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ecpclio10_lect_00001 Annapolis History: see Slides and Annap for research notes. . 1

ecpclio10_lect_00002 Approaches to Genealogy: The Randalls and the Butlers. See (Geneal for notes; includes overlays. Conference on Maryland History essay. 2

ecpclio10_lect_00003 Charles Willson Peale: See (Slides ; notes (Peale ; version given at 18th Century studies conf at Naval Academy in Oct 1984 and as part of the lectures on Md & the Constit; 23/85. 3

ecpclio10_lect_00004 Charter- Houghton Manuscript. See (Slides for primarily watermark material; includes overlays, var drafts: see text, 10-0004; contains bibliog of watermarks; Baltimore Bibliophiles 'illusive'. 4

ecpclio10_lect_00005 Estate Administration in Two Worlds: with R. Forster; published in Italy. Re: Carroll and Depont. . 5

ecpclio10_lect_00006 Exploring 350 Years of Maryland History: Class at Hopkins, Fall Term 1984; also files re: students Boulton, Darrell, Kameen, Lehnert, Short, Stefansson, Willson. Plagiarism lecture, sources.. 6

ecpclio10_lect_00007 History through Photographs: original version of essay published in Warren and Warren, Maryland Time Exposures exhibit, extra catalogues. 7

ecpclio10_lect_00008 Archives-Maryland: standard introductory lecture;NHPRC meetings 11-12/1984;Balt Bibs 5/85 sel docs;Washington, Franklin, Nuttall, Relation of Md Philip Calvert;Federal Hill Pub;Carroll;Amend. 8

ecpclio10_lect_00009 Methods of Historical Research: class at University of Maryland, Fall Term, 1984. Outline; handout; "Paca" document; methods 601; class files;. 9

ecpclio10_lect_00010 Ratification of the Treaty of Paris. See (Slides ; notes (Ratif and MdHR G 1556; 1584; . 10

ecpclio10_lect_00011 Great Planters of Maryland of the 18th Century: with Robert Forster. Published in French in the Annales; see notes in LHP; see 10-61 for disk; later annotations;. 11

ecpclio10_lect_00012 Historiography of Early Maryland: From Avocation to Occupation. Lecture at the Peabody, Carr Conferences. cat of exhibit on Founding of Md see also 10-82. 12

ecpclio10_lect_00013 House on Francis Street. Includes overlays; see notes in ecp-23-.

ecpclio10_lect_00014 Maryland General Assembly in St. Mary's: a script from the records. . 14

ecpclio10_lect_00015 Where is Watkins Point? See (Slides ; notes (Maps , includes extra slides; earlier drafts. . 15

ecpclio10_lect_00016 Md-Court Clerks' Association, speech on Bicentennial of the Constitution; based upon D.A.R. speech; . 16

ecpclio10_lect_00017 Maryland & the Constitution-09/11/85; Bruchey's review of Ferguson Power of the Purse; enlarged copy of my intro to Decisive Blow is Struck; gave Treaty of Paris Lect; gave out Declaration of Rights;. 17

ecpclio10_lect_00018 Maryland & the Constitution-09/18/85; typescript of Legislative Response to a costly war; . 18

ecpclio10_lect_00019 Maryland & the Constitution-09/25/85; finish legis response; look at setting for writing constit at local level; Dumbauld on bill of rights(see: 6-133 ; recap. 19

ecpclio10_lect_00020 Maryland & the Constitution-02/85; Jim Hutson article on historiography "The Creation of the Cons :Scholarship at a Standstill;" population, setting, 1787;. 20

ecpclio10_lect_00021 Maryland & the Constitution-09/85; discuss Hutson; Governing elite of Md; Copy of Forster/Papen on "Les Grand Planteurs"; emphasis on what constit constituencies and who led them (see:10-61 . 21

ecpclio10_lect_00022 Maryland & the Constitution-16/85 gave an Undelivered Defense of a Winning Cause (Carroll and discussed the opposition that developed to the Const in context of the Carrolls; J. F. Mercer. 22

ecpclio10_lect_00023 Maryland & the Constitution-23/85; Images of a Generation: Charles Willson Peales portraits of the elite; society in 1780s; 90s. 23

ecpclio10_lect_00024 Maryland & the Constitution-30/85; Edward Lloyd IV, Russo paper 5-34; Madison on the Opposition? . 24

ecpclio10_lect_00025 Maryland & the Constitution-11/06/85; Newspaper Debate; literacy . 25

ecpclio10_lect_00026 Maryland & the Constitution-11/13/85 Newspaper Debate; literacy, cont'd; Paca, Paca Amendments; oppo to Const. 26

