Baltimore: Prostitution and Bawdy Houses - "Sin and Sex in the City"

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Formerly Series 151: Prostitution and Bawdy Houses - "Sin and Sex in the City" in

1) 1913-1915

Maryland Vice Commission Reports

GOVERNOR (Reports and Investigations) Commercialized Prostitution, 1913, MdHR 7990 [MSA S1044-25, 2/27/3/26].

GOVERNOR (Reports and Investigations) Investigation of Prostitution in the Counties of Baltimore and Anne Arundel and Cities of Hagerstown, Frederick and Cumberland, 1914, MdHR 7991 [MSA S1044-26, 2/27/3/27].

GOVERNOR (Reports and Investigations) Industrial Conditions, Clandestine Prostitution, etc., 1914, MdHR 7992 [MSA S1044-27, 2/27/3/28].

GOVERNOR (Reports and Investigations) Investigation of Furnished Rooms, Apartments, Hotels, Saloons, Restaurants, Theaters, Moving Picture Theaters, Dance Halls, etc., 1915, MdHR 7993 [MSA S1044-28, 2/27/3/29].

GOVERNOR (Reports and Investigations) Investigation of the Traffic in Babies, 1915, MdHR 7994 [MSA S1044-29, 2/27/3/30].

2) Appellate cases in which individuals operated bawdy houses

Smith v. State, 6 Gill 425 (1848) - Writ of error to Baltimore City Court (At the October term, 1845, of Baltimore City Court, Martin Smith, the appellant, was indicted for leasing a house to one Dorcas Smith with the knowledge that the said Dorcas Smith intended to keep therein a common bawdy house.)

Hamilton v. Whitridge, 11 Md. 128 (1857) - Appeal from Baltimore City Circuit Court (The trial court enjoined the property owner from occupying and using a house that she had purchased as a house of ill fame)

Henson v. State, 62 Md. 231 (1884) - Appeal from Baltimore City Criminal Court

Herzinger v. State, 70 Md. 278, 17 A. 81 (1889) - Appeal from Baltimore City Criminal Court

Shaffer v. State, 87 Md. 124, 39 A. 313 (1898) - Appeal from Allegany County Circuit Court

Lutz v. State, 167 Md. 12, 172 A. 354 (1934) - Appeal from Anne Arundel County Circuit Court

Rosenberg v. State, 54 Md. App. 673, 460 A.2d 617 (1983) - Appeal from the Charles County Circuit Court


1835 Laws of Md. Chapter 380

1892 Laws of Md. Chapter 822 - concerning Bawdy Houses

1920 Laws of Md. Chapter 737

4) Cases:

Mehlinger vs. Mehlinger

BALTIMORE CITY CIRCUIT COURT NO. 2 (Equity Papers B, Divorces and Foreclosures) Mehlinger vs. Mehlinger, 1894, Box 9 File No. 2411B [MSA T 57-10, 3/18/8/22]

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Mehlinger Evidence Collection) MSA SC 4563

See also Taylor v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore: Baltimore Sewerage and the City’s Agenda in the Early Twentieth Century by Christian Mann, University of Maryland School of Law, Power and Papenfuse seminar paper, Fall 2009

5) Haag, Pamela Susan.

"'Commerce in Souls': Vice, Virtue, and Women's Wage Work in Baltimore, 1900-1915," 86 Maryland Historical Magazine 292-308 (Fall 1991).

6) 1999

Judge Wilner's opinion in McNeil v. State, 356 Md. 396, 739 A.2d 80 (1999), greatly discusses the history of prostitution in Maryland and focuses on Baltimore City.

7)see: Woman accused of running Baltimore County brothel acquitted, Baltimore Sun, July 21, 2016