George Earnest (1773-1852)

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According to the 1850 Census, George Earnest was born in New Jersey in 1773. He died in Baltimore at his home, 9 Waterloo Row on Calvert Street in October 1852.

He began as a shoemaker and bootmaker in Baltimore ca. 1793. A Methodist, he became a prominent merchant of China and pottery (he had a successful pottery works)and died wealthy. His son George Jr., who lived with him, died in 1850 with only his "male" friends invited to his funeral. Philip Tilyard painted George Senior's portrait ca. 1825, which is privately owned. There is also a portrait of George Senior's daughter, Elizabeth, who was married to his business partner, Wesley Cowles.

The best short sketch of Earnest and his family is that by J. Hall Pleasants which accompanies a black and white photograph of Tilyard's painting in the Pleasant's file 3680, MHS. Rachel Borth Earnest, George's widow, died in 1861.

Earnest Research notes
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