ecpclio10_lect_00027 Maryland & the Constitution-11/20/85 Hambdem/Civis debate: for real or elaborate put on? BMG Spring 1788; Charles Beard and the Constitution.. 27

ecpclio10_lect_00028 Maryland & the Constitution-11/27/85 Jackson Turner Main, Norman Risjord on the Constitution. Review of Risjord I wrote for the Maryland Historian.. 28

ecpclio10_lect_00029 Annapolis Convention: lecture to the Hammond Harwood House guides, includes tape; slides-Graph002 . 29

ecpclio10_lect_00030 Maryland & the Constitution-09/86 Completing the Revolution in Maryland, COMPLREV; outline; class roster; sign in sheets from course. 30

ecpclio10_lect_00031 Maryland & the Constitution-09/17/86 Coping with Independence as "Free, Sovereign and Ind States (Bibliog due, bk repts selected ; Boorstin on Colonial Voting; Kumpa on Right to vote; COMABSTR. 31

ecpclio10_lect_00032 Maryland & the Constitution-09/24/86 Maryland and the Nation, 1776-1787 (Annapolis Convention lect . 32

ecpclio10_lect_00033 Maryland & the Constitution-01/86 The local political Context (Forster/Papenfuse on Planter Merch . 33

ecpclio10_lect_00034 Maryland & the Constitution-08/86 Secret Proceedings in Philadelphia: What the Founding Fathers Recommended; Supporters of a Winning Cause and the Organizers of Opposition, a Profile.. 34

ecpclio10_lect_00035 Maryland & the Constitution-15/86, finish Hutson, problem of size, setting the stage for debate bulk of lecture now in 10-83. 35

ecpclio10_lect_00036 Maryland & the Constitution-22/86 . 36

ecpclio10_lect_00037 Maryland & the Constitution-29/86 . 37

ecpclio10_lect_00038 Maryland & the Constitution-11/05/86 To Amend or not to Amend? Dumbauld: 6-133 rev of the nature & degree of anti-Fed sentiment as expr in the newspap; Dumbauld; Md Ratif Conven. 38

ecpclio10_lect_00039 Maryland & the Constitution-11/12/86 Review of Amendment process; Dumbauld 6-133; Sun article, Meese . 39

ecpclio10_lect_00040 Maryland & the Constitution-11/19/86 Hutson: Scholarship at a Standstill; review Wood; Beard on Cons . 40

ecpclio10_lect_00041 Maryland & the Constitution-11/26/86; class not held Maryland and the port town model: see 10note.byb. 41

ecpclio10_lect_00042 Maryland & the Constitution-12/03/86 . 42

ecpclio10_lect_00043 Maryland & the Constitution-12/86 . 43

ecpclio10_lect_00044 Annapolis Connection Md Humanities Conference 09/13/86; COMPLREV, COMABSTR; Ridgeway, Whit, Conver of the Anti-Federalists; Civiletti, Luncheon remarks; see 10(Lect 30and 10(Lect 31 for final vers. 44

ecpclio10_lect_00045 Maps and Mapping lectures for minimester at Goucher, outline includes draft of preface to Hammond Harwood Atlas; Dennis Griffith section. 45

ecpclio10_lect_00046 Maryland and the Constitution, conference at Washington College, June 25-27, 1986; . 46

ecpclio10_lect_00047 JHU Urban Development: Lect on Peale, Charles Willson . 47

ecpclio10_lect_00048 See 10(Lect 71 The First Newspaper Debates, 1782-1786, includes Eden letter 1775; Carroll's speech con moving capital;Aristides Consid, 03/1786; Mercer's Candid Appeal; Vaughn Diary. 48

ecpclio10_lect_00049 Maryland and the Constitution-12/04/85 ;12/11/85, class roster, final grades; notes on debates . 49

ecpclio10_lect_00050 Maryland and the Constitution-12/04/85 ;12/11/85, class roster, final grades; notes on debates . 50

ecpclio10_lect_00051 Democracy and the Constitution: Bringing the Nation Together; JHU "Community Conversations" Semin Dea Kline, Director of Community Affairs, JHU. 51

ecpclio10_lect_00052 Northern Virginia Studies Conference, comments: papers by Ireland, Schweitzer, Whealy on The Market The Potomac Region Before the Constitution, at Mt. Vernon, organized by Jean H. Braden. 52

ecpclio10_lect_00053 JHU Urban Development Course, 10.436, Spring 1986; Roster, Syllabus, Grades . 53

