Robert Mills (August 12, 1781 – March 3, 1855)

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Robert Mills (August 12, 1781 – March 3, 1855), known for designing the Baltimore Washington Monument, is sometimes called the first native born American to be professionally trained as an architect, though Charles Bulfinch perhaps has a clearer claim to this honor. Mills studied in Charleston, South Carolina, as a student of Irish architect James Hoban—who later designed the White House, which became the official home of US presidents. Mills real estate speculations included Waterloo Row, elements of which are reconstructed at the Baltimore Museum of Art. See: Robert Mills; Waterloo Row- Baltimore 1816 by William Voss Elder and Garrett Power, Baltimore after the War of 1812: Where Robert Mills Met His Waterloo and When James A. Buchanan Broke the Bank U of Maryland Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2012-25, 87 Pages Posted: 14 Jun 2012 Last revised: 21 Jun 2012.

Notes include study of residents, 1830-1840. Waterloo Row was in Ward 7 which also included Barnum’s City Hotel


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