the burning of Washington but before the attack on Baltimore?]

Ecpclio05Biog\00216)Mackubin, Elizabeth 216//

Ecpclio05Biog\00217)Maryland Constitution Ratification Convention, Delegates and candidates not elected 217//

Ecpclio05Biog\00218)Banning, Jeremiah, TA 218//

Ecpclio05Biog\00219)Barnes, Richard SM 219//

Ecpclio05Biog\00220)Bowie, Fielder, PG 220//

Ecpclio05Biog\00221)Brown, Gustavus RCH 221//

Ecpclio05Biog\00222)Bruce, Andrew WA 222//

Ecpclio05Biog\00223)Bruce, Norman WA 223//

Ecpclio05Biog\00224)Burgess, Edward MO 224//

Ecpclio05Biog\00225)Carroll, Charles of Carrollton, AA 225//

Ecpclio05Biog\00226)Carroll, James, AA 226//

Ecpclio05Biog\00227)Carroll, Nicholas AN 227//

Ecpclio05Biog\00228)Chaile, Peter WO 228//

Ecpclio05Biog\00229)Chase, Jeremiah Townley AA; includes letters from Alexander Contee Hanson enclosing transcription of John Francis Mercer, Jeremiah Townley Chase, Broadside, to Tench Coxe 229//