ecpclio10_lect_00054 JHU Urban Development Course, 10.436, Spring 1986; Roster, Syllabus, Midterm, class bios . 54

ecpclio10_lect_00055 JHU Courses, 1985-86; 1986-87: 464.428 and 464-436, Contract, administrative details; Reserve list . 55

ecpclio10_lect_00056 JHU Urban Development: 428/436 admin matters, 1986/87 catalogue . 56

ecpclio10_lect_00057 JHU Urban Development: tapes of some of the lectures . 57

ecpclio10_lect_00058 JHU Urban Development: Spring Semester 87 administrative details . 58

ecpclio10_lect_00059 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 1, "Urban Development in North America before 1800: Jacob Price's Mod el of Port Towns. 59

ecpclio10_lect_00060 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 2, "Maryland and the Port Town Model" . 60

ecpclio10_lect_00061 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 3 "Urbanization and the Planter Elite in 18th Century Maryland: Reluc tant Participants (Annales reprints ; Forster/Papenfuse; see 10-11. 61

ecpclio10_lect_00062 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 4, "Annapolis: Stages of Development" has Garrett, Carroll probate . 62

ecpclio10_lect_00063 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 5, "Consumption Patterns and their Relation to Urban Growth and Devel opment; Carr/Walsh thesis. 63

ecpclio10_lect_00064 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 6, "The Role of the Entrepreneur in Urban Development as seen in the Decline of Annapolis" intro central place theory; . 64

ecpclio10_lect_00065 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 7, "Using Archives: Tour of New Archives and discussion of Papers" . 65

ecpclio10_lect_00066 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 8, "Town Development in the Hinterland: The Rise of Frederick: Mid-terms due;. 66

ecpclio10_lect_00067 JHU Urban Development: Hist 436 Administrative Files class lists, handouts, outlines, papers chapters from Browne, Olson, Reps re Balt. 67

ecpclio10_lect_00068 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 10, "The Origins and Rise of Baltimore: The Pre-Revolutionary Phase" . 68

ecpclio10_lect_00069 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 11, "The Origins and Rise of Baltimore: The Course of Revolution and the Emergence of a Tidewater City". 69

ecpclio10_lect_00070 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 12, "Baltimore and the Constitution: Politics and Parties in the City papers due. 70

ecpclio10_lect_00071 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 13, "Should the Capital Be Baltimore?: the Image and the Reality of t he City in State Politics" Final Exam. 71

ecpclio10_lect_00072 JHU Urban Development: Lecture 13, "Should the Capital Be Baltimore?: the Image and the Reality of t he City in State Politics" Final Exam. 72

ecpclio10_lect_00073 JHU Urban Development: Administrative Files . 73

ecpclio10_lect_00074 Maryland and the United States Constitution: Five Delegates to Philadelphia, Joint Session of the Legislature; brochure (model: March 25, 1984 Joint Session . 74

ecpclio10_lect_00075 Howard County Genealogical Society, anecdotal speech on Bicentennialsee for Ref to Mark Twain Legislature; brochure (model: March 25, 1984 Joint Session . 75

ecpclio10_lect_00076 Charles County Community College lecture on the Constitution and Amending Fathers, used JHU Democ tape of the lecture. 76

ecpclio10_lect_00077 Harford County Law day, Aberdeen Proving grounds officers club at the invit of Judge William Carr used combination of several lectures, see lect to Calvert Co Hist Soc, 10(lect 78. 77

ecpclio10_lect_00078 Calvert County Historical Society, Constitution lecture . 78

ecpclio10_lect_00079 National Council on Public History; Society for History in the Federal Government re: Doc Herit Trus t, Ray Smock's. 79

ecpclio10_lect_00080 JHU Maryland and the Formation of the U. S. Constitution (464.428 , Fall 1986, Administrative files Final Exam, etc.. 80

ecpclio10_lect_00081 JHU Modern Maryland Government: A Critic's History 464.429 Fall 87; contract, administrative files catalogue. 81

ecpclio10_lect_00082 JHU Modern Maryland Government: A Critic's History 464.429 Fall 87; reading; syllabus, Midterm . 82

ecpclio10_lect_00083 The Maryland Constitution of 1776 and the U. S. Constitution of 1787a lecture to AA Co Teachers syllabus for course, participants; article by Douglass C. North on Economics of Constitution. 83

ecpclio10_lect_00084 Perils of Family research, based upon two stories by Mark Twain; Newspaper account of Dante's lost last remains; contains disk with 10-4 text, Fort McHenry remarks; final ver of Genealogical Soc spch. 84

ecpclio10_lect_00085 Maryland Government: Studying Maryland's Past: The Historian as Critic and Interpreter . 85

