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[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i78YhMlgMVSUXfB2loRlruFIjLBg6xRBgQalVUaEYfE/edit Index to Notebooks:]
[https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByACveTTZ5jWc1dtNzlXdUVQazA Index to Notebooks:]
'''Ecpref0002a''' Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade
'''Ecpref0002a''' Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Index to Notebooks:

Ecpref0002a Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade Domestic Slave Trade manifests, New Orleans, National Archives info McWilliams copy of McIntire; Newman on DVD Shipbuilding and Tonnage, Baltimore, Austin, 1839, Brig Wharton, warships of Texas Navy built in Baltimore; correspondence with Dr. David Eltis Pilot Boat Washington; Brig United States (Jennie Williams); Jennie Williams: Duvalls, Isaac Phillips article; Phillip’s Dr. in Prison, Dr. Dion Downes; Waters/Duvall connection; Isaac’s runaway ad and incarceration BC; Jennie Williams, my notes on Isaac Phillips

Ecpref0002b Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade Correspondence with Jennie Williams, Phil Morgan re: domestic slave trade, Katherine Jackson, Mapping the Domestic Slave Trade, Historic New Orleans analysis of manifests, Henderson’s wharf, Hope Slatter, Austin Woolfolk (1815) ads; MSA 1853 Chattel record index images; 1853, C. F. A. Cole case (Doug Birch); Middleton & Dorsey 1865 commission merchants, Va. W. H. D. Wright Barque and Rio slave trade? Captain James Curtis, Fells Point, 1835, neighbor of Auld 1853 Captain William Noville correspondence; neighbor of Auld, Rio Trade, ebay

Ecpref0002c Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade MdHS 610 Merchant Exchange Reading Room Record, images, backup DVDs re: slave trade, 1838 Domestic Slave Trade to/from Baltimore?, Glapgo, Isaac Franklin; 61.8 % of all slaves exported to NO in 1838 on these two ships. Brig Architect, Departures from Baltimore of slave ships, 1819-1860, 12,387 accounted for Review of Peter Graham Fish, Federal Justice, The Harriet’s Carroll of D’s slaves, 1836, and their return? Ca. spring/summer 1838? Isaac Phillips’s Miranda? 1839? Freed?

Ecpref0002d Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade Katherine Jackson, Catherine Jackson, Georgetown slaves to Lousiana, 1837/38 Eric Papenfuse, Slavery & Abolition, Mahoney v. Ashton (Georgetown slaves); Oliver, Martha Ogle Forman, 1826, sold South. Manifests from Jennie; note that Oliver was consigned to Dick & Co., the same firm that handled the Harriet and CC of D’s slaves. Correspondence with Phil Morgan, Jennie Williams re: Washington’s slaves, Oliver

Ecpref0002e Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade

Schooner Isabella, Lenthal Collection, Franklin Institute, Chapelle Brig Vigilante, French slaver, 1822, from Nante Notes, tables from Toni Ahrens, Design Makes a Difference, Baltimore 1795-1835 Notes, images, RG 41, National Archives, Master Carpenter Certificates for Baltimore, 1836-1839; sample of Holdcamper/Hall, New York shipping, 1789-1867 includes Architect at N.Y. MHS Maritime Committee index to ships, 1836-1839 Jennie Williams, Baltimore shipping, domestic slave trade, 1838: Glapgo, Isaac Franklin, Uncus, Architect, Margaret Forbs, Mary, Pilgrim, Seaman, Copia Baltimore Ship Building, 1836-1839; James Gordon Bennett interview, 1839, Scotia, 1836; Clearances, RG 36, Philadlephia, notes, images N.O. return voyages to Baltimore with slaves, 1838, note the Uncus and the Architect; New Orleans slave manifests, Ancestry.com, images of manifests of blacks to Baltimore Butterfly, McTavish, 1838, resurrection of

Ecpref0002f Domestic & Transatlantic Slave Trade

Putnam Echo Martha, 1854 Matthew Hazard Perry Chatsworth, 1849, Johnson Foote, Commander Andrew “Africa and the American Flag” 1854 Commercial Banking, shinplasters, Brig Harriet, 1836, Collins, New Orleans McTavish, John, British Consul, son-in-law of Richard Caton, grandson-in-law of Charles Carroll of Carrollton Louisiana Purchase, Maryland Lawyers, 1836-38: Samuel W. Dorsey Robert Mott Charles T. Flusser Maryland Slaves for sale in Mississippi by John Knight, Seneca Bennett Brig Caroline, Capt Thompson, $35 for passage of escaped slave, NO to NY, 1838 Facts and Observations … African Slave Trade, 1841 USS Alabama, 1838, Baltimore Steamship Steamship Pulaski, 1838, Baltimore