Ecpclio05Biog\00230)Chase, Samuel AA 230//

Ecpclio05Biog\00231)Chesley, John JrCV 231//

Ecpclio05Biog\00232)Chilton, Charles, SM 232//

Ecpclio05Biog\00233)Cockey, Edward, BA 233//

Ecpclio05Biog\00234)Coulter, John, BC 234//

Ecpclio05Biog\00235)Craddock, John, BA 235//

Ecpclio05Biog\00236)Cramphin, THomas, MO 236//

Ecpclio05Biog\00237)Cromwell, Nathan BA 237//

Ecpclio05Biog\00238)Deakin, William, JrMO 238//

Ecpclio05Biog\00239)Digges, George PG 239//

Ecpclio05Biog\00240)Driver, Matthew CA 240//

Ecpclio05Biog\00241)Done, John WO 241//

Ecpclio05Biog\00242)Edmandson, Peter CA 242//

Ecpclio05Biog\00243)Edwards, Benjamin MO 243//

Ecpclio05Biog\00244)Evans, Samuel CE 244//

Ecpclio05Biog\00245)Faw, Abraham FR 245//

Ecpclio05Biog\00246)Funk, Jacob WA 246//

Ecpclio05Biog\00247)GAle, George SO 247//

Ecpclio05Biog\00248)Gale, John SO 248//

Ecpclio05Biog\00249)Gilpin, Joseph CE 249//

Ecpclio05Biog\00250)Gittings, James BA 250//

Ecpclio05Biog\00251)Goldborough, Robert SR (1733-1788) DO 251//

Ecpclio05Biog\00252)Goldsborough, Robert Jr(IV) (1740-1798) TA 252//

Ecpclio05Biog\00253)Gough, Henry Dorsey BA 253//

Ecpclio05Biog\00254)Grahame, Charles CV 254//

Ecpclio05Biog\00255)Granger, William KE 255//

Ecpclio05Biog\00256)Griffith, Henry MO 256//

Ecpclio05Biog\00257)Hall Benjamin (of Francis) PG 257//

Ecpclio05Biog\00258)Hall, John AA 258//

Ecpclio05Biog\00259)Hammond, Nicholas DO 259//

Ecpclio05Biog\00260)Hanson, Alexander Contee AN 260//

Ecpclio05Biog\00261)Harrison, Benjamin AA 261//

Ecpclio05Biog\00262)Hemsley, William QA 262//

Ecpclio05Biog\00263)Heron, James Gordon CE 263//

Ecpclio05Biog\00264)Hollyday, James QA 264//

Ecpclio05Biog\00265)Holmes, William MO 265//

Ecpclio05Biog\00266)Howard, John Eager BA 266//

Ecpclio05Biog\00267)Johnson, Thomas FR 267//

Ecpclio05Biog\00268)Lee, Thomas Sim FR 268//

Ecpclio05Biog\00269)Lloyd, Edward TA 269//

Ecpclio05Biog\00270)Love, John HA 270//

Ecpclio05Biog\00271)Morris, William WO 271//

Ecpclio05Biog\00272)Martin, James WO 272//

Ecpclio05Biog\00273)Martin, Luther HA 273//

Ecpclio05Biog\00274)McHenry, James, BC 274//

Ecpclio05Biog\00275)Mercer, John Francis AA 275//

Ecpclio05Biog\00276)O'Neal, Laurence MO 276//

Ecpclio05Biog\00277)Paca, William HA 277//

Ecpclio05Biog\00278)Parnham, John CH 278//

Ecpclio05Biog\00279)Perkins, Isaac KE 279//

Ecpclio05Biog\00280)Pinkney, William HA 280//

Ecpclio05Biog\00281)Plater, George SM 281//

Ecpclio05Biog\00282)Potts, Richard FR 282//

Ecpclio05Biog\00283)Rawlings, Moses WA 283//

Ecpclio05Biog\00284)Richardson, Joseph CA 284//

Ecpclio05Biog\00285)Richardson, William CA 285//

Ecpclio05Biog\00286)Ridgely, Charles BA 286//

Ecpclio05Biog\00287)Ridgely, Charles of William BA 287//

Ecpclio05Biog\00288)Seney, John QA 288//

Ecpclio05Biog\00289)Sewall, Nicholas Lewis SM 289//

Ecpclio05Biog\00290)Shaw, James DO 290//

Ecpclio05Biog\00291)Shyrock, Henry WA 291//

Ecpclio05Biog\00292)Smith, Walter CV 292//

Ecpclio05Biog\00293)Sprigg, Osborne PG 293//

Ecpclio05Biog\00294)Sprigg, Thomas WA 294//

Ecpclio05Biog\00295)Strett, Samuel BC 295//

Ecpclio05Biog\00296)Stevens, John TA 296//

Ecpclio05Biog\00297)Stewart, John SO 297//

Ecpclio05Biog\00298)Stone, Michael Jenifer CH 298//

Ecpclio05Biog\00299)Stull, John WA 299//

Ecpclio05Biog\00300)Sulivane (Sullivan), Daniel DO 300//

Ecpclio05Biog\00301)Thomas, Richard MO 301//

Ecpclio05Biog\00302)Tilghman, James, 3rd QA 302//

Ecpclio05Biog\00303)Tilghman, William KE 303//

Ecpclio05Biog\00304)Turner, Zephaniah CH 304//

Ecpclio05Biog\00305)Waggaman, Henry SO 305//

Ecpclio05Biog\00306)Wilkinson, Joseph CV 306//

Ecpclio05Biog\00307)Worthington, Brice TB.AA 307//

Ecpclio05Biog\00308)Yeates, Donaldson KE 308//

Ecpclio05Biog\00309)Zeller, Jacob WA 309//

Ecpclio05Biog\00310)Wallace, Davidson, Johnson War Years Profits 310//

Ecpclio05Biog\00311)Wallace, Davidson and Johnson notes from High Court of Admiralty, Natalie Rothstein, Victoria and Albert Museum, George Buchanan, ship Salisbury 311//

Ecpclio05Biog\00312)Wallace, Johnson, Muir, accounts 1792 312//

Ecpclio05Biog\00313)Waring Collection, D 391 313//

Ecpclio05Biog\00314)Washington, George Donnelley facsimile of April 1789 letter acceptingpresidency 314//

Ecpclio05Biog\00315)Waters, Willson and Ann J Waters; copies of 19th century letters from Joe Suess, Rockville Invalid Pension files from National Archives re: Sgt Waters, Revolutionary War; Benjamin Rush ltr 315//

Ecpclio05Biog\00316)WEst, James 316//

Ecpclio05Biog\00317)West and Hobson, re: Caleb Dorsey, shipments of Iron, Court of Appeals,1790 re: 1770's 317//

Ecpclio05Biog\00318)Whetcroft, William case re: Legal Tender vs Edward Dorsey, 3 H & McHenry, 1790 318//

Ecpclio05Biog\00319)Whistler, James A McN re: mongram, portraits of Mordecai Gist, portrait of Father from lithograph 319//

Ecpclio05Biog\00320)Williams, Jonathan (related to Benjamin Franklin?) abstracts of papers at Yale University 320//

Ecpclio05Biog\00321)Williams family, Annapolis 321//

Ecpclio05Biog\00322)Williams, James 322//

Ecpclio05Biog\00323)Williams, Joseph 323//

Ecpclio05Biog\00324)Williams, Joseph (2?) 324//

Ecpclio05Biog\00325)Wilmot, John 325//

Ecpclio05Biog\00326)Wilmot, Dinah 326//

Ecpclio05Biog\00327)Wilson, Thomas 327//

Ecpclio05Biog\00328)Yellott, Jeremiah & John Sterrett, Chancery Papers 5893 acct bk ECP/ 5/ 328//

Ecpclio05Biog\00329)Smith, William and Samuel vs M Roulilac, 1179- Includes "An Uncertain Connection: Maryland's Trade with France during the American Revolution," paper given at "Colloque International sur la Revolution Americaine et l"Europe" at the Colloque International Patronne Par Le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, University of Paris, Centre de recherches d'Histoire Nord Americaine, February 1978. Published in the Proceedings of the colloquium, La Revolution Americaine et L'Europe (Paris: Editions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1979), 243-265; also copies of the Chancery case. 329//

Ecpclio05Biog\00330)Smith, William of Washington College 330//

Ecpclio05Biog\00331)Sparrow, Thomas see Vosloh collection: G 1267 331//

Ecpclio05Biog\00332)Stevenson, Henry Hints for General Howe, 1778 re: Baltimore ECP/ 5/ 332//

Ecpclio05Biog\00333)Steward, Stephen vs Robert Morris, 1789, Chancery 3615; includes accounts with John Dorsey, 1780 333//

Ecpclio05Biog\00334)Stoddert, James samples of handwriting, survey of Annapolis, 1718 ECP/5/ 334//

Ecpclio05Biog\00335)Stone, Thomas letters to Jeremiah Townley Chase, 1770 in Hammond Harwood House Collection, MdHS 1303 335//

Ecpclio05Biog\00336)Smith, William by Gilbert Stuart 336//

Ecpclio05Biog\00337)Tilghman, Tench exhibit at Talbot Co Historical Society, 1972, announcement of the Shreve biography 337//

Ecpclio05Biog\00338)Tootell family 338//

Ecpclio05Biog\00339)Tootell, James 339//

Ecpclio05Biog\00340)Valette, Eli from Charles Coleman Sellers 340//

Ecpclio05Biog\00341)Vereker, William altercation with Thomas Pryse (Price) in Annapolis on September 14, 1786 re: card game, fight over money 341//

Ecpclio05Biog\00342)Wallace and Davidson 342//

Ecpclio05Biog\00343)Wallace, Charles 343//

Ecpclio05Biog\00344)Wallace, Johnson and Muir, Ledger F, 1796-1801 344//

Ecpclio05Biog\00345)Davidson, John analysis of MS 281 MdHS, Davidson Papers, MS 1253 ECP/ 5/ 345//

Ecpclio05Biog\00346)Johnson, Joshua letters from Carmichael Papers, NARS RG233; Frederick Co Hist Society, copied 1/13/76; Jay Papers, Columbia 346//

