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Baltimore City topic/research files.

Electronic files located at:

Paper files are filed in the numerical series 26Balt.

Note to file: electronic versions/copies of 26Balt are found in electronic storage at:

Ecpclio26Balt\00001) "Bloated payroll or essential services?" article on Perspective section of the Baltimore SUN, July 1 and Harford counties 1//

Ecpclio26Balt\00002) Baltimore City, Maryland, The Book of its Board of Trade, by George W Englehardt, 1895, JHU Library 2// Would be good for an illustrated lecture on Baltimore City in 1895; used it already to identify the Consumer's Ice Company, Pratt and Green Streets, with warehouses on Hughes Street at the foot of Wolf Street, handles both natural and manufactured ice It has large ice plants for storing natural ice on the Kennebec and Susquehanna Rivers, and a fine plant here for manufacturing ice at the foot of Wolf Street It has 150 employees here and 100 teams in service It is a shipper to Maryland and Virginia points, and has a big local trade Its total sales are 75,000 tons a year organized in 1893; $400,00 capital; officers: A Fenneman, pres; Elmer M Bear, treas; Jas B Moore, secty; good illustration of delivery of ice to the wharf on p 181

Ecpclio26Balt\00003) slides from Baltimore 1729-1929; catalogued as G 1823 3/ /

Ecpclio26Balt\00004) The SUN almanac for 1905 which contains the history of the Baltimore Fire of 1904 4//

Ecpclio26Balt\00005) Postcards of Baltimore City 5// view of the Harbor, ca 1918 fountain at Eutaw Place Broadway in Baltimore, ca 1908 Federal Hill Park, ca 1912 Fort Carroll Baltimore Fire, German and Liberty Streets showing Hurst building, origin of fire, mailed to New Bedford Mass on April 1, 1904

Ecpclio26Balt\00006) 1989/03/07 History fo the Baltimore Museum of Art, by Bennard B Perlman 6//

Ecpclio26Balt\00007) SUN article of March 7, 1989 on Arthur 'Whitey' G Mansberger's collection of Baltimore City records thrown out when the City archives moved out of city hall 7//

Ecpclio26Balt\00008) SUN article January 3, 1989 on Charles J Baker as the 22nd Mayor of Baltimore, served for 3 months during Civil War while predecessor was jailed as a southern sympathizer 8//

Ecpclio26Balt\00009) Photographs Joe Coale gave Peale of Roland Park, Overhill Road on 3-31-1913; Old Ice House Stony Run, ca 1900; 9//

Ecpclio26Balt\00010) Hearing Before the United State Commission on Civil Rights Baltimore, Maryland, August 17-19, 1970 see Staff report on Demographic, Economic, Social and Political Characteristics of BC and BA Co 10//

Ecpclio26Balt\00011) Baltimore Blue Book for 1966 11//

Ecpclio26Balt\00012) good photographs from the SUN magazine of signs painted on brick walls; 5/13/90 12//

Ecpclio26Balt\00013) SUN magazine issue on Walter Sondheim, Jr August 6, 1989 13//

Ecpclio26Balt\00014) H L Mencken's Garfen by Amnalie Adler Ascher in SUN, 9/9/89 14//

Ecpclio26Balt\00015) Johns, Mary Katherine Unpublished Paper on maps and surveying of Baltimore City 15//

Ecpclio26Balt\00016) Brochure on Homewood House, Charles Carroll 16//

Ecpclio26Balt\00017) Print of Battle Monument, Baltimore, 1848; 17//

Ecpclio26Balt\00018) Varle and Lucas maps of Baltimore City (ca 1830's); including Strangers Guide by Lucas, at UMBC; plan for South Baltimore 18//

Ecpclio26Balt\00019) 1860 General Assembly investigation of Election Fraud in Baltimore City, 1860; Senate Document W 19//

Ecpclio26Balt\00020) SUN article on Baltimore's future leaders see 'city of grace' 7/12/90 20//

Ecpclio26Balt\00021) SUN article comparing expenditure per pupil in Elementary Schools across the State, 3/11/90 21//

Ecpclio26Balt\00022) SUN article on Baltimore City population decline 8/25/1990; 1990 population estimates 22//

Ecpclio26Balt\00023) SUN magazine article on Druid Hill Park, 8/19/1990; query on who needs it? by Will Englund 23//

Ecpclio26Balt\00024) SUN feature on Tommy D'Alesandro, 8/90 24//

Ecpclio26Balt\00025) Szanton, Peter Baltimore 2000 A Choice of Futures 1986 complementary copies from the Goldseker foundation 25//

Ecpclio26Balt\00026) photographs from a family alblum of trip to see devastation caused by 1904 Baltimore Fire; came by boat (Calvert) Album owned by friend of GAS (see Memo files) see 26-84-2 for slides /

Ecpclio26Balt\00027) 1964/10/18 News American supplement on Baltimore City "Progress Report Metropolitan Baltimore" October 18, 1964 27//

Ecpclio26Balt\00028) Charles G Steffen, The Gentry of the Upper Chesapeake: The Boundaries of Class in Baltimore County, 1660-1776; reviewed for the University Press of Kentucky See S1259-121-2742) 28//

Ecpclio26Balt\00029) Carroll Papers, Carroll Exhibit, Baltimore Panel, from Sally Mason 29//

Ecpclio26Balt\00030) McKeldin, Theodore R No Mean City [Baltimore] 1964 30 //

Ecpclio26Balt\00031) Review of AVALON in Baltimore SUN, LIVE, Barry Levinson film 31//

Ecpclio26Balt\00032) Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources Baltimore History Network November 1989 32//

Ecpclio26Balt\00033) Sheller, Tina Artisans and the Evolution of Baltimore Town, 1765-1790 (S1259-121-2743) 33//

Ecpclio26Balt\00034) SUN Almanac for 1911 34//

Ecpclio26Balt\00035) Waldron, Thomas W City, State totals show fewer voters Evening SUN, 9/10/90 Suggests registration down (in part) because fear of jury duty 35//

Ecpclio26Balt\00036) voter turnout, 1990 Primary election, 9/11/90: Baltimore City: 321,141 registered voters; ca 28% "lowest voter turnout in memory, and I've been here 35 years": Gene Raynor, ABEL 36//

Ecpclio26Balt\00037) Olson, Sherry H Baltimore The Building of an American City 1980 Disbound for copying for use in 10_149 (4-94) 37//

Ecpclio26Balt\00038) Brown, John S The Charter of the Province of Maryland; The Declaration of Rights of 1776, and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, Relating to Baltimore-Town and City, from 1729-1830 1879 38//

Ecpclio26Balt\00039) JHU MSEL search of Janus for Baltimore City references see 10_149029 39//

Ecpclio26Balt\00040) Greene, Suzanne Ellery Baltimore An Illustrated History xerox master from 4-93 Used in 10_149 40//

