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| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00001)

DATE: June 26, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Philip Calvert, Charles Calvert, Blathywayt Papers, BL 52/62; see item level database; began with Lois Carr's notes; reference copies mostly photostats (copies ordered);. ECP/ 46/ 1//

note that Charles Calvert seems to be using his grandfather's personal seal? need to order copy of seal in color;

note that the handwriting of Philip Calvert seems to resemble handwriting on Houghton mss.?

97/06/25 ordered copies of photostats; asked to see originals to examine watermarks

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00002)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: 1623/05/23. George Calvert HA 1189, 5/23/1623 . ECP/ 46/ 2//

[wonderful rendition of Calvert's personal seal]

[from] St. Martin's Lane 29 May 1623

to the Right Hono:ble my very good Lo: Shp? Erle of Huntington, Lo: Lieutenant of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland

[dagger watermark, CB?]

asking for names of deputies, etc.; seemingly purely bureaucratic; need to pass new commissions for same;

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00003)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Daniel Dulany, Brock Mss, ca. 1745. London. Abstracts of cases from Common Law Common-Placed by Gile s Jacob, 1733. d. 27p. from collection of Robert Alonzo Brock (1839-1914). ECP/ 46/ 3//

for Eric:

D. Dulany Junr of the Middle Temple Barr

[hard to read date- 177?3] His Book bought on account of the Titles, & its being interleaved

only the pages with writing on them plus title page for

The Common Law


containing the substance and effect of all the common law cases, dispersed in the body of the law, collected as well from abridgments as Reports, in a perfect new Method.


Giles Jacob, Gent.


a contempory hand has tried to x out who made the interleaved notes (not DD);


| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00004)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Maryland Citizens now resident in Virginia, petition to the Council of Richmond, 1861; BR Box 282; 4 p. 12 signatures;. ECP/ 46/ 4//

re: 1st Regiment of Maryland Volunteers, Col George H. Steuart Commanding, now actively in the field with the army of the Potomoac, and of Capt J. Lyle, Clark's Company of Marylanders at present attached to Col Gilham's regiment in North Western Virginia; ...

need clothing, in holy cause, want to avail themselves of the munificent fund of $50,000 recently appropriated by the City of Richmond for the use of the volunteers of Richmond;

Charles A. Harding, Commissary, 1st REgi Md Vols

C. Wharton, Tayleure of Balt

Robert Hough, & Co.

George H. Kyle

Weston Williams

W. J. Barry M.D.

Lanier Bros & Co.

E R. Smithy

Mendetto, Spencer & Co.

Hambleton Bros & Co.

Ellett & Drewry?

Wadsworth & Palmey ?

BR Box 282 (34)

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00005)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Gibson, Edmund BP Letter (c 1737) to Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore, uncat . ECP/ 46/ 5//

[bishop of London, 1669-1748]

Gibson, Edmond (BP) Collection

1 box

L9 G 1

mss volume with letters pasted in, No. ll

see p. 57 of ms calalogues; gift of F. Marcham, March 1940

p. 48

all in Charles's hand:

My Lord

I am honour'd with your Lorships wherein you mention Mr. Sterlings haveing aplyed to you for a licence for to officiate in Maryland how far it is necssary your lordship best knows but if I may not be improper in judging in my own case I doe conceive & am advised yt the liveings in Maryland are in my disposall Iam

your Lordships most obedient Humle sert

London June the 19th [17th?, 14th] 1737 Baltimore

[contains latin "Maryland Clause"] on smaller paper]

p. 46

My Lord,

I have been apply'd to by one Mr. Stirling for a licence to exercise ye office of a Minister in Maryland. My answer was, that your Lordp. claims ye Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in tha Provicne, that you had lately sent over two ministers who have Beneficies there, without my Licensce or ?? orvbx? [probity?] and that I was unwilling to take any such step as he desired while a point of ? [jurisdiction?] remained in Suspence. In my own private judgment, the Charter conveys nothing but a Palatine Power, but it is not fitt that I should be a judge in my own case, and therefore I wish, as I have long done, that ye matter may be referred to ye attorney and sollicitor General, or to such other person or persons as shall be thought proper. I am under no concern ?? issue as to my self. All that I am at, is to have the thing ascertained one way or another, that if it should be found to be part of my duty, I may not be wanting in the discharge of it.

[draft of what was sent?] | NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00006)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . miscellaneous Maryland materials, see next level database . ECP/ 46/ 6//

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00007)

DATE: June 25, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Journal of visit to Huntington Library, 6/25/97- . ECP/ 46/ 7//

Huntington Library 1151 Oxford San Marino

open Tuesday trhough Saturday

626-405-2141 2125 for research, 8:30 to 4:30

6/25/97 arrived ca. 11 a.m.

Jill Cogen signed me in, introduced me to finding aids, etc. after taking my image with a canon digital camera (signature as well); told me process is outlined in a computers and library journal; files kept in dbase about which she was not too thrilled;

see notes for collections consulted:

arranged with Lita Garcia in manuscripts (2nd floor) to see if I could view the originals of the Philip Calvert letters (for watermarks).

ordered copies of Philip Calvert photostats; Charles Calvert letters; seal (1623) of George Calvert (color) and letter (b&w); note that the seal Charles Calvert was using as his personal seal in the 1660s seemed identical to that used by George? perhaps was?