Ecpclio05Biog\00347)Morris, Robert and Maryland Tobacco trade, 1786; Thomas Jefferson to the Governor of Maryland enclosing agreement between Morris and France; Correspondence re: with E James Ferguson 347//

Ecpclio05Biog\00348)Muir, John 348//

Ecpclio05Biog\00349)Farmer's Bank of Maryland and John Muir; Articles of incorp, 1804; Mary Jane Dowd, the Role of the State Government in the Economy of Maryland,1777-1807, JHU m.a., 1959 349//

Ecpclio05Biog\00350)Munroe, Wiliam account book, Annapolis, D 578 350//

Ecpclio05Biog\00351)Murray, James Doctor 351//

Ecpclio05Biog\00352) Needles, John, Baltimore cabinetmaker ECP/ 5/ 352// MEMORANDUM (S1259-121- 476)01/14/89 FROM: Ed TO: SB CONCERNING:Letters to Gregory Weidman, Bill Elder. I have revised the letters. Dear: Enclosed are snapshots of the stencil and the desk we talked about.The stencil reads: "Protection and to our own Labour." My guess is that the desk (a double legislatoror secretary's desk) was made by John Needles ca 1820-184? for the State House. The slogan is one that would have been used by a cabinetmaker who was unhappy with the dumping of European Furniture on the American market. I would appreciate any informantion you might have on who you think may have made the desk, including any other examples of such stencils you know of and any secondary sources you would suggest I consult. I have asked our curator to investigate Needles sale of furniture to the State to see if we have anything beyond what Dr. Radoff and Guy Weatherly had in their files. SY cc: NMB (note to Nancy: Please pull together everything we have on Needles from any of our reference files (exhibit files, Weatherly collection, Radoff, etc and get back to me by the end of next week I want the information for one of the "Monday Night Minutes with Maryland History."Needling the Legislature would make a good title!

Ecpclio05Biog\00482) William Lloyd Garrison's ties to Baltimore and to John Needles,the Cabinetmaker who furnished the State House; letter re: Sarah Douglass, who in in 1855 married the Rev William Douglass??ECP/ 5/ 482//

Ecpclio05Biog\00353)Neth, Lewis 353//

Ecpclio05Biog\00354)Nicholson, John papers from Pa Archives re: speculation and the Constitution in Pa; William MacClay re: assumption, residency bills inCongress 354//

Ecpclio05Biog\00355)Nourse Family Papers, MdHR G 1394, MrsMiller; did they reside at Acton or Hammond Harwood House? 355//

Ecpclio05Biog\00356)Maltby Collection of Ogle family sketches of Annapolis, Government House from Rutland's wharf; 1796 Marriage Licenses of Anne Cooke, Benjamin Ogle,Jr., 4/14/1796 by Ralph Higinbothom; 1770/9/10, Hill 356//

Ecpclio05Biog\00357)Olive Branch Petition signed by Johnson, Paca, Chase, Stone, PRO facsimles of documents re: American Revolution; July 8, 1775 ECP/ 5/ 357//

Ecpclio05Biog\00358)Paca, William family tree, letter to New York Times from descendant re:Italian origin, 7/18/1937 358//

Ecpclio05Biog\00359)Pinkney, William notes re: early life by son Edward, MdHS ECP/ 5/ 359//

Ecpclio05Biog\00360)Ridgely, Absalom 360//

Ecpclio05Biog\00361)Ridgely, Captain Charles, xeroxes of correspondence from the collection, MdHS including George Lux letters 361//

Ecpclio05Biog\00362)Ridley, Matthew including WMQ article by Herbert E Klingelhofer editing MR's diary of Peace Negotiations, 1782, 1963 362//

Ecpclio05Biog\00363)Ridout, John 363//

Ecpclio05Biog\00364)Ridout, Thomas, merchant of Bordeaux, MHM, September, 1925; correspondence with Daniel Dulany from HCA 30 277/ 4906; cargo ship Buckskin, 1780-81 364//

Ecpclio05Biog\00365)Ringgold, James 365//

Ecpclio05Biog\00366)Roberts, William correspondence of, Jim Horn's edition of letters I found. 366//

Ecpclio05Biog\00367)Ross, John, index to the account book of, 1735-1771, MdHS ECP/ 5/ 367//

Ecpclio05Biog\00368)Rutland, Thomas 368//

Ecpclio05Biog\00369)Shaw, James and brig Free Mason, ca 1785 369//

Ecpclio05Biog\00370)Smallwood, William essay on speculation 370//

Ecpclio05Biog\00371)Sherman, William T., in Georgia; Poster, War is Hell 371//

Ecpclio05Biog\00372)Johnson, Joshua, letterbook, 1785-1788 (December) 372//

Ecpclio05Biog\00373)Wallace, Davidson and Johnson letterbooks, abstracts 1771-1774 ECP/ 5/ 373//

Ecpclio05Biog\00374)Wallace, Johnson, Davidson, and Muir letterbooks, inventory ECP/ 5/374//

Ecpclio05Biog\00375)Wallace, Davidson, Johnson and Muir analysis of Partnerships; manifest from Scharf papers 375//

Ecpclio05Biog\00376)Wallace, Davidson, Johnson and Muir analysis of Chancery Cases, Final accounting, to ca1800 376//

Ecpclio05Biog\00377)Biographical notes on Annapolis residents transcribed from note cards by David 377//

Ecpclio05Biog\00378)1787/10/06 Wilson, James speech at Public Meeting in Philadelphia, October6, 1787 re: defense of Constitution from Documentary History of the Constitution. 378//

Ecpclio05Biog\00379)1850s-1870 Anna Ella Carroll, from Lincoln Papers, Greenbie and Greenbie biog 379//

