Joseph Hopper Nicholson (1770/05/15-1817/03/04)

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Habeas Corpus Case

From John Marshall and the Heroic Age ..., R. Kent Newmyer: n. 57: Ex parte Bollmann, 4 Cranch 100; Ex parte Swartwout, 1 Cranch 101. The federal circuit court decision U. S. v Bollmann, 24 Fed. Cas 1189 (C.C.DC 1807) No. 14,622) is discussed in Haskins and Johnson, Foundations of Power, 255=56, Also Warren, Supreme Court, 1:302-3. John Randolph to Joseph H. Nicholson, 5 February 1807, Nicholson Papers MSS as quoted in Warren, Supreme Court, I:305 n. 1.