Ecpclio26Balt\00041) Baltimore City 1816 Boundary Change, mortality rates from Niles Register contains info on population and boundary changes to present 41// 26-41 Niles (1817): The Legislature, at its late sitting, passed an act to annext the Precincts, as they were called, to the City of Baltimore, against the consent of nine-tenths, perhaps, of the people of both By this procedure the CITY acquires a population of 16 or 17,000 souls; and still has only TWO members in the house of delegates -- a FORTIETH part of the power of legislation, and a FIFTH, if not a FOURTH, of all the white persons in whole state The mere ADDITION thus made to Baltimore city for population or value of property, is far greater than that of any one of seven or eight of the counties of the state, and equal, or superior, to that of two several pairs of united counties--But each COUNTY sends FOUR members to the legislature THIS IS MARYLAND REPRESENTATION Of the political motives that led to this procedure, it does not belong to this work to say any thing Griffith (1824-1830): At the session of 1816, the limits of the city, are extended by an act entitled "An act to enlarge the bounds of Baltimore city," including the old precincts Those limits form a parallelogram of about three and a half miles from North to South, and four and a half from East to West, and contains in land and water, about 10,000 acres surface, all included within the twelve wards of the city [4-95-217/218] Scharf, Chronicles (1874): same as Niles, but abbreviated in the editorializing re: power of counties viz city [4-87-381] Scharf, History of Baltimore City and County (1881): pp 61-62: follows Niles argument and includes a map of the City showing how the original tract of Coles Harbor was to the north of the present harbor (p 62) NOTE: according to Niles, 1817: 305; there were 8 wards in Baltimore City By 1820 there were 12 Population growth, 1800-1820 from Griffith: Year White Males White Females Other Free Slaves Total City without the Precincts: 1800: 11,294 9,606 2,771 2,843 26,514 1810 35,513 1820 39,404-40,795 City and Precincts combined: 1790: 6,422 5,503 323 1,255 13,503 1800: 31,514 1810: 19,045 17,147 5,671 4,672 46,555 1820: 23,922 24,133 10,324 3,357 62,738 1830: 30,021 31,693 14,788 4,123 80,625 Precincts only: 1800: est 5,000 1810: East: 4,050 West: 6,922 TOTAL: 10,971 1816: Estimated Total: 16,000-17,000 1820: Estimated Total: 21,942-23,334 In 1829 the houses in the city were: one story, 1,466; two stories, 8,189; three or more stories, 2,143; total 12,798 of which above 10,000 are of brick; [629 people on average per building]; In that year the city cared for 409 paupers per month out of a population of 80,625, while the county cared for 47 out of a population of 40,251 Griffith: Appendix

Ecpclio26Balt\00042) Baltimore The Trade Queen of the South John Murph Co's Illustrated Guide to Baltimore and Text Book of her Resources 1900? 42//

Ecpclio26Balt\00043) Baltimore SUN almanac for 1915 43//

Ecpclio26Balt\00044) Arrow Street Guide to Baltimore including Suburban Areas 1956 44//

Ecpclio26Balt\00045) McCreary, George W Baltimore City Street Index 1900 With search of State Pubs database for streets 45//

Ecpclio26Balt\00046) Baltimore City Maps in G 2275, also Census maps from Philadelphia Free Library 46//

Ecpclio26Balt\00047) Polk Baltimore City Directory, 1920 with map of streets and car lines Acquired from Kelmscott for $3300 47//

Ecpclio26Balt\00048) Arnold, Joseph L Suburban Growth and Municipal Annexation in Baltimore, 1745-1918 MdHM, 73, no 2 June 1978 Notes in 10_149030 48//

Ecpclio26Balt\00049) Reps, John Tidewater Towns City Planning in Colonial Virginia copy master for Chapter 11 49//

Ecpclio26Balt\00050) Barnes, Robert Guide to Research in Baltimore City and County 1989 Contains Ward Boundaries and maps for 1797, 1870 50//

Ecpclio26Balt\00051) Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources, Baltimore History Network, November 1989 51//

Ecpclio26Balt\00052) Doerflinger, Thomas M A Spirit of Enterprise 1986 Maps from, as handout in 10_149 52//

Ecpclio26Balt\00053) Browne, Gary Baltimore in the Nation, 1789-1861 1980 for 10_149 53//

Ecpclio26Balt\00054) Price, Jacob Economic Function and Growth of American Port Towns in the Eighteenth Century 1974 for 10_149; 10_166; annotated copy for lecture; also overlay of comparative population figures 54//

Ecpclio26Balt\00055) Gould, Clarence Economic Causes of the Rise of Baltimore, for 10_149027 55//

Ecpclio26Balt\00056) Research at the Pratt Library, 9/22/90 re: Baltimore City Boundaries, State Boundaries; City planning, Olmsted plan ca 1900-1910; Preston Plan, 1918 56//

Ecpclio26Balt\00057) Peabody research, 9/22/90 re: 1874 analysis by Thomas Buckler on the Water supply, sewers in Baltimore City; taxation and revenue by Hollander? on annexations, city boundaries; 1834 Isaac McKim 57// Instructions to McKim from the voters of Baltimore City re: Bank deposits

Ecpclio26Balt\00058) Klinckowstrom, Axel Leonhard Baron Klinkowstrom's America, 1818-1820 1952 See for Baltimore visit and contacts with Samuel Smith, John Spear Smith 58//

Ecpclio26Balt\00059) 1910 map of Baltimore City from G225-01-21 59//

Ecpclio26Balt\00060) Henderson, Peter From the New Deal to the Great Society: Housing the Poor of Baltimore prospectus for dissertation, JHU 60//

Ecpclio26Balt\00061) Baltimore City map, Rand McNally, ca 1990 61//

Ecpclio26Balt\00062) Maryland Historical Society slide program on People who Built a City: The Birth of Baltimore Town courtesy of Janet Sanders, 10/03/90 62//

Ecpclio26Balt\00063) Notes from Scharf, John Thomas history of Baltimore City & County, 63//

Ecpclio26Balt\00064) Baltimore City Life Museums press release on 1840 house, Scenes from Baltimore 64//

Ecpclio26Balt\00065) tables of city finance from J H Hollander, the Financial History of Baltimore, 1899 65//

Ecpclio26Balt\00066) Baltimore in 1800 taken from Scharf Chronicles of Baltimore 26 / 66//

Ecpclio26Balt\00067) J H B Latrobe, Picture of Baltimore, ca 1832 with map 67//

Ecpclio26Balt\00068) Baltimore public works official faces murder charge (Dominic J Carozza, highway superintendent) during 60s acquitted of 3 murders SUN 10/4/90; also includes article on Coursey site, QA co; 68//

Ecpclio26Balt\00069) President Street Station, cite of April 19 riot between Northern troops and Southern sympathizers in 1861; as of 10/1/90 69//

Ecpclio26Balt\00070) Notes on Isaac McKim and Baltimore City Congressional Districts to the Civil War 70//

Ecpclio26Balt\00071) Free Blacks in Baltimore; notes from Directories, Barbara Field Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground; City Directory, 1817-1818; 71//

Ecpclio26Balt\00072) Murray, William H letter to Elizabeth H Murray , from Fairfax Court House, July 26, 1861; re: Battle of Bull Run (from Alice Randall, see SPECCOL Cited anywhere? 72//

Ecpclio26Balt\00073) 1830/11/24 Charles Carroll as Icon: letter from Robert Campbell, 24 November 1830 re: Carroll county Georgia and the terrible treatment of the Cherokees by the citizens of, asking him to withdraw use of name; 73//

Ecpclio26Balt\00074) William LeFurgy guide to the Baltimore City Archives, 1984, including records of the Enoch Pratt 74//

Ecpclio26Balt\00075) Representation and suffrage (voting) in, from Baltimore City; urban population in US & Baltimore; members of General Assembly from Baltimore 75//

Ecpclio26Balt\00076) Irish immigration in Maryland, 1634-1850; Mary Jane Klein, education department 76//

Ecpclio26Balt\00077) Research at Enoch Pratt on tenure of Bernard Christian Steiner as librarian 77//

Ecpclio26Balt\00078) Thomas, Thaddeus Peter, 1867-1936 The City Government of Baltimore 1896 78//

Ecpclio26Balt\00079) Brackett, Jeffrey Richardson Notes on the Progress of the Colored People of Maryland since the War 1890 79//

Ecpclio26Balt\00080) Fielding Lucas 1822 map of Baltimore showing wards and city as mapped by Poppleton From film at the Baltimore City Archives 80//

Ecpclio26Balt\00081) Research at Baltimore City Archives, 10/16 on maps of the City, voting records, and William H Murray in the HRS index Richard Cox's article on the Plight of City Archives, Baltimore, 7/1979 81// File contains photographs of the original Mills drawing of the first Record Office in Baltimore City Richard does not say what happened to the building

Ecpclio26Balt\00082) Frey, Jacob Reminiscences of Baltimore 1893 notes from; story re: bloody footprints, murderer of photographer Grove Slides of Illustrations 82//

Ecpclio26Balt\00083) Knott, Leo A Biographical Sketch of Hon A Leo Knott with A Relation of Some Political Transactions in Maryland, 1861-1867 1898 contains 4-73 83//