Ecpclio05Biog\00380)Varle, Charles Sketch by Richard Stephenson, biographical info ECP/ 5/ 380//

Ecpclio05Biog\00381)1940s Hiss, Alger and J Whittaker Chambers 381//

Ecpclio05Biog\00382)Bernard Christian Steiner includes article on Severn Teackle Wallis,Sewanee Review, Vol XV, 1907 see S1259-121-2136 382//

Ecpclio05Biog\00383)Hebert Baxter Adams, slides of his photograph, signature from memorial volume; project S1259-121-2196 383//

Ecpclio05Biog\00384)William Marbury memoirs with reminiscences of Thurgood Marshall, AlgerHiss, copied from In the Catbird Seat, MdHS, 1988 384//

Ecpclio05Biog\00385)Letters of Daniel Carroll, 1782; Delegates Harrison and Hindman, 1786; Charles Thomson to Thomas Stone, 1784 re: Carburry and Kilty; note to GAS from Paul Smith re: 385//

Ecpclio05Biog\00386)Naturalization of Lafayette; book review of Pierre Laval biography by Renede Chambrun in the Washington Post, 12/84. 386//

Ecpclio05Biog\00387)Cohen, Mendes biographical material re:; egyptoligist; ECP/ 5/387//

Ecpclio05Biog\00388)Ligon, Thomas Watkins Contains letters from 1856; messages to the General Assembly 1854-1858; biog of Governor Henry A Wise of Virginia, contemporary and correspondent of Ligon's 388//

Ecpclio05Biog\00389)Mercer, John, son of John Francis Mercer 389//

Ecpclio05Biog\00390)1836 Veazy, Thomas W.; letter to Robert H Goldsborough about the acquisiton of a sword to honor Capt Edmund P Kennedy; 390//

Ecpclio05Biog\00391)Henry, John Materials relating to his role in the Martin/Jefferson; Logan/Cresap controversy; 1904 edition of his correspondence, by J Winfield Henry; 1797 letter re: potential for slave revolt 391//

Ecpclio05Biog\00392)Carroll, James Account book at Georgetown, M 4254 392//

Ecpclio05Biog\00393)Letter to Karen Robbins about the James McHenry papers, her work on response? 3/23/89 393//

Ecpclio05Biog\00394)Genealogy of the Adams Family by American Heritage: Adams and American Dynasty by Francis Russell 394//

Ecpclio05Biog\00395)Wallace, Charles citatations from Richard Smith, 41 Cornhill Street,Annapolis, 1989 395//

Ecpclio05Biog\00396)Research on the portrait of Anne Catherine Greene by Charles Willson Peale 396//

Ecpclio05Biog\00397)Bordley, Elizabeth Slides showing Bordley Randall house in background(Charles Willson Peale portrait) see 3018 from Judy Souse ECP/ 5/397//

Ecpclio05Biog\00398)Harper, Robert Goodloe Research on South Carolina connections; Jack Greene on 1795 call by Harper for equal representation for upcountry inwhich he touches on his theory that all men are created 398//equal; see 5-99-89 for unpublished essay (1788) where he attributes inequality to lack of education; contains article on Cambridge SC and District 96; see also letters to his constituents, in 6-422; Note: broadside of Charles Carroll Harper, Baltimore Congressman, 1832, is filed in 5-99-89;

Ecpclio05Biog\00399)Slides from the Metropolitan Museum of Art of two Charles Willson Peale Paintings: Mrs Thomas Harwood; George Washington with sash, 1779 ECP/ 5/ 399//

Ecpclio05Biog\00400)David Forte research on Marbury v Madison, William Marbury of Annapolis 400//

Ecpclio05Biog\00401)Harper, Robert Goodloe Analysis of his 1788 speech on education;dissertation by Joseph William Cox, Robert Goodloe Harper: the Evolution ofa Southern Federalist Congressman, 1967, UMd.; disks 401//

Ecpclio05Biog\00402)Anderson, John B Civil War Veteran, Anne Arundel County ECP/ 5/ 402//

Ecpclio05Biog\00403)Valette, Eli portrait by Charles Willson Peale Owned by Philip E.Colemanslide from Bill Elder 403//

Ecpclio05Biog\00404)Murray, William H 1890 census of veterans has him as a Union Soldier in1864 404//

Ecpclio05Biog\00405)Monument to Anne Mynne, first wife of George Calvert at StMary's Church,Hertingfordbury, England 405//

Ecpclio05Biog\00406)Harper, Robert Goodloe Eric Papenfuse, Project File re: ECP/ 5/ 406//contains: Eric's rough draft of paper for David Brion Davis, 1991 on RGH speech Topic file on Education copies of Othello, 1788 from Maryland Journal, Vox Africanorum from Maryland Gazette, 1783 Harper address to thePeople of South Carolina, 1794, Evans 27092 Page Smith article on DavidRamsey ECP But for the Sake of a Comma C W Sommerville dissertation, 1899,JHU on RGH 5-182 microfilm edition 5-398 South Carolina Historical Magazine,1979 article by J P Greene on "Slavery or Independence:" ; Mary Katherine Davis article on Abbeville District in the 1790s; Richard Maxwell Brown, onSouth Carolina Regulators, 1963 5-401 Marion Poor Fisher RGH speech oneducation, 1788; disk, transcription 17-367 Edward Hooker Diary of SouthCarolina Back Country (including Cambridge) final version of Master's Thesis, disk

Ecpclio05Biog\00407)Wallace Johnson and Muir letters in William Lee Letterbook, VHS, viaLorenaWalsh (1786) 407//

Ecpclio05Biog\00408)Harrison, Thomas(?-1782); SC 1138-001-610; includes Chancery Case re:Baltimore City property in which Luther Martin tried to have TH's propertyconfiscated because heirs were English, 1783-1789 408//