ecpclio10_lect_00086 Maryland Government: The Charter and the Challenge of RepresentativeGovernment (who were Thomas Copley, Margaret Brent, and Ebenezer Cooke?. 86

ecpclio10_lect_00087 Maryland Government: The Charter and the Empire: Cautious Drift Towards Independence Who were Thomas Bacon, Daniel Dulany and Charles Carroll of Carrollton? Need sugg topics for papers. 87

ecpclio10_lect_00088 Maryland Government: Maryland's First Constitution: Critics from within and without (Who were Rezin Hammond, William Fitzhugh, William Paca, Samuel Chase? . 88

ecpclio10_lect_00089 Maryland Government: Confronting National Issues: From Annapolis to Philadelphia with the Amending Fathers (Who were Tench Coxe, John Francis Mercer, and Luther Martin? . 89

ecpclio10_lect_00090 Maryland Government: Completing the Revolution- Defining Vox Populi and the Nature of Representative Government; MidTerm. 90

ecpclio10_lect_00091 Maryland Government: The road from Annapolis to Philadelphia to understand the movement from individ sov states in loose confed to a more perfect union see 10-29. 91

ecpclio10_lect_00092 Maryland Government: (11/11/87 snowed out , lecture overlooked in syllabus: see 10-95 . 92

ecpclio10_lect_00093 Maryland Government:The role of 'peaceable' not so 'peaceable' assemblies in shaping Constitutional Change. (syllabus and amended syllabus were wrong. I forgot the lecture on 12/2, see 10-92 . 93

ecpclio10_lect_00094 Maryland Government: Assemble at the Archives in Conference Room at 9:30. 94

ecpclio10_lect_00095 Maryland Government: Retrospective view of the Md Constitution, Mayor James Preston Let; 12/17/1915 Referendum; Everstine; Mace;. 95

ecpclio10_lect_00096 Maryland Government: Movements for structural change and reform Hoopes: Mencken, Sun 7/3/87 Finan opinon re: calling convention, 1965; votes on conven 1930; 1950; 12/9/87 SUN on elect judges. 96

ecpclio10_lect_00097 Maryland Government:AA Co. 1776 proposed form of Govt. Paca Amend of 1788; Mencken's Constit of 1937 Final Exam; Papers on Blacks & voting; Paca Bill of Rights; Femininelanguage in Const;Cont Ed Cat. 97

ecpclio10_lect_00098 Remarks for Morgan Freedom Fettered Conference opening, closing wrap up need MG article on blacks and Rev from State House Exhibit?. 98

ecpclio10_lect_00099 The Amending Fathers: Maryland and the Constitution; see 10-106 U. of Mississippi; J.P. Greene; David Konig; Walter F. Pratt; James Ely; Peter Hoffer; lecture notes. 99 ecpclio10_lect_00100 St. John's Seminar on Luther Martin and Federalist #10 see: 17-95; 5-102-6; 6-366. 100

ecpclio10_lect_00101 Afterword for the Constitution issue MDHMag Completing the Revolution. 101

ecpclio10_lect_00102 The Search for Concensus: Maryland and the Constitution see: 10-106 Frostburg. 102

ecpclio10_lect_00103 remarks on the Con Con Mace, 20th Anniversary of Con Con; Mace, History of. 103

ecpclio10_lect_00104 Contemporary Club on "Baltimore: 'Mob Town' or 'Crucible for Democracy? Black Tie; includes Scharf references to mobtown or mob town. 104

ecpclio10_lect_00105 Aquila Hall chapter, Harford Co. SAR; Gus Succup Twain's speech at Gov's Mansion, 1907;. 105

ecpclio10_lect_00106 Frostburg Conference: Amending Fathers revised/ftnotes see: 10-99 for earlier version. . 106

ecpclio10_lect_00107 Freedom Fettered Conference cosponsered with Morgan, Elaine Breslaw; handouts from MHS, MSA, May 1783 Md Gaz article by Vox Africanorum intro by ECP. 107

ecpclio10_lect_00108 Edinburgh Conference & European Tour, 1976, paper on Revolutionary Elites, LHP includes master list for LHP; diary, corres with Ede, Helen Rowe, Alan Day; etc., handouts, tables. 108

ecpclio10_lect_00109 Forster/Papenfuse, C Carroll of C and Depont family, Rome Conference in age of Napoleon, 1978-1981 . 109

ecpclio10_lect_00110 U. S. Capitol Historical Society Paper, Legislative Response to a Costly War; "Order out of Chaos" graphs, sum tables, analy of voting behav by session 1780-1789; 1979; tax burden 1977 NYT;. 110