Ecpclio26Balt\00084) 1893-1904 Panoramic views of Baltimore in 1903, Hersman family album of trip to see aftermath of the fire, 1904 84// Frey: Jacob Frey Pratt Street Washington Monument Charles Street at Franklin CF Meyer F L Latrobe Odd Fellows' Hall Phoenix Club Maryland CLub Taney Statue Roger P Taney Fountain, Patterson Park Asssociate Reformed Church Reverdy Johnson Cathedral Cardinal's residence Zion Church Eutaw Place Synagogue Enoch Pratt and library Boradway Entrance to Druid Hill Park Baltimore St Paul STreet Bridge over Jones Falls Harlem square James Hodges R C Davidson Old Post Office Kaminsaky Inn

Ecpclio26Balt\00085) Harper's Monthly Magazine index references to Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, (project 1842) Howard Pyle, Vol 59, pp 63; Caton sisters by Didier, vol 61, pp 489- 85//

Ecpclio26Balt\00086) Isaac McKim Free School as of 10/21/90; Maryland Historical Magazine References; John Dorsey re: architecture of School; Poll lists for Congress in Baltimore City Archives; 86//

Ecpclio26Balt\00087) William W Goldsborough; Maryland Line in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865; 1900, reprinted 1983 87//

Ecpclio26Balt\00088) Ira Berlin documents on recruiting of Blacks in Maryland for Union Army in 1863-; description of Baltimore Slave Pen; Birney, problems of racism in southern Maryland See use in 10_149039 88//

Ecpclio26Balt\00089) Baltimore Community College Library: references to Leroy Graham on Baltimore the 19th Century Black Capital, Robert I Vexler, Baltimore a Chronology, Kevin O' Keeffe, Baltimore Politics, 1971- 89// O'Keeffee: pp 34-37, on Louis J Grasmack, Baltimore Lumber dealer, support of George Russell in 1971 for Mayor

Ecpclio26Balt\00090) Sun graphic on Percentage of blacks in Baltimore Councilmanic districts, 10/22/90 90//

Ecpclio26Balt\00091) Official Souvenir Program of the National Democratic Convention, 1912, slides includes views of the fire 91//

Ecpclio26Balt\00092) World's Greatest Calamities The Baltimore Fire and Chicago Theatre Horror by J Hampton Moore and H D Northrop 1904 92//

Ecpclio26Balt\00093) Final Report of the Engineers Appointed to Consider Extensions to the Baltimore City Water Supply Vol II 1920? by Nicholas S Hill, R, James H Fuertes With map 93//

ECPclio26Balt\00094) SUN Almanacs, 1889-1896; 1897-1903; 1910-1915; Also includes Towson almanacs for 1907, 1910, 1913, 1914, 1915; in 26-94-3 94//

Ecpclio26Balt\00095) Graphic of Baltimore's Shrinking size, from Census; includes article by Gene Oishi on his growing up with Japanese American Internment 95//

Ecpclio26Balt\00096) History of the Baltimore Symphony, part 1 from the October 27, 1990 program 96//

Ecpclio26Balt\00097) Articles from Janet Sanders; Robert I Cottom, Jr The Mobtown Chronicls re: riots, Knownothings in Baltimore; articles on the Oblate Sisters (black nuns) and Elizabeth Clovis Lange, riots against 97//

Ecpclio26Balt\00098) Baltimore Harbor from Federal Hill, McKim School taken in October 1990 (slides) 98//

Ecpclio26Balt\00099) Baltimore Messenger for October 31, 1990; Mrs Johns at the hair dressers 99//

Ecpclio26Balt\00100) SUN articles on The Choice Program for Baltimore city by its director, Mark K Shriver; article on longgevity (life expectancy in 1900 was 47; 1988: 75 100//

Ecpclio26Balt\00101) Charles Varle Complete view of Baltimore from Robert Eney; in G 1945 101//

Ecpclio26Balt\00102) Baltimore School Survey, 1920-1921, Volume 1; slides of conditions, map of non-residential areas in Baltimore City 102//

Ecpclio26Balt\00103) 7th Special Report of the Commissioner of Labor, Carroll D Wright The Slums of Baltimore, Chicago , New York, and Philadelphia 1894 26 / 103//

Ecpclio26Balt\00104) Hartzler, Daniel D Marylanders in the Confederacy 1986 For other works by this author see 26-72 research on William H Murray 104//

Ecpclio26Balt\00105) Cushing & Bailey Baltimore Hand Book of Colleges, Schools, Libraries, Museums, Halls, &c 1876 105//

Ecpclio26Balt\00106) Baltimore American for 1865 on the future growth and prospects for Baltimore City after the Civil War See 10_149 for page (editorial) used in class 106//

Ecpclio26Balt\00107) Brown, Frederick J Streets and Slums A sudy in Local Municipal Geography 1892 107//

Ecpclio26Balt\00108) Baltimore Sun, 11/4/1990 on how Baltimore ranks in the business world 108//

Ecpclio26Balt\00109) slide show of Baltimore between 1870s and 1900 with review of early graphics showing the approaches to the City from ca 1750s used with 10_149 109//

Ecpclio26Balt\00110) Old City Watch House (Baltimore), image in 4-757; 110//

Ecpclio26Balt\00111) Mount Vernon Square, John Eager Howard, Washington Monument; materials toward welcoming remarks for Judge Murphy; NMB's research (S1259-121-3035) 111//

Ecpclio26Balt\00112) John Quincy Adams visits to Baltimore, Toast to the Monumental City; Research re: 112//

Ecpclio26Balt\00113) National Star Spangled Banner Centennial Offical Programme and the Story of Baltimore Sept 6 to 13 1914 113//

Ecpclio26Balt\00114) Building Code of Baltimore, 1908, autographed by Thomas Mahool 114//

Ecpclio26Balt\00115) The Baltimore Silhouettes of Auguste Eduarte, 1839-1844 See: 4-767 and S1259-121-3173 115//

Ecpclio26Balt\00116) Dorsey, John Mount Vernon Place An Anecdotal Essay with 66 Illustrations 1983 gift from John 116//

Ecpclio26Balt\00117) O'Keeffe, Kevin Baltimore Politics 1971-1986: The Schaefer Years and the Struggle for Succession Georgetown Monograph in American Studies no 3 1986 117//

Ecpclio26Balt\00118) [References to Barron v Baltimore and Luther Martin in the History of the Supreme Court, OW Holmes devise 1988 118//]

Ecpclio26Balt\00119) Poverty in Baltimore, article in City Paper by Tom Chalkley, photos by Mike McGovern, 12/7 119//

Ecpclio26Balt\00120) Frances Froehlicher analysis of Ted Durr thesis The conscience of A City, re: Balitmore; includes map of area in 1905 and 1896; outlines the slum studied in 1896; Polic Census of 1904; 120//

Ecpclio26Balt\00121) Gift collection SC 2336 maps of Baltimore City (1919, 1916, 1905 of Talbot County 121//

Ecpclio26Balt\00122) Translations of the French Captains, Merchants, Baltimore, 1781, 1783; Jean Baker secured; Elborg Forster translated for me French Counsel, Baltimore 122//

Ecpclio26Balt\00123) Sun Magazine Article on Fells Point, May 19, 1974 123//

Ecpclio26Balt\00124) Paper for ECP on Baltimore City Courts by Sophia L Swope, 1986 124//

Ecpclio26Balt\00125) Methodists in Baltimore, paper for ECP by B J Schaen-Cazer, 1986 125//

Ecpclio26Balt\00126) Street Arabs in Baltimore, an NEH film, 1977 1/

Ecpclio26Balt\00127) Notes on Roland Park, dedication of marker at shopping center Chesnut history of Civic League 127//

Ecpclio26Balt\00128) Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage, 1986 of Roland Park, Baltimore City; History of Homewood in the Hopkins News-Letter, October 10, 1986 128//

Ecpclio26Balt\00129) Councilmanic Districts, changes proposed by Mayor Schmoke, SUN 1/8/91 129//

Ecpclio26Balt\00130) Tim Fallon paper on the origns of Roland Park, filed with 10-149 130//