At end of day, talked with Frances Rouse (reader services?) about:

1) if they had a Koberger bible 2) getting a copy of the John Singleton Copley cartoon 3) getting reference for John Goode entrances and clearances 4) checking on provenance of our film (M 50) 256 reels of archival material from our holdings on file at the Huntington

June 27, 1997

arrived 8:45; letter and originals of PC correspondence waiting; Sue Hodson in mss very helpful; they do have a Koberger bible which Frances Rouse got for me from Rare Books- #84597, bible, 1483.

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00008)

DATE: June 26, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Francis Nicholson letters, correspondence in the Ellesmere collection, etc, see database. . ECP/ 46/ 8//


1693 June 15 Annapolis Maryland Nicholson, Francis to William Blthwayt l.s. 1 p. 4to Mutilated, portion of signature missing, BL 64

1694 Nov. 16 Maryland Nicholson, Francis to William Blathwayt ls 1 p. fol, BL 63

1695, June 15 Annapolis Maryland Francis Nicholson to Lord Bridgewater, ls 1 p. 4to ----same: 1p. duplicate, EL 9622a

1697 Mar. 30 Port Annapolis Maryland to Earl of Bridgewater EL 9722

1697 Apr. 22 Virginia to Earl of Bridgewater EL 9724

1697 June 30 Port Annapolis to the Earl of Bridgewater with reply EL 9729a, vol 138

1698 May 26 Maryland to the Earl of Bridgewater with seal EL 9745

1698 May 26 Patuxent Maryland Memorandume of severall matters relating to Maryland and Pensilvania, dictated to me [Sir Thomas Laurence] by the Governor of Mryland 17 p. EL 9599, vol 136

1698 Aug. 19 Port Annapolis to Earl of Bridgewater, draft of reply EL 9754, vol 138

1698, Sept 12 Annapolis To the Earl of Bridgewater, notes by Lord Bridgewater on conjugate leaf EL 9744, vol 138

1698/99 Feb 4 James City Virginia to the Earl of Bridgewater EL9760, vol 138

1700 April 6 A proclamation for a day of fasting and humiliation, EL 9792, vol 138

1700 April 11 Jamestown Virginia to Mr. Secretary Burchett; Nicholson to Aldred, a copy EL 9778

1700 Apr. 11 James Towne Virginia to the Earl of Bridgewater, EL 9771

1700 June 11 HMS Shoreham without ye capes of Virginia to Earl of Bridgewater, EL 9785

1700 August 26 Jamestown to Earl of Bridgewater, EL 9788

1704/05 Mar 7 Virginia to William Blathwayt, BL 95

1709 July? Memorandum, title and heads of New Jersie acts, expedition to Canada, HM 1408

1721/22 Feb 15 South Carolina message to Arthur Middleton, Speaker U Assembly of SC, HM 9808

1724 Dec 12 License for Capt. Thomas Tompson to depart from Charleston Harbor with his ship Three Marys HM 9828

1709 Mar. 18 see Lossing, p. 470 FIeld book;

see: HM 9905, HM 1373, HM 1377, HM 1393

1696-1698 EL 9585-9587; EL 9602 extracts concerning action against John Cood and Philip Clarke

EL 9573 Greenberry, Nicholas & others 1697, June 4 to lords of trade

BL 2 Quary Robert, to the Board of Trade, 1699, May 18

EL 9604 1698 Maryland General Assembly et al Testimonial to Francis Nicholson on the occasion of his leaving to become Governor of Virginia

EL 9572 Nathaniel Blakiston to Peter Paggent 1692, Dec. 21

as addressee:

EL 9594 Bayard, Nicholas 1697, Ec. 30

HM 22284 Dudley Joseph 1709, Nov. 28

EL 9622b Edgerton, John 3d Earl Bridgewater 1695

EL 9729b Edgerton, John 1697

EL 9733 Edgerton, John 1697

EL 9748 Edgerton, John 1698 June 29

EL 9771 Edgerton, John 1699, June 8

EL 9577 Jones Francis 1696, Oct 20

EL 9580 Jones, Francis 1696, Oct 21

EL 9583 Jones, Francis 1696, November 8

EL 9787 Passenger, William 1700

EL 9786 Passenger, William 1700

did not get to second card:

EL 9595, 9625, 9579, HM 22290, EL 9588, EL 9589, EL 9598, EL 9621, EL 9830-Batchelors in Virginia, EL 9601, EL 9578, EL 9587, 9602, EL 9604, BR Box 256,


William Penn EL 9595 1697

John Povey 1696 EL 9625

Robert Quary 1696 EL 9579

Gurdon Saltonstall HM 22290 1709/10

Robert Snead EL 9588-9589-9598, 1697-98

Chas Talbot, 12th Earl Shrewsbury 1695/96 EL 9621

Gerard Slye EL 9601 1698

Nicholas Smith and others EL 9578 1696

Philip Clarke EL 9587 1697

| NOTES (ecp\46Hunt\00009)

DATE: June 26, 1997

Database: 46Hunt

Subject: . Koberger Bible, # 84597, 1483; Hain 3137; GW 4303; Biblia Sacra Germanica; Woodcuts by Israel Van Mecken(?); 1st german bible printed at Nuremburg & the 9th edition in Germany;. ECP/ 46/ 9//

"Rare & curious edition, attributing the adventures of Joseph to the wife of Pharoh instead of Potiphar"

Bound in one volume, old and new testaments; sans title page; PR 2028 LF 84597

illustrations (pagination is a roman numeral for each leaf, thus two sides to a 'page']:

p. V- Eve from Adam's rib; p. VI cast out from the garden of eden p. VII b Noah's ark p. ccLI Job