ecpclio10_lect_00111 Planter Behavior article for Agricultural History; correspondence with Avery Craven; copy of Soil Exhaustion as a Factor in the Agricultural History of Virginia and Maryland, 1606-1860; 1972. 111

ecpclio10_lect_00112 National Agricultural Library symposium on Maryland Agriculture, 1/30/1976 "Tobacco the Villain" pap er. 112

ecpclio10_lect_00113 Smallwood's Recruits article for William and Mary Quarterly first given as a paper at New Orleans, Stiverson's and my notes John Sellers, Sylvia Frey's paper; sources. 113

ecpclio10_lect_00114 JHU Continuing Education, Fall 1988 Course on American History as Literature and Biography, catalog Contract, abstract.. 114

ecpclio10_lect_00115 Lecture to Phi Delta Kappa, Towson chapter, 2/7/88, basically Md Hist Magazine article reorganized see: 10-99; 6-276; 10-116. 115

ecpclio10_lect_00116 Maryland Stamp, Joint Session re: 2/15/1988; ECP remarks on Md's Contribution to the U. S. Const Script, remarks of other participants;. 116

ecpclio10_lect_00117 Women's Club of Roland Park, on Amending Fathers, combin of TOWSTAT & JNSESSF; used it again on 4/14/88 for Harford County Historical Society talk, Spring meeting. 117

ecpclio10_lect_00118 Society of Cincinnatti, Maryland Chapter, lecture State House, Saturday, April 23, invit of Gen. Talbott; Washington's expen to Phila; Twain: Washington's Body Servt; Peale's Lafayette, Tilghman, W. 118

ecpclio10_lect_00119 Carroll Mansion & Homewood tour for JHU Alumni Association, 5/14/88 Harriet Chew, Charles Carroll; DeToquville's interview, 1831; JH Latrobe interview; Charles Carroll, Jr's letters to from CCC 1800-. 119

ecpclio10_lect_00120 Mt. Vernon, 200th anniversary of the Arrival of the Federalist; Fairfax Chronicles, Playlet, Barney . 120

ecpclio10_lect_00121 Northern Virginia Community Col conf at Gunston Hall; George Mason "The Constitution: A struggle for Ratification." November 4, 988. papers by Ken Bowling (Tub to the Whale Don Sweig (anti Madison . 121

ecpclio10_lect_00122 Maryland Colonial Society Maryland Day celebrations, speech see 10-139 for revision of remarks on Newspapers, Spreading the Word. 122