Ecpclio26Balt\00131) Joseph Clarke MLA on Baltimore political clubs and neighborhood associations; 131//

Ecpclio26Balt\00132) Speech for Judge Murphy, January 30, 1986 on Baltimore in the time of the debate over ratification of the Constitution My draft, Jane McWilliams, notes Barney on the Federalist, 132//

Ecpclio26Balt\00133) Richard Cox on Surveying, Maps, and the Absence of Urban Planning in Baltimore, 1730-1823; checklist of Maps, MdHM 81, no Spring, 1986 133//

Ecpclio26Balt\00134) Paul A Gilje on Le Menu Peuple, in America: Identifying the Mob in the Baltimore Riots of 1812; MdHM 81, 1, Spring, 1986 134//

Ecpclio26Balt\00135) Williams, Harold Baltimore Afire, 4-75, filed here 135//

Ecpclio26Balt\00136) Motley, John The Merchants of Baltimore During the American Revolution; Georgetown seminar, 1969 136//

Ecpclio26Balt\00137) Walker, Paul, two chapters from his book on Baltimore: Conduct of business, 1763-1776; Commercial De velopment, 1776-1783, vita 137//

Ecpclio26Balt\00138) Cassell, Frank A The Structure of Baltimore's Politics in the Age of Jefferson, 1795-1812 from First Conf on Md History and pub in Law Society Politics 138//

Ecpclio26Balt\00139) Browne, Gary Lawson, xeroxes of first chapters in Baltimore in the Nation, 1789-1861 139//

Ecpclio26Balt\00140) Mount Calvery Protestant Episcopal Church, Baltimore City James H Fledderman alienation of affection suit re: 834 Hamilton St 140// notes by ECP and PVM, slides of interior of the House taken ca 1910; (formerly in 17-31) House apparently now owned by Mt Calvary Church See 17-31 for other slides of Civil War soldier involved in a divorce case and other parts of Pat's 1978 presentation [see 121-1765/6] 1765 127Admin 121 1259 Chris City Archives, Police Records for the City of Baltimore 19900127 1 Randy Beirne, a neighbor of mine who teaches Geography at the University of Baltimore, is concerned that the City Archives are no longer available for use by scholars (Tom Hollowak bought Census and and Port record microfilm from NARA that Randy wants his students to use but which has not been accessioned or made available) Jerri Yeager (sp?) at the U of B library special collections (you may have worked with her on the filming of the 29th Division? records, or they at least have a copy of our film) is spear heading an effort to get the Mayor's attention with the objective, I suspect, of getting as much useful material transferred to other libraries She is operating out of that consortium that with Md Humanities published the directory of repositories containing Baltimore City records that was distributed free at the Unlocking the Secrets of Time conference We need to focus on this city problem and offer some viable alternatives Perhaps we should offer to operate the city archives as a state service? (your initial idea) I can call Lee Tawney and get an appointment with the Mayor, but we need to be sure our State bases are covered first A ruse may be trying to get the city police dockets out of the Northern District station basement (Hamden) I called Randy because I wanted to find the police dockets for the police district where the new stadium is to be I suspect that Babe appears in them as well as any incidents at his father's tavern, etc I remembered that Randy once had a student (a cop) who had borrowed a volume from the stack rlating to the one of the districts which Randy had given to the City Archives The rest (covering the years from the 1870s to the present have been accumulated, or at least were accumulated, in the basement of the Northern District station, but he was unsuccessful under Pomerlieu in getting anything done about it Who knows the Census of 1904 manuscript could still be there At any rate, getting some help to get the records through the Governor's office, Bishop Robinson, etc, might be a way to feel out what we can or cannot do with regard to the City archives, a somewhat neutral way to approach Mark Wasserman on the larger subject of the city by asking about something that at first glance seems only related to the area of the new Stadium Let's discuss 1766 111 EdProg 121 1259 Phebe Mount Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, Baltimore City [see 3-6] 19900127 Please let me know what we have on this church (including the HRS files) in the way of records, history, etc Enclosed is a brochure giving a brief history (Shirley, please xerox the attached brochure for Phebe (enlarge it on 11 by 17 paper as much as you can) and give the original back to me)

Ecpclio26Balt\00141) Fells Point, Ethel Eton archaelogical survey, Chase's wharf, 141//

Ecpclio26Balt\00142) O, Donnel, John Language Book, 1784; from his library, now at Peabody 142//

Ecpclio26Balt\00143) Visitor's guide to the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse 143//

Ecpclio26Balt\00144) Aristides and the removal of the Capital to Baltimore, Maryland Gazette, January 1786; Alexander Contee Hanson 144//

Ecpclio26Balt\00145) History of the Lexington Market by David Chilcoat Osborn, 1952, Pennsylvania State College, MA 145//

Ecpclio26Balt\00146) Fells Point historic district, 1985 146//

Ecpclio26Balt\00147) Francis Guy, 1760-1820, catalogue of exhibit, from 4-775 147//

Ecpclio26Balt\00148) 1876/1877 Atlases of Baltimore city and county, 1976-1877, G M Hopkins, from MSA SC 1399-263, 265; 148//

Ecpclio26Balt\00149) Map of Baltimore City, 1919; 1916; Miller Collection, MSA SC 2336 149//

Ecpclio26Balt\00150) Directory of Charitable and Beneficient Organizations, Baltimore 1892 150//

Ecpclio26Balt\00151) The New Charter of Baltimore 1898 151//

Ecpclio26Balt\00152) 1877 Baltimore SUN Almanac for 1877 152//

Ecpclio26Balt\00153) 1937 Directory of Building and Loan Associations of Baltimore, Maryland and Vicinity 1937 153//

Ecpclio26Balt\00154) Bready, James H The Home Team 1984 154//

Ecpclio26Balt\00155) Articles from the SUN re: Baltimore and Beyond; Berger on What Schools don't need is another Revolution; Rascovar on a Confusing Kaleidoscope of Visions; Comment on Sondheim report May-June 91 155//

Ecpclio26Balt\00156) Postcards of Baltimore, ca 1904 and the fire; Bromo Seltzer wagon; 156//

Ecpclio26Balt\00157) Hiss, Tony Annals of Place (Baltimore) New Yorker April 29, 1991 Alger Hiss's son 157//

Ecpclio26Balt\00158) postcard of Sachse Print of Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland ca 1862 Garrisoned by the 129t h Regt NYV Col P A Porter 158//

Ecpclio26Balt\00159) Rosenberg, Rena and A Madorah Donahue The Welfare of Infants of Illegitimate Birth in Baltimore as Affected by a Maryland Law of 1916 U S Department of Labor, 1925 159//

Ecpclio26Balt\00160) Baltimore SUN Almanac for 1878 160//

Ecpclio26Balt\00161) Hirschfeld, Charles Baltimore, 1870-1900: Studies in Social History 1941 (also catalogued as 4-721) 161//

Ecpclio26Balt\00162) Baltimore Gas and Electric Company from 1816-1991 The First 175 Years 162//

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Ecpclio26Balt\00309) Incorporations, 1846 law prohibiting free blacks from incorporating; 309//

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Ecpclio26Balt\00312) East Baltimore, Midway, 1982 1980 RPD 111, Waverly 312//

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Ecpclio26Balt\00337) 1876? Hopkins Atlas of the City, parts of Wards 16, 17, 18, site of new Stadium (ward 16) oversize 337//

Ecpclio26Balt\00338) Contacts at Baltimore CityDept Housing and Community Development,, 417 E Fayette St: Jay McCullough, mapping, 396-4215; Sarah B Buikema, chief research, 396-4250; see Proj 4693-4737 338//

Ecpclio26Balt\00339) for JHU projects using ATLAS GIS (Keith Kaneda, 516-7174; or evalu MAPINFO (Jim Gillespie) 26-222 see 4693-4736; also Wes Westerfield at BRPC, see notes in 26-227 339//

Ecpclio26Balt\00340) Griffith, William Ridgely The Early History of Amateur Baseball in the State of Maryland, 1858-1871 1897 courtesy of Jim Bready, from New York State Library, filmed January 1992 340//

