Godefroy, Jean Maurice Maximilian (1765-c.1842)

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Peale godefroy msa peabody.jpg

Source of portrait by Rembrandt Peale or perhaps Charles Bird King?

"French architect, he, with Benjamin Henry Latrobe, introduced the latest Neo-Classicism to the USA, where he settled (1805–19). Most of his work was in Baltimore, and included the Gothic St Mary's Chapel (1806–8), the Commercial and Farmers' Bank (1812–13—destroyed), the Unitarian Church (1817–18), and the Egyptianizing Battle Monument (1810–27), the first civic monument to be erected in the USA. He returned to France by 1827 after a few years (from 1819) in London (where he designed the RC Charities School, Clarendon Square (1825–6—demol-ished) ). His later works included the Hospice des Aliénés, Nayenne (1829–36), and a new wing to the Palais de Justice (1829–33) and the Préfecture (1831–40), both at Laval. His work was influenced by Blondel and Durand."

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From: Godefroy, Maximilien in A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture see: source

For ecp's draft chapter on the Godefroys, see:

Jean Maurice (Maximilian) and Eliza Crawford Anderson Godefroy, Louisiana, Aaron Burr, and the Mystery of the Mahogany Box

Baltimore City Directories

   1810: Godefroy, Maximillian, profess. of archit. drawing, &c 7, corner of S. Howard [sic, probably meant to be Hanover] and
       German sts.
   1814-’15: Godefroid, Maximilian, architect, corn. Hanover st. and German lane
   1817-’18: Godefroid Maximilian, architect, Hanover street corner of German lane
   1819: Godefroy, M. architect, cor. of Hanover st. and German lane

In December 1808, Godefroy married Eliza Crawford Anderson (the daughter of Dr. John Crawford and divorced wife of a local merchant, Henry Anderson.)

Directory information on Eliza’s first husband, Henry Anderson:
   1796: Anderson John and Henry, merchants, store and counting house, 12, Bowley’s wharf.
   1799: Anderson I. C. & Co. Bowleys wharf, 12.
   1800-’01: Anderson John & Henry, merchants, 12, Bowley’s wharf
1807 Godefroy, Maximilian, 1765-1842?
Early American Imprints, Series 2, no. 12671 (filmed)
Military reflections, on four modes of defence, for the United States, with a plan of defence, adapted to their circumstances, and :::the existing state of things. [Two lines from Tacitus] By Maxan. *** ex-officer of the Etat major in the service of S.M.T.C. :::Translated by Eliza Anderson. 42 p. 22 cm.
1807 Cottin, Madame (Sophie), 1770-1807.
Claire d'Albe. English
Early American Imprints, Series 2, no. 12353 (filmed)
Dangerous friendship, or, The letters of Clara D'Albe. Translated from the French by a lady of Baltimore. iv, 220 p. 17 cm.

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