ecpclio10_lect_00123 University of Maryland Course on Archival Management, Spring Semester, 1989 (Thurs p.m. . 123 History 619 F Archival Management SCHEDULE: 1 Thursday, January 26, 1989 Introduction. Assignment: do library search of information relating to the budget, annual report, needs and assessment grant (if any of assigned states. Begin to compare and contrast similar information from the Maryland State Archives. 2 Thursday, February 2, 1989 Acquisitions. How does a public archives acquire records? How should those acquisitions be managed? Discuss legal basis, rules, regulations, and other methods including serendipity (the major factor in the creation of most archives . Should there be specific acquisition goals? Should an archives focus its attention on collecting specific categories or types of public records (e.g. records documenting the execution of governmental functions, vital records, court papers rich in personal information and details ? Do library search of articles relating to such issues in the assigned states. 3 Thursday, February 9, 1989 Managing holdings while coping with reference demand. Analyzing personnel resources and managing the allocation of staff time. 4 Thursday, February 16, 1989 No class. Meet at the Archives at 2 p.m. Saturday. Saturday, February 18, 1989 Class meets for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Archives. 5 Thursday, February 23, 1989 Class meets at the McKeldin library conference room for a discussion of library resources. Class discussion of Information gathering activities of Archives and their relationship, relative value to the mission of the Archives. 6 Thursday, March 2, 1989 Preservation objectives, realities. 7 Thursday, March 9, 1989 Educational activies, goals, results. 8 Thursday, March 16, 1989 Mid-term paper due. Assignment: Compare and contrast three or four randomly assigned State Archives with the Maryland State Archives. Information on the assigned states will be collected by the student using whatever means proves most satisfactory, including at least one Assessment grant report and any publically available budgetary information. The model to follow and critique is the annual report and other supplementary materials relating to Maryland handed out in class. Lecture, discussion of the Archivist/manager as a master detective, placing records in perspective and context through the interpretation of every aspect of a document including such characteristics as watermarks. The management issue: knowing how to determine the value of what you manage. Assignment: authenticate a document. You will be given a facsimile of a document to evaluate and the original to see in class. You are to research the people, places, events in the document and develope a short (8-10 page paper on a topic that is in some way related to the document. You are to annotate the paper according the Chicago Manual of Style (you should consult at least 10 sources and include at least two legitimate footnotes per page . The paper will consist of two parts: the first will be topical and relate to any subject of interest that arose in relationship to the evaluation of the document (a brief biographical sketch of the author, an analysis of the times, other relevant sources. The second part will be an evaluation of the authenticity of the document itself. 9 Thursday, March 23, 1989 No class, Spring Break 10 Thursday, March 30, 1989 The manager's responsibility to demonstrate the new sources for old themes in the archives: "The House on Francis Street" 11 Thursday, April 6, 1989 The manager's responsibility to write history as well as preserve it: "The ethics and results of personal research" 12 Thursday, April 13, 1989 The need for managers to recognize the value of old sources for new research: "James Carroll's Account Book" 13 Thursday, April 20, 1989 The manager's responsibility to make the most of 'Special Collections:' "Where is Watkins Point?" 14 Thursday, April 27, 1989 The thrill of discovery in the agony of the routine: Finding time to interpret the records in your charge. (Special Guest 15 Thursday, May 4, 1989 Why worry about Bicentennials?, or "With what dose of liberty ..." 16 Thursday, May 11, 1989 Beer blast (for those who care to and are of age at pub of your choice. Papers due, mystery solved. 619LIST: 1 Beacom Matthew Leo Alabama 89/02/13 Your analysis of the book and serial literature on your assigned states suggests your are on the right track. I have heard from all but Alaska. Please return all these folders with your midterm. Include your notes, information gathered in the respective State folders for my review of your paper. 619LIST: 2 Beacom Matthew Leo Alaska (A84 619LIST: 3 Beacom Matthew Leo Arizona (A83 89/02/23 619LIST: 4 Beacom Matthew Leo Arkansas 89/02/13 619LIST: 5 Eagle William Joseph California A brief analysis of what you could and could not find was not attached to your search notes. To date I have not heard from any of the four states assigned to you. Have you gone back to the on-line and traditional finding aids to locate specific budget and other information about your states. If your are having difficulty in finding the required information on one or more of your States, please let me know next week. 619LIST: 6 Eagle William Joseph Colorado 619LIST: 7 Eagle William Joseph Connecticut (A84 619LIST: 8 Eagle William Joseph Delaware 619LIST: 9 Eaton John Lawrence Florida 89/02/13 Your analysis of the book and serial literature on your assigned states suggests you are on the right track. Pelase return all these folders with your midterm. Include your notes, information gathered, in the respective State folders for my review of your paper. 619LIST: 10 Eaton John Lawrence Georgia (A83 89/02/21 619LIST: 11 Eaton John Lawrence Hawaii 89/02/13 619LIST: 12 Eaton John Lawrence Idaho 619LIST: 13 Ewing Susan Elizabeth Illinois 89/02/13 Your Analysis of the book and serial literature on your assigned states suggests your are on the right track. Please return all these folders with your midterm. Include your notes, information gathered on each state, in the respective State folders for my review of your paper. 619LIST: 14 Ewing Susan Elizabeth Indiana 619LIST: 15 Gardner Glenn Iowa (A84 Sorry about the paper jams. The ease of using high tech has not kept up with its research potential. You seem to be on the right track with your analysis of the book and article literature. Please return the folders with your notes for each state and your paper. I would like to review the notes with the final product. 619LIST: 16 Ewing Susan Elizabeth Kansas 89/02/21 619LIST: 17 Hartley Jeffery Thomas Kentucky (A83 Good job on the analysis of secondary sources. To date I have only heard from Massachussetts. Please return the folders with any notes you have on your respective States when you turn in your paper. I would like to review what was sent me and you and your notes when I read your paper. 619LIST: 18 Hartley Jeffery Thomas Louisiana 619LIST: 19 Hartley Jeffery Thomas Maine 619LIST: 20 Hartley Jeffery Thomas Massachusetts 89/02/23 619LIST: 21 Heagney Eleanor Adele Michigan (A86 I seem not to have gotten either class assignment from you. The assignment was not graded, but this does not bode well for the midterm. Please return the folders with all of your notes and information gathered on each of your states when you hand in your midterm. 619LIST: 22 Heagney Eleanor Adele Minnesota 619LIST: 23 Heagney Eleanor Adele Mississippi (A83 89/02/13 619LIST: 24 Heagney Eleanor Adele Missouri 619LIST: 25 Zintz Linda Sue Montana 89/02/10 619LIST: 26 Holtzman Allan H Nebraska 89/02/21 Good job on your class assignments. Please return the folders with your notes, information gathered on each State, etc. with your paper. 619LIST: 27 Holtzman Allan H Nevada (A85 619LIST: 28 Holtzman Allan H New Hampshire (A84 89/02/13 619LIST: 29 Jeffrey Jonathan David New Jersey (A83 You should have had more success with your searches for the class assignments than what you gave me would indicate. You happen to have states for which there is an abundance of information of the kind that you are seeking. Please return the folders with your research notes on each of the States and any additional information you gathered, to me with the midterm. 619LIST: 30 Jeffrey Jonathan David New Mexico 89/02/21 619LIST: 31 Jeffrey Jonathan David New York 619LIST: 32 Jeffrey Jonathan David North Carolina (A83 89/02/24 619LIST: 33 Gardner Glenn North Dakota 89/02/13 619LIST: 34 King Susan Jean Ohio Your class assignments indicate you are on the right track for your paper. Please return the folders with your notes, information gathered for each of your States, etc. when you hand in your paper. I hope you have had better success with your States responding to your inquiry than I have had! 619LIST: 35 King Susan Jean Oklahoma 619LIST: 36 King Susan Jean Oregon 619LIST: 37 Long Elisabeth Merchant Pennsylvania (A83 You did an excellent job on your class assignments! I only hope you have had more success in getting information out of your assigned states than I have. I have included a copy of the SC needs and assessment report, in case you could not get one. Please return all folders to me with your notes, information you gathered, etc. on each of the States when you hand in your paper. 619LIST: 38 Long Elisabeth Merchant Rhode Island (A85 89/02/08 619LIST: 39 Long Elisabeth Merchant South Carolina 619LIST: 40 Long Elisabeth Merchant South Dakota (A83 89/02/13 619LIST: 41 Van Fleet Robin Tennesee Your class assignments are very well done. To date I have only heard from Texas. Please return the folders with any notes, information, etc. you gathered on your assigned States for me to review with your paper. 619LIST: 42 Van Fleet Robin Texas (A85 89/02/21 619LIST: 43 Van Fleet Robin Utah (A85 619LIST: 44 Van Fleet Robin Vermont (A85 619LIST: 45 Youngerman Gretchen Knapp Virginia (A83 Your class assignments indicate you are on the right track. I have included some information on Virginia in case you did not get anything. To date I have only heard from Washington State. Please return the folders with your notes, information you gathered, etc. on your assigned States when you submit your paper. 619LIST: 46 Youngerman Gretchen Knapp Washington (A83 89/02/24 619LIST: 47 Gardner Glenn West Virginia 619LIST: 48 Youngerman Gretchen Knapp Wisconsin (A83 619LIST: 49 Zintz Linda Sue Wyoming I am surprised that the searches in OCLC turned nothing up for D.C. What you found should prove helpful, but not as useful as what the agencies could send you directly. I have heard from all but Wyoming. Please return the folders with your notes and any information you gathered on your assigned States when you hand in your paper. 619LIST: 50 Zintz Linda Sue District of Columbia 89/02/21 619LIST: 51 Papenfuse Edward C. NHPRC/Coordinators 87/11/4-6 619List-51 Contains 10 working papers for Boston Conference: 1 Guy Louis Rocha, "The State Coordinators' Steering Committee: A Retrospective" 2 "Issues and Questions for Discussion" from 1980 Coordinators Meeting, Atlanta 3 George Archive special issue, 1980, papers by Peter T. Harstad, F. Gerald Ham, Martha Bigelow, Cleo A. Hughes, and Sidney F. McAlpin; recommendations to NHPRC, October, 1980; NHPRC's response. 4 William S. Price, Jr. (1987 , "The States, The Nation, Our Records: A View from the States" 5 NHPRC Records Program, emphasis booklet, 1986 6 "National Records Policy Statement" from the ad hoc Annapolis Committee meeting and text of NHPRC endorsement, 1986 7 National Historical Records Program elements, summary (1986-87 8 Larry J. Hackman, "Speculations on a National Historical Records Policy," 1987, plus draft policy 9 NHPRC draft reauthorization, 1987 10 The Association for Documentary Editing, a description 619LIST: 52 Documenting America