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Ecpclio26Balt\00511) contamination at Allied Chemical Site, Fells Point 511//

Ecpclio26Balt\00512) obit of Raymond Smith, Street a-rab,May 22, 1992 512//

Ecpclio26Balt\00513) graph of median home prices in Baltimore and other major US cities, May 1992 513//

Ecpclio26Balt\00514) 25th Anniversary of Columbia Maryland; Violent Crimes in Maryland, June 14, 1992 SUN 514//

Ecpclio26Balt\00515) grpahic of Bromo Seltzer tower with bottle on top; 515//

Ecpclio26Balt\00516) Gunpowder watershed; county owes city $11; 516//

Ecpclio26Balt\00517) Notes on laughing Last by Tony Hiss; Alger Hiss video; Martin Tytell and typewriters; 517//

Ecpclio26Balt\00518) Owens, Mary C Memories of the Professional and Social Life of John E Owens, by his wife Baltimore: John Murphy & Co, 1892 xerox copy 518//

Ecpclio26Balt\00519) 1896 Bromley Atlas of Baltimore City prints and TIF Files 26 / 519//

Ecpclio26Balt\00520) annual Report of the Health Department of Baltimore City, 1885 520//

Ecpclio26Balt\00521) Study of Public Health and Hospital Services, Baltimore, MD 1931, preliminary draft; Huntington Williams copy 1931 521//

Ecpclio26Balt\00522) Port of Baltimore Handbook, ca 1970s 522//

Ecpclio26Balt\00523) Bramucci Newspaper Guide, Baltimore City, draft 523//

Ecpclio26Balt\00524) Orchard Street Church; Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church; Maryland Historical Trust File; history of the Church by Leroy Graham, July 7, 1977 524//

Ecpclio26Balt\00525) maps of Baltimore City, 1870: includes MSA SC 3937, Otterbein collection of trolley maps, 1872; 1875 Gray's map, ca 1870 with 1871 BC directory, Ward boundary discriptions 525//

Ecpclio26Balt\00526) Research on all known versions of the 15th Amendment posters by Elaine Rice Contains notes on requirements of LC, Peale, MdHS; 5 /

Ecpclio26Balt\00527) Venable, Baetjer & Howard, slides of H Schroeder, Masquerade Ball of Harmony Circle, New Assembly Rooms, March 1st 1866 Lithograph 26 / 527//

Ecpclio26Balt\00528) The Fifteenth Amendment Lithograph by James C Beard NY 1870 Cluster 5, PROJ 5381 Slides, details 528//

Ecpclio26Balt\00529) The REsult of the Fifteenth Amendment Metcalf & Clark, Baltimore 1870 Enoch Pratt, MdHS, Peale slides of Peale; PROJ 5381, cluster 6 529//

Ecpclio26Balt\00530) The Fifteenth Amendment and Its Results E Sachse & Co, Baltimore 1870 Venable, Baetjer & Howard; PROJ 5381, Cluster 7 530//

Ecpclio26Balt\00531) The Result of the Fifteenth Amendment Lithograph by Metcalf & Clark, Baltimore 1870 Peale Museum PROJ 5381, Cluster 8 531//

Ecpclio26Balt\00532) May 19, 1870, Fifteenth Amendment Celebration parade, Baltimore overview, working files; project disk for document packet (PROJ5381); image file inventory; 532//

Ecpclio26Balt\00533) secondary accounts of the 15th Amendment parade, May 19, 1870; Quarles, Foner; images of the the Gilmore House from McCauley, Maryland Historical Prints, p 100; overlay 533//

Ecpclio26Balt\00534) Frederick Douglass papers, correspondence with Peter Hinks, Asst Editor; Eric's help; files re: Douglass's speech in Baltimore on May 19, 1870; Philadelphia celebration; search for NEW ERA account 534//

Ecpclio26Balt\00535) Newspaper accounts of the the May 19th Parade, research in the Baltimore American and the SUN, ecp 12/31/92; SUN, cluster 3, PROJ 5381; AMERICAN, cluster 4; 535//

Ecpclio26Balt\00536) Population of Baltimore City in 1870, with emphasis on wards along the May 19 Parade Route Ward map as of 1870; 536//

Ecpclio26Balt\00537) Isaac Myers; Bettye C Thomas, JNH, LIX, January 1974, on Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company, located on Philpot Street near the entrance of Jones Falls; Black operated; see: 10_211 537//

Ecpclio26Balt\00538) Baltimore Architecture Foundation, Walter Schamu 538//

Ecpclio26Balt\00539) PROJ 6530, conversion of Sherry Olson (26-37) to text and image files for classroom use; Baltimore, 1980 539//

Ecpclio26Balt\00540) Painter who paints from satellite maps: Baltimore #3, 1990 (Spelman Evans Downer) 540//

Ecpclio26Balt\00541) Maryland Historical Trust nominations for the National Register for Baltimore City, 5/31/94 541// St Elizabeth of Hungary, East Baltimore St & Lakewood Ave Shaarei Tfiloh Synagogue, 2001 Liberty Heights Avenue, near Auchentoroly Terrace (plat) Old Goucher area hsitoric district (south Charles Village) Cast Iron Architecture of Baltimore, Maryland 1850-1904 322 West Baltimore Street 409 West Baltimore Street 419 West Baltimore Street 423 West Baltimore Street 412 West Baltimore Street 1025-31 West Mulberry Street 307-309 West Baltimore Street 407 West Baltimore Street 233-35 North Gay Street 26-30 South Howard Street 121 North Howard Street 353 North Gay Street 202-06 West Pratt Street 318 West Redwood Street 414 West Baltimore Street 22-24 South Howard Street 118-120 North Paca Street 509-11 West Lombard Street cites: Dilts, James D and Catharine F Black, editors Baltimore's Cast Iron Buildings and Architectural Ironwork 1991 Kurtze, Peter E, "Commercial Architecture in Baltimore, 1796-1947," 1992

Ecpclio26Balt\00542) Corbett, Christopher Even Death Cannot Restrain Reincarnation-prone H L Mencken SUN 5/1/94 review of Fred Hobson, Mencken: A Life 542//

Ecpclio26Balt\00543) Perlman, Bennard B Eakins and Rowland SUN 4/8/94 543//

Ecpclio26Balt\00544) Leiner, Frederick C The Baltimore Merchant's Warships: Maryland and Patapsco in the Quasi-War wit France MdHM 88, no 3, Fall 1993 544// shipyards in 1790s: William Price, Fell's Point: MARYLAND 114 foot sloop, 3 June 1799 Louis de Rochbrune, Fell's Point, Chesapeake, renamed Patapsco, Jue 20, 1799, Constellation two years before

Ecpclio26Balt\00545) Hunter, Stephen Urban Renewal Story about screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper 3/13/94 545//

Ecpclio26Balt\00546) McGuire, Patrick That Winning Season article on Baltimore Orioles, 1894, first pennant SUN Magazine, 4/3/94 546//

Ecpclio26Balt\00547) The Josephites, A Century of Evangelization in the African American Community, 1893-1993 Oblate sisters, Baltimore 547//

Ecpclio26Balt\00548) Surgeon's Secret Before he found glory at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr William Stewart Halsted fought a drug addiction that nearly ruined his Brilliant Career SUN Magazine, 1/30/94; cocaine 548// by Scott Shane Includes references to Grand Jury reports in 1903 & 1906 re: Drug trade Check Welch? Call Shane?