Ecpclio05Biog\00409)An Address upon the life and character of the late Dr Frederick Dorsey,of Washington County, MdDelivered in the Lutheran Church, at Hagerstown,Thurs 3/17/1859 by John Thompson Mason. 409//

Ecpclio05Biog\00410)McClure, JohnMerchant, Baltimore; letter to Mordecai Gist re: bawdyhouses in Baltimore, 1777 410//

Ecpclio05Biog\00411)Henry, Thomas W African American Minister; materials towards abiography; 411//

Ecpclio05Biog\00412)Brown, George William; overlay of painting of 412//

Ecpclio05Biog\00413)Harper, Francesblack author, Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted, 1892; bornfree in BaltimorePoetcopy of catalogue of exhibit on the PennsylvaniaAbolition Society, 1974, Pa Hist Soc. 413//

Ecpclio05Biog\00414)Kennedy, Thomas1776-1832research on life, Jew Bill of 1825(conffirmed, 1826 414//

Ecpclio05Biog\00415)Gorman, Arthur Puematerials relating to him and the C&O Canal FromJohn RLambert biography, 1953; and Cyclopaedia of American Biography,1892 See 10_167 for overlays 415//

Ecpclio05Biog\00416)Bryan, ArthurTalbot County; worked for Edward Lloyd; comments onRatification Convention, 1788 frm Annapolis; proj 4761 416//

Ecpclio05Biog\00417)Harper, Robert GoodloeAppius's Letters to the Member of the GeneralAssembly of South CarolinaMarch 1787 Filed with 5-182 417//

Ecpclio05Biog\00418)Harper, Robert GoodloeEric's chapters on The Evils of Necessity, RGH andthe Moral Dilemma of Slavery includes Disk which also has my notes toDavid during JanFeb and March 1992with 5-182 418//

Ecpclio05Biog\00419)Carolyn Fisher Collection of Robert Goodloe Harper papers including letterre: Aaron Burr; cost of Oakland; Charles Carroll Harper; CC of Carrollton;MrsHarper from Doughoraghen Manorwith 5-182 419//

Ecpclio05Biog\00420)Harper, Robert GoodloeSpeec h on the Missouri Question, slavery, 2/1820.With 182 420//

Ecpclio05Biog\00421)Harper, Robert GoodloeMonument at Greenmount Cemetary; John PendletonKennedy's grave; grave of Charles Carroll Harper; map of cemetary; Eric,negatives of view from Harper monuments. 421//

Ecpclio05Biog\00422)Deakins, FrancisSurveyor of the Military Lots Westward of FortCumberlandBoundary disputes with Virginia and West Virginia based on hismap. 422//

Ecpclio05Biog\00423)Pinckney family, DAB entries 423//

Ecpclio05Biog\00424)Harper, Robert Goodloe Eric's illustrations: 424//1) how do do MACROs for Eric's footnote text in WP 5.1 2) disks containing most of the images used 3) cover of Harper Painting 4) xerox ofmap of Harper's world from Hugh Murray Geography, 1838, Tanner 5) Harper's Bust, MdHS 6) Harper Miniatures, field, St Memin 7) cartoon of San Cullots 8) large Harper, St Memin, 1798 9) Baltimore, 1801, Varle 10) homeless Boy,1870s Howard, Monumental City 11) images of school from Lancaster, Joseph,Lancaterian method, 1810 12) map of Liberia 13) currency of Liberia from Harper 14) Harper's Grave, Greenmount Cemetary 15) Harper's Dairy, BMA

Ecpclio05Biog\00425)slide of John FKennedy 425//

Ecpclio05Biog\00426)Brewer Family of Annapolis, inquiry from Lance Humphries; Puritanconnections? 426//

Ecpclio05Biog\00427)National Geographic, July 1975 article on Benjamin Franklin ECP/ 5/ 427//

Ecpclio05Biog\00428)Dickson, MoraBiography of Joseph Lancaster, 1778-1838; excerpts re: hisschool in Baltimore 428//

Ecpclio05Biog\00429)Henry, Thomas in Benjamin Quarles, Allies for Freedom, p159, 1974.(Blacks and John Brown) 429//

Ecpclio05Biog\00430)Hermon Husband, 18th Century Tracts of North Carolina edited by William K.Boyd, 1927 430//

Ecpclio05Biog\00431)1773-1823Harper, Robert Goodloe LettersPierpont Morgan Library ERPresearch; Witherspoon, John Letter concerning education of two slaves andAnthony Benezet 431//

Ecpclio05Biog\00432)1789-1824Harper, Robert Goodloe LettersBoston Public Library ERPresearch Also letter to Harper from JDubois of MtStMary's College;Dubois later catholic bishop of N.Y. re: education 432//

Ecpclio05Biog\00433)1787-1814.Harper, Robert Goodloe Letters from the South CaroliniaLibraryResearch by ERPGrimke, Calhoun, Wade Hampton; Thomas Lowndes. 433//

Ecpclio05Biog\00434)1792-1824Harper, Robert Goodloe, and Joseph Lancaster Letters New YorkHistorical Society, reserarch of ERP Concerns Lancaster school inBaltimore City 434//

Ecpclio05Biog\00435)Ashton, JohnReverend, Catholic Priest, resided at Whitemarsh in PrinceGeorge's County; Port Tobacco in Charles county; owner of Charles Mahoneywho claimed descent from Ann Joice; Edward Queen 435//

Ecpclio05Biog\00436)Owens, John EBaltimore theater manager, 19th century; residence inTowson; Thomas ABogar thesis, LA State University; 436//

Ecpclio05Biog\00437)Paine, Thomasfrom Boatner, re: Common Sense, 47 page pamphlet; quote re:government; 437//

