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Aaron Burr, Jr. (February 6, 1756 – September 14, 1836)Alexander Thomson (1744?-1817)Anna Murray Johnson Douglass (c. 1813-1885) & Frederick Bailey Johnson Douglass (c. 1818-1895)
Baltimore's French ConnectionBaltimore: Prostitution and Bawdy Houses - "Sin and Sex in the City"Baltimore City Ground Rents
Baltimore City Jail DocketsBaltimore County and City: Secondary SourcesBaltimore Port Records
Baltimore Privateers and Letters of MarqueBaltimore Savings Bank: SourcesBaybrook
Cambridge, Maryland, 38.566389, -76.076944Charles Carroll of CarrolltonCustoms records: Baltimore
David Barnum (1770-1844)David Newton Emanuel Campbell (1871-1942)Domestic and Transatlantic Slave Trade
Ecpclio research notes: 05BioEcpclio research notes: 07familyEcpclio research notes: 08Graphics
Ecpclio research notes: 10LectEcpclio research notes: 12CharEcpclio research notes: 26Balt
Ecpclio research notes: 46HuntEducation, Opportunity, and Social Services for Slaves and Free Blacks in BaltimoreEdward Carl Papenfuse, Jr. (1943-)
Elias Glenn (August 26, 1769 – January 6, 1846)Eliza Crawford Anderson Godefroy (1780-1839)Emancipation Day November 1, 1864
Everett's PageFells Point Recreation PierFrederic Bernal (1828-1924)
George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore (c. 1580-1632)George Earnest (1773-1852)Godefroy, Jean Maurice Maximilian (1765-c.1842)
Hampton, Baltimore CountyIdentity FraudIsaac Phillips (1817-1848)
James Biays (1760-1822)James Cheston (ship)John Eager Howard (June 4, 1752 – October 12, 1827)
John Hodges (of Thomas) (1763-1825)John James Wilson (1839-1869)Joseph Hopper Nicholson (1770/05/15-1817/03/04)
Laurel Cemetery (39.317453, -76.578094)Laurence Hall Fowler (1876-1971)Lincoln Bible (Fisk University)
LynchingMain PageMary Chase Barney (ca. 1785-1872)
Maryland State and Municipal Bonds: Tax Exempt StatusPapenfuse Homestead (43.053429, -77.347515)Philip Thomas Coke Tilyard (1758-1830)
PolygraphPoppleton Maps of Baltimore, 1822 & 1852Potomac River
Potomac River: Maryland's claimRace and The Law: 2017Rachel Colvin (1771-1851)
RemingtonRemington: Neighborhood Boys, ca. 1894Robert Long House (39.282223 -76.591362)
Robert Mills (August 12, 1781 – March 3, 1855)Robert W. Fisher (1915-2011)Robert Wilson (1806 – 1888)
Roger Brooke Taney (1777-1864)Samuel W. Chase (1800-1867)Sotterley Plantation
St. James Episcopal ChurchThe AstreaThomas Andrew McParlin (1825-1897)
Thomas Holdsworth Poppleton (1765-1837)Thomas W. “Tom” Gorman (1821-1863)Thomas Wilson (1800-1866)
U. S. Supreme Court: the Marshall Years, 1801-1835U. S. Supreme Court cases relating to Maryland to 1837William Reese
William SchleyWilliam Winchester (1786-1822)Wilson Homestead (1840-1865, 44.333502, -76.666614)
Wilson Homestead (1865-)