Ecpclio26Balt\00549) Koessler, Till Beyuond Class? Civic Idnetity and Baltimore's Volunteer Firemen in the antebellum Er a, 1832-1858 4/6/94 seminar paper 26 / 549//

Ecpclio26Balt\00550) Gleason, T J Tracing the Ownership of Property in Baltimore City: A Beginner's Guide 1970 copy of Kitty Black's 550//

Ecpclio26Balt\00551) Wood, Gordon Review of books on American Captialism (Kulikoff, Friedenberg, Clark, Winifred Barr Rothenberg, Henretta) "Inventing American Capitalism", NYRB, June 9 551// uses an 1830s illustration that may be of Baltimore and does not seem to be an Elm under which Penn signed the treaty with the Indians called Pablo Conrad, 2121-757-8070 re: origins of the print and to ask if it is mis-captioned Article is mostly about the validity of Winifred Barr Rothenberg's thesis re: the critical years, 1780s when American Capitalism begins in earnest in the countryside George Lehaman Engraving, 1830s Conrad says the print is from 2 centuries of Prints, Wintertur Museum, U Press of Va, 1987, says its is from a portfolio of the City of Philadelphia and taken from an early view by John James Barrolete? See 1811 view of Baltimore from McCauley, p 7, 4-1429; that is taken from six views of American cities in 1811, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, and Richmond

Ecpclio26Balt\00552) Notes on Religion in Baltimore, overlays from Terry D Bilhartz, Urban Religion and the Second Great Awakening Church ane Society in Early National Baltimore 1986 552//

Ecpclio26Balt\00553) Jacob Gruber and Baltimore (at Sharp Street? Methodist Church, 1814): Bilhhartz, p 153 Roger Brooke Taney defends him, 1818; Taney on Slavery 553//

Ecpclio26Balt\00554) James Preston and the Municipal Anthem of Baltimore, 1915; SUN 6/21/94 554//

Ecpclio26Balt\00555) Dilts, James D & Catharine F Black, eds Baltimore's Cast-Iron Buildings & Architectural Ironwork 555//

Ecpclio26Balt\00556) views of Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, and Richmond ca 1811 by J L Boqueta de Woiseri; New York Historical Society 556// ordered b&w & slides of the views from NYPL, 1-212-930-0817; Mary Glover, very helpful also asked her about the George Lehman print in NYRB, June 9 (see 26-551)

Ecpclio26Balt\00557) Allied Chemical, Isaac Tyson, Isaac McKim, Alum and Chrome Manufacture in Baltimore, 1820s-1840s 557//

Ecpclio26Balt\00558) Frederick Douglass memories of Austin Woolfolk (May 19, 1870); city directory entries, overlays; Slave Pen on Pratt, 1863; Woolfolk's address is in West Baltimore at intersect of Fremont & Pratt 558// 1859 (1860 directory): B M & W L Campbell, Slave Dealers, 282 w Pratt Wilson & Hindes, (Slave Dealers,) 11 Camden

Ecpclio26Balt\00559) View of Baltimore Harbor from Federal Hill, 1861-1865; See Warren, 4-2267 for full view 559//

Ecpclio26Balt\00560) notes and overlays of maps from James Weston Livingood, The Philadelphia-Baltimore Trade Rivalry, 1780-1860 1947 560//

Ecpclio26Balt\00561) Overlay from cover of Libby, from Slavery to Salvation 1994 See 4-2861 561// <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 40 Transitional//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/45b1 [en] (Win95; I) [Netscape]"> <TITLE>00562</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> | NOTES (ecp\Ecpclio26Balt\00562)  June 30, 1997  Database: 26Balt De Toqueville on Baltimore, 1831; interviews with Latrobe, Cranche, Charles Carroll, James Carroll and James Carroll; from Pierson 562//

Ecpclio26Balt\00563) Charles Dickens on Baltimore, 1842 563//

Ecpclio26Balt\00564) Mrs Frances Trollope on Baltimore, 1832 overlay of image of Methodist preacher 564//

Ecpclio26Balt\00565) Overlays form the 1870s trolley map of Baltimore 565//

Ecpclio26Balt\00566) obituary of Mrs Ogden Nash, ne Frances Rider Leonard, granddaughter of Elihu Jackson Governor 1888-1892, Democrat SUN 6/17/94 566 //

Ecpclio26Balt\00567) Panhandling in Baltimore, SUN 6/17/94; Woman to whom I gave change the night I got David's tickets to Montreal; 567//

Ecpclio26Balt\00568) Uekoetter, Frank "A Monstrous Nuisance": Smoke in Baltimore, 1900-1932 4/6/94 568//

Ecpclio26Balt\00569) Political Culture, Medical Culture: How Emancipation shaped gilded-age Tuberculosis Katherine Ott Papers, 13 April 1994 569//

Ecpclio26Balt\00570) Handout on the Political and Human Geography of Baltimore City, 1729-1992; boundary maps, overlays; census districts, tracts; housing units by centus tract, 1990 570//

Ecpclio26Balt\00571) overlay of poem published in the April 19, 1861 Republican (Democratic Newspaper) re: Massachusetts troops in Baltimore; Soldier writing home (Evergreen collection); trans of Wm H Murray letter 571// 1st battle of Bull Run, 7/61; former member of the Baltimore City Guard used to put down domestic violence in the city? also map showing secession, 1860-1861

Ecpclio26Balt\00572) J T Headley, The Great Rebellion (4-2497), 1863; on April 19 in Baltimore; overlay of engraving of Massachussetts 6th embattled in Baltimore; 572//

Ecpclio26Balt\00573) SUN, 6/25/94 article on Supreme Court Case, 5/4 re issue of city taking land for bike path; 5th Amendment rights; 573//

Ecpclio26Balt\00574) Baltimore: the Typical Town SUN, June 29, 1994 From American Demographics, market reserarch 574//

Ecpclio26Balt\00575) Memory Still Smolders, July 4, 1944 fire at Oriole Park, 300 block 29th Street SUN, 7/4/94; Jacques Kelly 575//

Ecpclio26Balt\00576) Barry Levinson, Avalon; "Monder dayAvalons" from Wasington jewish Week, July 14, 1994 Park Heights; 576//

Ecpclio26Balt\00577) Charter reform; growth in Representation; population and wealth, to 1918 (est) 577//

Ecpclio26Balt\00578) Tom Duke, student of Chip Adomanis, for multicutlural credit; JHU MAT program; analysis of documents in the Murray Case ({PROJ1844); disk also contains remarks in St Mary's; Md Day 1994 578//

Ecpclio26Balt\00579) Glazier, Captain Willard Peculiarities of American Cities [including Baltimore] 1885 579//

Ecpclio26Balt\00580) SUN 9/1/94 on Back River sewage treatment plant 580//

Ecpclio26Balt\00581) The Baltimore Railroad Strike & Riot of 1877 PROJ 1797 document packet overview, background material 581//

Ecpclio26Balt\00582) William R Johnson, "Chanting Choristers": Simultaneous Recitation in Baltimore's Nineteenth-Century Primary Schools; History of Education Quarterly Vol 34, no 1, Spring 1994; Joseph Lancaster 582//

Ecpclio26Balt\00583) Laurel Cemetary from David Taft-Terry; burial ground for Baltimore USCT; 583//

Ecpclio26Balt\00584) PROJ 1844; Document Packet relating to Donald Gaines Murray; creation of a CD with Common Ground; reference copy of David Skillen Bogen, MdHM, Spring 1989; The first Integration of the University of 584// Maryland Law School; also includes document packet on Thurgood Marshall for commisson on the Statue

Ecpclio26Balt\00585) Savings Bank of Baltimore and Metropolitan Bank of Bethesda; records, history; student file of Dr Robert Thon, Jr, President in 1968; Phd graduate of Johns Hopkins; mutual savings banks thesis 585//

Ecpclio26Balt\00586) A Complete Street Guide to Baltimore with alrge Street Map; All streets; Geographia Map Co distributed by the Baltimore News Company; 586//

Ecpclio26Balt\00587) Fleiter, Andreas Project on Prisoner Aid Societies in Maryland; Goldsborough Griffith; Proj 7408 587//

Ecpclio26Balt\00588) First Colored Female Hedding Association of Baltimore from Savings Bank of Baltimore accounts, from 1835 Elizabeth and Ann Fortie 588 //

Ecpclio26Balt\00589) Savings Bank of Baltimore, history, etc Proj 6442 589//

Ecpclio26Balt\00590) Houses in Stony Run Park; Cedar Grove, Randall home; originally Ridgely; MHT nomination for the Register; 590//

Ecpclio26Balt\00591) Notes from the Peabody copy of Dacus, Hon J A Phd, Late of the Editorial Staff of the St Louis Republican Annals of the Great Strikes in the United States 1877 B & O strike; 591// attempts to establish a communist conspiracy by looking at commune rallies eg Workingman's Party