Ecpclio05Biog\00438)Nicholson, Sir Francis Portrait, biographical materials ECP/ 5/ 438//

Ecpclio05Biog\00439)Green, Samuel materials relating to; Rick Blondo research on; PROJ 6180document packet 439//

Ecpclio05Biog\00440)1936Marshall, Thurgood Research on at Library of Congress by DavidTaft-Terry; NAACP papers; PROJ1844; PROJ6259; Donald Murray Case; brief,Court of Appeals; Civil War Service, grandfather 439//Isah Olive Branch Williams, Landsman;

Ecpclio05Biog\00441)Mills, Walter Lewis SatterlleParole elemenatry School principal whwonequal pay for black teachers, Anne Arundel county; represented by ThurgoodMarshall; 1939 441//

Ecpclio05Biog\00442)Evelyn, John notes re: connections with Maryland 442//

Ecpclio05Biog\00443)White, JeromeSurveyor General, connections with John Evelyn? ECP/ 5/ 443//

Ecpclio05Biog\00444)Pendelton, George Hunton Greenbacks; vp candidate with McClellan; son in law of Francis Scott Key; author of Civil Service Act, 1883? ECP/ 5/ 444//

Ecpclio05Biog\00445)Charles Carroll to William Russell, June 3, 1782, ordering a mourning coat in honor of his recently deceased father that includes one dozen death's head buttons. 445//

Ecpclio05Biog\00446)Kelly, Frances King The Gifte One, A Brief Biography of Margaret Mercer(1791-1846) Educator Emancipator and Heaven's Advocate re: John Francis Mercer's daughter; Cedar Park school; Monroe 446//

Ecpclio05Biog\00447)Stonestreet, Dr Edward -civil War Doctor from Montgomery County; 11/1987 Montgomery County Story; vol 30, no4 by Dr. F Terry Hambrecht ECP/ 5/ 447//

Ecpclio05Biog\00448)Portrait of Ann Tasker? 448//

Ecpclio05Biog\00449)postcard of Francis Asbury (color) 449//

Ecpclio05Biog\00450)Image of Enoch Pratt on invitation 450//

Ecpclio05Biog\00451)Painting of Daniel Dulany photographs and negatives 451//

Ecpclio05Biog\00452)Herbert Baxter Adams, Tributes of Friends; Bibliography of Department of History, Politics & Economics, JHU, 1876-1901; (Baltimore: JHU Press, 1902);J M Vincent biographies of his students 452//

Ecpclio05Biog\00453)Turner, Frederick Jackson Student of Herbert Baxter Adams, JHU Seminar;notes re: filed with 14-625 453//

Ecpclio05Biog\00454)Daniel Dulany transcriptions for Eric 454//to Arthur Lee, May 27th, 1774 see American Archives 4th series vol 1, col 355 interesting exercise in Peter Force's toning down the letter (efficient instead of violent); clear support for resistance Dan Jr clearly taking a different stand from his father: "P.S Please to observe the Direction I sign, [D Dulany Junr Attorney at Law] or else your letters may get into the hands of a Relation of mine of the same name as myself." Meaning Daniel of Walter? ultimately is a loyalist and loses all his property in Maryland through confiscation? need to sort out Land: p309 D Dulany Jr opens law office in Annapolis in his father's office, 1774; father gives Dan his 10th share in Baltimore Iron wks, etc Land: Tuesday 24th of May, closure of port of Boston; Dan, Dan of Walter, Lloyd attend meeting; out voted on 4th measure re: prosecuting bonds, suits of British Merchants; Force, p353, three days later Dan Jr.signs a resolution against #4 published in MG? which argues the 4th undermines credit, BUT his letter of three days before makes it clear that he does not appose any violent measure against taxation as long as it encompasses all legal actions and not just those against British Merchants.."Dr Scott has built the best Town House in America, but if Mrs Scott does not begin soon, she will hardly have time to stock their nursery." We expect that an internal tax in America will be imposed by the Parliament perhaps there will be a general stamp duty for we have Instructions to send home a particular Account of our judicial Proceedings,the usual Securities, & [an accot] of transferring Property In theCharter of this Province granted by [Charles] 1st so far as the Honor ofroyal faith, & all the Assurances a King cou'd give, will go, we areexempted from all internal Taxes without our Consent; but whether this will be represented, or if it is, whether it will be regarded or not, it is not easy to say." The original of this is buried in the Cheston Galloway Papers which we organized and filmed for the Maryland Historical Society The copy from which this transcript is made was xeroxed by me when I was trying to help Bill Filby salvage the collection Subsequently my work in saving and arranging the collection (interpreting it and its value) was used by Roger Ekirch without acknowledgment of any help from me or the Archives His Dad was a pompous bore (I slept through one of his intellectual history classes) and so is the son. So much for my annoyance with ungrateful scholars. Land cites the formal reply, p367, n26, as Daniel Dulany to the Committee of Anne Arundel County, 16 January 1775, supposedly in the MHS (see also n24 and quote on p315) This copy seems to be missing The Galloway Cheston version has the feel of a draft or a copy made for the use of an individual It appears to be in Dulany's hand and is undated unedited: "I presume to think I have an equal right with any other person to judge ofthe propriety of the proposed measure & that I ought to exercise ths right when calld upon to assist in the execution I do not assume any Degree of Pretention to control the opinion of others but I claim the right of judging freely for myself of acting freely according to my Judgement. The raising of Troops is a measure I apprehend not proper. We have a consitutional militia composed of the freemen of the Province. The officers are by law to be appointed by the Govr. There is no Power to employ this militia against the general welfare. if [there are somd inhabitants ofdthe province who are disqualified to serve in the militia] there is no reason to suspect that the militia may be disposd to act against the General Wellfare. if there are some inhabitants of the province are disqualified to serve the militia & are suspected of harbouring any Design to disturb the Public Peace Arrangements of the militia would be sufficient for keeping them in order if the keeping such suspected people in order be not the object the measure seems to me to be improper because it has an hostile appearance of no possible service because it effectually supersedes our Constitutional militia-because of a Tendency to diver some people from the Pursuit of their proper B? to inflame their minds excite Turbulence &Disorder, [&] raise a spirit of Disobedience & opposition to the Laws ofthe Province2dly as a member of the Council I have taken an oath to support the Rightsand authorities of government, but the raising of troops in the mannerproposed effectively superseding the constitutional militia would be, Iconceive, repugnant to the right of the authority of government & therefore may obtain in the Execution of the proposed measure woud be in myopion, a violation of that oath I act upon MY OWN judgementI AVOW it, 7 no more censure others who in the same Department may think & there foreact differently [illeg] then I ..for shelter under the conduct of another if not ?? as a mere voluntary matter be left to the Discretion of those who are calld upon They may of course subscribe or not according totheir ideas of the Propriety or Impropriety of the measure, but if apenalty in any degree be inflicted on non-Subscribers ??? recommendation ofthe committee will operate effectually as an impositon & enforcement of aTax but are not  ??the Committe chosen b suit only as are qualifed to vote for Representatives in Assembly? am I not as a member of the Upper Hosue excluded from voting for Representatives in Asssembly? Am I not therefore excluded from voting for the members of the Committee? if the Committee be thus chosen, may tax me how ill the Exercise of such power correspond with the principle that Taxation & representation are in seperable the very Principle which the acts of British Parliament imposing Taxes on the Peopleo f America are opposed by the Latter? Let not the observation be applicable on this occasion -- that some men when they consider themsleves as invested with power have no scruple in requiring ..entire submission to acts of the very kind they would unanimously oppose if treated as the subjects of such power I presume that no Exception to the above Doctrine of Taxation ? & Representation can be deduced from the peculiar circumstances that no Provincial act of Taxation, or Law of any other kind, can affect me without my consent as a member of the upper House of assembly for the Rule would be that the Parliament have not Right to tax the People of Maryland because they are not represented in Parliament, but the Committee may tax me though I am not represented in the Committee & that no Tax  ? be imposed upon me by any act of the Provincial Legislature without my consent involv'd in the consent of the majority of the Upper House DD's Reasons for not subscribing