                                                   619LIST:    53 Beacom  papers                                                          619LIST:    54 Eaton  Papers                                                          619LIST:    55 Ewing  Papers                                                          619LIST:    56 Gardner  Papers                                                          619LIST:    57 Hartley  Papers                                                              619LIST:    58 Heagney Papers                                                          619LIST:    59 Holtzman  Papers                                                          619LIST:    60 Jeffery  Papers                                                          619LIST:    61 King  Papers                                                          619LIST:    62 Long  Papers                                                          619LIST:    63 VanFleet  Papers                                                          619LIST:    64 Yongerman  Papers                                                          619LIST:    65 Lecture Notebook 1 
Nagara directory                                   Annual Report for 1989 Code of Maryland Regulations relating to MSA       RLIN/OCLC search for material on the assigned      states (disks  copies of letters to State Archivists              
    619LIST:    66 Lecture Notebook 2 
Library intro, Patricia Heron                      MSA original program statemen, Nagara reporting    guidelines Draft of my remarks to the Library of Congress     preservation congress, New York Model legislation  619LIST:    67 Lecture Notebook 3 
Course Disk                                        Page Miller's analysis of user demand at NARA;     Dard Hunter's article on Paper in 1921 proceedings  of the Smithsonian; But for the Sake of a Comma    paper; blues of Maryland Manual, 1989              Paper by Steven James Sarson using two account books (James Carroll and  John Gresham. (extra     copies  619LIST:    68 Blondo lecture on Samuel Green                                                          619LIST:    69 Final Exam re: Docs 
                                                   619LIST:    70 McKeldin Library Assignment                                                          619LIST:    71  Correspondence re: Course, w/ Dr. Price                                                          619LIST:    72 Hist 601/ Rundell Notes, Syllabus 619C Records Management in Archives                                                      