Ecpclio26Balt\00592) The Firemen's Record, 1911 (re: Baltimore Fire of 1904) by J Albert Cassedy, Firemen's Relief Association of the Baltimore City Fire Department good photos; xeroxes ok 592//

Ecpclio26Balt\00593) Gazette of JHU on Dorothy Reed, graduate of the Medical School (there in 1896) Mary Packard first graduate Article about several women who graduated from the Hospital: "Pioneers of Excellence 593//

Ecpclio26Balt\00594) 1896 Orioles, SUN 1996/07/09 594//

Ecpclio26Balt\00595) Mayor's message re: budget, 1996/1997 (Schmoke) 595//

Ecpclio26Balt\00596) Timothy B Wheeler, SUN 8/6/96, on toxic waste in Baltimore Harbor; excellent map of harbor "Reversing history of toxic pollution" 596//

Ecpclio26Balt\00597) Rubin, Gary The Politics of Sanitary Engineering: Abel Wolman and the Maryland State Health Departm ent, 1915-1939; 1996 seminar paper, JHU 597//

Ecpclio26Balt\00598) Office holding in Baltimore City and County; petition 1751 for townhall and markethouse, signatures, 598//

Ecpclio26Balt\00599) Jacques Kelly on train tunnels under Howard Street; SUN 7/8/96 599//

Ecpclio26Balt\00600) Program for conference on 250 years of Baltimore History; 11/96 Making Diversity Work 600//

Ecpclio26Balt\00601) Josh Civin: The cost of Joining: The Maryland Abolition Society, its Successors, and the Meaning of Voluntary Association, 1789-1819 [in Baltimore] History Senior Essay, Yale; David Brion Davis advis 601//

Ecpclio26Balt\00602) jhu seminar paper, Stevewn Whitman: Diverse Good Causes: Manumission and the Tranformation of Slavery in Baltimore 10/30/93 602//

Ecpclio26Balt\00603) 1870 ratification of 15th amendment parade route taken by summer 95 interns; proj 5381; Agnes Callum 603//

Ecpclio26Balt\00604) Baltimore Population down, 691,131 SUN 3/8/96; also article on Scopes and Tennesee 604//

Ecpclio26Balt\00605) Richmond Williams appraisal of the Savings Bank of Baltimore records; guide to Delaware historical collections; 12/11/95 605//

Ecpclio26Balt\00606) view of Newton University on Taylor map of Baltimore County, 1857; 606//

Ecpclio26Balt\00607) image of Congress in Baltimore in 1776 from Sue Greene 607 //

Ecpclio26Balt\00608) Dalkit Baranoff, A Policy of Cooperation: Risk Reduction and the Fire Insurance Industry in Baltimor 1882-1904, JHU seminar, 4/1996 608//

Ecpclio26Balt\00609) Lafayette Court demolition controversy, SUN 11/14/95; restoring corner houses, developer Jeff Lymas a believer in the city 609//

Ecpclio26Balt\00610) Lippman on Rusk assessment of moving poor out of city, critique of SUN 11/16/95 610//

Ecpclio26Balt\00611) housing Baltimore City and other poor in Baltimore County (Rusk idea) article in SUN 10/30/95 611//

Ecpclio26Balt\00612) photographs of house in alienation of affection suit, early 20th century near Mt Calvary Church negatives; 1/1990 612//

Ecpclio26Balt\00613) articles on John Wilkes Booth grave in Greenmount Cemetary, efforts exhume him SUN 1995 613//

Ecpclio26Balt\00614) tif of Newton University 614//

Ecpclio26Balt\00615) Randy Burkett re: Dorothy Parker Wesley; 1827 Baltimore imprint of African American hymn book an African American, Lewis George Wells; 615//

Ecpclio26Balt\00616) SUN article on outflow of whites from City rivaling that of 70s, 9/7/96; by James Bock 616//

Ecpclio26Balt\00617) Jacques Kelly on Isaac Tyson, Jr Chromium pioneer SUN 9/7/96 617//

Ecpclio26Balt\00618) SUN article on 1886 Book by Frederic Harrison; by Ernest F Imhoff; Thoughts for a darkened century; 618//

Ecpclio26Balt\00619) The Stranger's Guide through the City of Baltimore published by Fielding Lucas, Jr ca 1827? map and accompanying text re: sights; 66 sites identified including Davidge Hall of U of MD 619// asked to date and explore provenance re: U of Md quote that hall is part of larger plan

Ecpclio26Balt\00620) Report on Street Railway Routing and Improvement of Traffic Conditions in the City of Baltimore to the Traffic Survey Commission of Baltimore; Kelker, De Leuw & Company, 1926 620//

Ecpclio26Balt\00621) McCready vs Byrd proj 1844, Murray packet Case involving first black woman admited to U of Md school of nursing 1949/1950 Court of Appeals of Maryland oral history; 621//

Ecpclio26Balt\00622) Railroad map showing connections between Washington and New York, Published in NY in 1837 Original owned by Laurence? Claggett on loan to the archives for copying detail of Baltimore/Annapolis tif 622/ /

Ecpclio26Balt\00623) Jane McWilliams research on James Cordery, Fells Point shipbuilder, lunatic by 1820; complete inventory of his trade; published in Thomas G Gillmer, Pride of Baltimore Clippers 1992 623//

Ecpclio26Balt\00624) maps of downtown Baltimore and surrounding region from phonebook Used in class to place Varle map of ca 1799 624//

Ecpclio26Balt\00625) Baltimore City Directories, file number for those on film and those borrowed from JHU library; film includes: 1871; 1887; 1891 625//

Ecpclio26Balt\00626) Isaac Myers shipyard (Chesapeake Marine Rail Way & Dry Dock Co) ca 1868; Sachse print; on Philpot Street at the foot of Point Street in Fells Point Close to Cordery shipyard of 1820? 6/

Ecpclio26Balt\00627) Bromley Atlas (1896) and McNair collection of topo survey, 1890s of Baltimore City; proj 5374; images range from M00000Htif see list; also print of index in 26-519; also Proj 6106 Hopkins 627//

Ecpclio26Balt\00628) Making Diversity Work: 250 years of Baltimore History, conference November 15/16 1996 University of Baltimore Panel with former mayors? 628//

Ecpclio26Balt\00629) Nichol, A J Oyster Packing Industry of Baltimore 1937 629//

Ecpclio26Balt\00630) Supreme Court opinion in the case of Robert Mack Bell et al v State of Maryland June 22 1964 Justice Brennan delivered the opinion of the Court no 12 october term 1963 For Baltimore Burning 630//

Ecpclio26Balt\00631) Marc Steiner interview with Frank Shivers, 10/10/96 re: his work on Baltimore 631//

Ecpclio26Balt\00632) photographs of James H Lewis (1881-1960) Fells Point photographer; collection now at the City Life Museums (Peale) 632//

Ecpclio26Balt\00633) Baltimore ranked 12th most livable city by Fortune magazine, November 11 issue; SUN 10/22/96 633//

Ecpclio26Balt\00634) Development projects along Baltimore's inner harbor: SUN 10/27/96 634//

Ecpclio26Balt\00635) SUN on fading era of washing marble steps of Baltimore 10/27/96 635//

Ecpclio26Balt\00636) photograph of Sparrows point in 1993 with comment on decline in jobs; also articles on Robert Mack Bell's appointment to the Court of Appeals; 30,000 down to 5,000 people employed at Beth Steel 636//

Ecpclio26Balt\00637) Private tax zones in the city; further elimination of jobs at Sparrows Point, Bethlehem Steel 10/31/96 SUN 637//

Ecpclio26Balt\00638) Sun Almanacs for 1896, 1897, 1902-1904 Present from Edith and Emily Johns 1896 contains articles Electric railway to Hampden (1st?); Tunnel to Camden frm Bolton Hill, cost; parks of Baltimore; 638//

Ecpclio26Balt\00639) Sparrows Point Shipyard: Twilight SUN 1/19/97 map, photos 26 / 639//