Ecpclio05Biog\00455)1788-1793 Index references to Joseph and Stephen Clark (Clarke) from theMaryland Gazette; listing of film; 455//

Ecpclio05Biog\00456)Trust for Museum Exhibits outline of forthcoming exhibit on the Peale Family: Creation of a Legacy, 1770-1870An Ann Van Devanter Towsendproject. 456//

Ecpclio05Biog\00457)Files relating to Simon Retalick, ironmaster, who in march of 1787 movedfrom 'near the old church yard' to Green street and church street facing the market He could only initial; illiterate? 457//

Ecpclio05Biog\00458)Clark, Joseph Accounts re: repairs, etc to State House and to Government House 458//

Ecpclio05Biog\00459)Terrence Smith, Plaisterer (plasterer) who succeeded Thomas Dance on theState House Dome project, 1794-1797; paid on account to finish on 12/14/96.459//

Ecpclio05Biog\00460)</b> Shippen Family of Philadelphia, references to ECP/5/ 460// 1975, Randolph Shipley; contains letter re: view from the dome of the State House, Annapolis, with Madison and Jefferson</body></html>

Ecpclio05Biog\00461)Dulany, Daniel Search for probate records by Chris Haley; Rebecca Dulany's estate Daniel I (1754) Daniel II (1797) Rebecca (1823); Peabodypainting (Daniel I) 461//

Ecpclio05Biog\00462)1776/03/31 Abigail Adams to John Adams ascii file 462//

Ecpclio05Biog\00463)Carroll, James Work of Charlie Flanagan; my student; independent study grade; slave trade to Annapolis; excellent paper Grade: A ECP/ 5/ 463//

Ecpclio05Biog\00464)Macnemara, Thomas by Ashley Ellefson 464//

Ecpclio05Biog\00465)William Paca's admission to the Inner Temple, HA Scrivener, Summer 1996 .465//

Ecpclio05Biog\00466)Richard Caton Woodville: The Soldiers Experience, Walters Art Gallery,37.945; water color 466//

Ecpclio05Biog\00467)Anne Tria's work on Joseph Clark, architect of the State House dome;research in Nicholson papers; Papers of Robert Morris; methods of sending,transferring images, journal, etc. 467//

Ecpclio05Biog\00468)Nash, Charles M -Oyster Commission merchant, calker of Baltimore City; grandfather of student Janet A Whittle Freedman; republican, House ofDelegates, 1895 468//

Ecpclio05Biog\00469)Clark, Joseph References to, in Bob Arnebeck, Through a Fiery Trial,Building Washington 1790-1800 1991 Bibliography and sources consulted. 469//

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Ecpclio05Biog\00472)Mt Clare has a commission on the wall signed by Daniel Dulany (Antillon)in the Fall of 1765? at the time of the Stamp Act Crisis; Joan Feldman is the curator; secure copy? 472//

Ecpclio05Biog\00473)Robert Barnes genealogy of Charles Carroll settler's family; Barrister's wife Margaret Tilghman grave at St Annes in Annapolis 473//

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Ecpclio05Biog\00477)Microfilm of the Papers of Robert Morris from the NYPL 477//

Ecpclio05Biog\00478)signatures of Samuel Chase Jr and Jeremiah Townley Chase on Laws ofMaryland (Bacon) owned by Chris Bready; 96/01/19 478//

Ecpclio05Biog\00479)Agnes Callum and Sotterly; loss of home by gas explosion; 96/01/22;96/01/23 SUN 479//