619LIST: 73 Documenting America other possible readings 619LIST: 74 Informing The Nation Federal Electronic Records 619LIST: 75 Chadwick Healy

                                                   619LIST:    76 Letters to Archivist 
                                                   619LIST:    77 Extra Schedules 619f                                                          619LIST:    78 Extra handouts managing records                                                          619LIST:    79 National Archives Brochures, handouts                                                          619LIST:    80 Using Documents, handouts       pages from Carroll Account book                    Toward a More Perfect Union, Stiverson packet of   documents Maryland In the Civil War, Blondo packet of       telegrams Nuthead printing, Franklin letter,  Washington     letter re: Maryland Property; Samuel Chase letter  re: job;  colonial currency; carroll speech re:    Const.; printed bill of Rights; Chesapeake bay     agreement, 1987; Agnew letter to ECP               

ecpclio10_lect_00124 Governor's Internship Program; lecture on Constitution, Hall of Records at UMBC 6/29/88; map of campus; copies of documents distributed (Chesapeake Bay Agreement . 124 Documents: Maryland Manual Front Matter Nuthhead document, T68-19-280 Hicks Document re: April 18612 Franklin Document, T68-601 Washington Document from Jenifer Papers Continental Currency, Jenifer Papers Samuel Chase letter, Jenifer Papers McHenry Letter from Princeton, July 1, 1783 Carroll, defense of Constitution Bill of Rights Chesapeake Bay Agreement, 1987 Twain, Warfield photograph

ecpclio10_lect_00125 Washington's birthday speech, Old Senate Chamber, 2/20/89: George Washington, Annapolis Lobbiest Extraordinaire; searches for related materials, see: 17-248/250. 125

ecpclio10_lect_00126 Changing Perceptions of Representation in Maryland, 1765-1800, OAH St. Louis, Friday, April 7, 1989 Timothy Breen, David Jordan, Marc Egnal;. 126 But for the Sake of a Comma

ecpclio10_lect_00127 Editing Documents (see: 10-123-69 ; Paca Forgery by Julian Boyd (D1372 owned by Arthur Houghton Jr. Article by John L. Coughey on Simulating the Past; Plague of Boobs aart. frm Washington Post,3/20/83. 127 First used in Fall of 1984 when I taught Hist 601 at the U. of Md. and Exploring 350 years of Maryland History at Hopkins. Class list for Maryland: Brigham, Jay Lawrence Coyle, Mary Ann Harding, Robert Steven Kiguel, Claudia Oriz Meagher, Christopher M. Remmington, Bruce Donald Ryan, Maura M. Smith, Sheila S. Tibbo, Helen Ruth Class list for JHU (with Papers on the Paca Document Stefansson, M . E. (copy of a letter from William Paca to William Hemsley, 7 October 1779 from MHS Darrell, C. C. Short, Judith Kameen, Marjorie Christine Willson, Mrs. Mildred C. Used 4/89 with 619 F. Gave them two documents, second a letter from James Tilghman to the Governor of Maryland, undated. File includes LHP cover sheets on Paca and one of the Tilghmans (1743-1809 . