William Schley

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William Schley (1799-1872)

MSA SC 3520-13043

Born October 31, 1799, in Frederick, Maryland. Son of John Schley. Attended Princeton, 1821. Married Ann Cadwalader Ringgold, daughter of Samuel Ringgold, 1824. Died March 20, 1872, of smallpox, in Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland Senate, Western Shore, 1836 and 1837 sessions. Schley resigned during the 1837 session in order to focus on his law practice in Baltimore City.

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Schely in the BC ceremonial Courtroom.
The Cornice in the Ceremonial Court Room, Mitchell Court House Baltimore City.
William Schley as member of the Baltimore Bar Library.
William Schley, member of the Baltimore Bar Library.