Ecpclio05Biog\00480)Agmew bio materials furnished the Washington Times, 96/09/16 ECP/ 5/ 480//

Ecpclio05Biog\00481)obits for Agnew, NY Times 96/09/19 481//

Ecpclio05Biog\00482)William Lloyd Garrison's ties to Baltimore and to John Needles, theCabinetmaker who furnished the State House; letter re: Sarah Douglass, whoin in 1855 married the Rev William Douglass?? 482//

Ecpclio05Biog\00483)Griffith, Thomas W historian, JP, Baltimore City dca1838 ECP/ 5/ 483//

Ecpclio05Biog\00484)Tyson, Isaac; probate records; biographical materials /megafile/ecp/05/484/probate 484//

Ecpclio05Biog\00485)Kennedy, John Pendleton Probate Records 485//

Ecpclio05Biog\00486)Buckler, Thomas HepburnProbate Records 486//

Ecpclio05Biog\00487)Etting, Solomon Probate Records 487//

Ecpclio05Bio\00488)Stephen Hallet's Designs for the United States Capital by Pamela Scott 488// Discussed Clark project with her; she provided the reference to the article on Daniel Carroll of Duddington in the Records of the Columbia Historical Society 39(1938) 23, and to Chancery suit involving the elevations of houses on South Capitol Street built by Morris and Nicholson(Clark's?)

Ecpclio05Bio\00489) Project file for biographical research on Joseph Clark and hisfamily by Ann Tria 489//See Anne's html (51tria) an for my research notes on Joseph Clark

Ecpclio05Bio\00490)Biographical files realting to Jerome White, possibly related to Andrew White; by Robert N and Gloria R Hendry; see BL 62, Blathwayt papers at the Huntington for Whitle letter, 1664(5)/01/01 490//

Ecpclio05Bio\00491)managing the geocities prosopography site as it is connected to mycourses: prosopography, [now defunct web site] 491//

Ecpclio05Bio\00492)Eden, Robert: papers of Sir Robert Eden and Lady Caroline Eden ownedby Lord John Eden, Earl of Winton . Letter to to the Honorable John Eden 41 Victoria Road London, W8 5rH, England; 011-44-71-937-8322; Dear John: I called the other day to ask your help. We are trying to track down any image there might be of; Lady Caroline Eden. Do you know of one and whether or not, if one exists, we can obtain a good color photograph of it for publication in a book we are writing on the First Ladies of Maryland? Your help in this matter would be very much appreciated. We would also like your permission to quote from the abstracts of the papers you so kindly sent me. I look forward to seeing the originalsat some some point. It is a wonderful collection. I plan tobe in England next summer. Would there be a convenient time whenI could see the papers some time in the month of July? All the best, &

Ecpclio05Bio\00493)Law, John--Mississippi speculation (project)1671-1729 .Includes examination of the idea of a 'bubble.'Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol 13: 779-780, 1959 edition on Law

ECP/ 5/ 493//Ecpclio05Bio\00494)James McHenry Collection, M 11697, MSA SC 1407, microfilm 494//

Ecpclio05Bio\00495) obit of Jack Lapides's mother Doris Lapides 495//Dear Jack: I was sorry to read about your mother's death in this morning's paper.Jacques Kelly wrote a very nice piece about her. She clearly was a remarkable woman of strong convictions and personal determination Sallie and I just wanted to extend our sympathies to you and your family All the best, Ed

Ecpclio05Bio\00496)Lois Carr's biography project (Society of the Ark and Dove grant?) MSA SC 5094ECP/ 5/ 496// Kathy: I need a test file of the rate of acceptable slip scanning for a grantapplication Lois is preparing to place her notes into image accessibleform. I would like you take this box (17) and scan the slips into assemblepackets in Paperport: In sequence, clustered by single slips/paper clips in a paperport folderfor now labled MSA SC 5094 and each cluster labled by last name_ firstname_box (eventually we may replace this with the pin number and box (inthis case 17)), and saved to the max subdirectory indicated below: Example: Mee_George_17.exe I need to have you keep careful track of when you begin and how long you spend exclusively scanning (I need to work out a reasonable per slips canning rate that relates to a) scanning and saving b) placing the scans in a hyperlinked pin number file (once Nancy finds the htmls I will show you how to take that editorial step). Process: go to paperport open folder MSA SC 5094 scan slips and export as an .exe file to the max subdirectory in this megafile subdirectory: U:\megafile\ecp\5\00496\max

Ecpclio05Bio\00497) Lowe, Esther Winder Polk, wife of Governor Enoch Louis Lowe . Autobiography of Mrs Enoch Louis Lowe, March 14, 1913, from the Maryland Historical Society Manuscript Collection MS1949A microfilm copy is available at the Maryland State Archives, M1616. Description of family, schooling, slave uprisings, death of children, famous visitors to Annapolis, socializing in Annapolis, Governor's Residence,visit to Maryland prison, experience during the civil war as suspected Southern sympathizers. See Emily Oland's chapter in file. To: From: Ed Papenfuse Subject: scanning of M 1616 Please have Shirley pull the best copy (pref the master negative) of M 1616 and scan for me today on the Wicks & Wilson. I suspect that this will have to be a manual scan, but I will leave that to you to decide. Place the images in their proper place on N drive and give me a CD with them on tomorrow.

Ecpclio05Bio\00498)Steele, I Nevett, lawyer who wrote opinion on Maryland's rights to thePotomac River 498//

Ecpclio05Bio\00499)Summary Sheets and source materials 499//

Ecpclio05Bio\00500)project file on the biography of Eloise Foster, Secretary of the Department of General Services 500//

Ecpclio05Bio\00501)Fielding Lucas, biographical data 501//