Ecpclio26Balt\00640) Baltimore City Directories Collection, M 2330, 1881, MSA SC 2898 640//

Ecpclio26Balt\00641) SUN 1/1/97 on 1797 Baltimore by Dan Fesperman; graphics for class 641//

Ecpclio26Balt\00642) railroad map of Baltimore City, 1915 642//

Ecpclio26Balt\00643) photographs of Baltimore from 1890 to 1929 from MSA collections, calendar done by Marion Warren from MSA SC 1890; MSA 2167; MSA SC 1477 643//

Ecpclio26Balt\00644) Baltimore's Historic Sites brochure; slides of Charles Carroll Barrister and Margaret Tilghman; post card of Mt Clare; 644//

Ecpclio26Balt\00645) Arabber Preservation Society 645//

Ecpclio26Balt\00646) SUN re: Mary Ellen Hayward and preservation of Alley Houses 2/15/97 646//

Ecpclio26Balt\00647) Baltimore Architecture Foundation, newsletter, Winter 1996 647//

Ecpclio26Balt\00648) Trust for Public Land; Gwynn's Falls park in BC; Los Angeles, 96/11/20 648//

Ecpclio26Balt\00649) PROJ 4620; copies of maps and chartes in the packet: Political and Human Geography of Baltimore City 649//

Ecpclio26Balt\00650) images of the Port of Baltimore, 1918 650//

Ecpclio26Balt\00651) SUN on proposed sale of Glendy Cemetary, Est Baltimore ( Broadway and Gay) 96/11/21 651//

Ecpclio26Balt\00652) 1915/12/17 James Preston, Mayor, BC to Dr Frank J Goodnow, Chairman of Economy& Efficiency Commission 652//

Ecpclio26Balt\00653) Interview on Mark Steiner with David Rusk, author of Baltimore Unbound; tape and copy of book; 11/95 653//

Ecpclio26Balt\00654) Jim Lewis photographs of East Baltimore, ca 1911 SUN 97/01/15 654//

Ecpclio26Balt\00655) Christopher Phillips; Freedom's Port: The African American Community of Baltimore, 1790-1860 address and phone: 216-561-8775 655//

Ecpclio26Balt\00656) Elizabeth Schaaf's revisions to a guide to Baltimore repositories provided 1/96 656//

Ecpclio26Balt\00657) The Baltimore Book published for the Democratic National Convention, 1912 Jay Parker's copy 657//

Ecpclio26Balt\00658) Longstreth, Richard, comp A Bibliography of the Built Environment in Baltimore and Maryland From the Newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians, 2/97 XLI #1; 658//

Ecpclio26Balt\00659) Nancy Bramucci's and ECP's research files on the History of the University of Maryland Medical School 659//

Ecpclio26Balt\00660) population of Baltimore City; SUN on populaton loss, 3/21/97; 1920 census table; project file for classroom use of tables, boundary maps of city 660//

Ecpclio26Balt\00661) Baltimore City Directory 1837-38 Matchett's 661//

Ecpclio26Balt\00662) Baltimore City Directory 1835-36 R J Matchett 662//

Ecpclio26Balt\00663) Solomon Etting silhouette 663//

Ecpclio26Balt\00664) lithotgraph of Mount Vernon Square, 1848, from Odyssey catalogue, unattributed, but probably from th e Maryland Historical Society, color 664//

Ecpclio26Balt\00665) Style Magazine, March/April 1997 with timeline of style in Baltimore over the past 200 years, article on Dennis Fiori; Hampton Mansion, Baltimore County; 665//

Ecpclio26Balt\00666) Baltimore Firsts, article on work of Helen Der, Polytechnic Institute, SUN 9/1/97 666//

Ecpclio26Balt\00667) Baltimore Railroad Strike and Riot of 1877, document packet</A> 667//

Ecpclio26Balt\00668) Senate Document 57th Congress, 2nd Session, Document #209; Federal Aid in Domestic Disturbances, 1787-1903 GPO 1903 668//

Ecpclio26Balt\00669) Pratt Library vertical file on strike and riot of July 1877, including article by Carlton Jones, Jul y 1977 SUN Magazine; Leslie's Weekly, Harper's weekly, eye witness account, 669//

Ecpclio26Balt\00670) Gray's map of Baltimore, 1876 and charity map showing police districts 670//

Ecpclio26Balt\00671) Barry Papers, Maryland Historical Society consisting of telegrams concerning the strike and riot of 1877, courtesy of Scott Sheads, Ft McHenry and Nancy Bramucci 671//

Ecpclio26Balt\00672) Thon, Robert W, Jr Mutual Savings Banks in Balimore, 1935 Xeroxed excerpts from 672//

Ecpclio26Balt\00673) Baltimore: Past, Present, and Future, Trends and Projections February, 1997, Charles C Graves III, director of Planning 673//

Ecpclio26Balt\00674) article in SUN, 5/18/97 on Matchett directories of the city 26 / 674//

Ecpclio26Balt\00675) discussions with Josh Civin re: thesis at Oxford on Liverpool and Baltimore, collective biographical study of key people; Walker-Howe study of the American Individual; Notions of self; secret society 675//

Ecpclio26Balt\00676) Hanger, G W W Housing of the Working People in the United States by Employers Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Volume IX-1904 1904 pp 1191-1243 Pages on Sparrows Point scanned 676//

Ecpclio26Balt\00677) Hanger, G W W Public Baths in the United States Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Volume IX- 190 4 1904 Department of Commerce and Labor pp 1272-1275 on Baltimore 677//

Ecpclio26Balt\00678) Baltimore Free Public Bath Commission Seventeenth-Eighteenth, 26th-35th annual reports Baltimor e, 1912-1930 JHU copy See scans 678//

Ecpclio26Balt\00679) Josh Civin Directory Project (conversion of directories to image files 679//

Ecpclio26Balt\00680) Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Annual Reports of the Board of Park Commissioners, Baltimore Maryland 1903-1904 680// for accounting see: 15-885-3

Ecpclio26Balt\00681) obit for Arthur G Mansberger Sr, 103, from 1/12/99 SUN; salvaged receipts from City Archives 681//

Ecpclio26Balt\00682) Rasmussen, Mencken feted defeated politician (Alf Landon), December 19, 1936 SUN 10/24/98; also article on Harding as first president with negro blood;

Ecpclio26Balt\00683 Robert F Hayes, Jr Notes on History, Hampden-Woodberry, nos 1-4, ca 1940; Fred'k Brown on opening of McCulloh Street, 1893; 1935 Recreation and Parks, Report on Colored People; 683// also includes History of the Hagerstown Bank

Ecpclio26Balt\00684) images of African Americans ca 1860 from Smithsonian Magazine, November 1999, taken from Jackie Napoleam Wilson, Hidden Witness: African-American Images from the Dawn of Photography to the Civil 684// War article by Angela Pleasants Contains daguerreotype? of black woman in front of Baltimore backdrop who I think is Elizabeth Keckley, seamstress to Mrs Jefferson Davis and Mary Todd Lincoln also contains disk of images from EBAY relating to Annapolis, Maryland GAR (Grand Army of the Republic), and Aaron Burr Mr Wayne R Schaumburg 3910 Klausmier Road Baltimore, Maryland 21236 Dear Wayne: Many thanks for the reference to the Confederate soldier buried in the Gittings vault (American 2/16/1896) I was particularly interested in the reception committee of former Confederates, then in Baltimore: Colston, Booth, Stonebraker, Blundon, Savage, Wheeler, Boone, and Major W Steuart Symington We very much enjoyed the tour and hope to come back for another one of these days You mentioned that you knew of someone working on a biography of Betsy Patterson My neighbor is thinking about translating a French work on her and was interested in what recent biographical work was underway I couldn't remember the woman you told us about Could you refresh my memory?

Ecpclio26Balt\00685 Recreation Pier research; argument that there are urban wetlands under the pier, thus higher taxes. Opposed by Warren Rich, former assistant attorney general assigned to DNR.

Ecpclio26Balt\00686) The Baltimore Book, 1916 686//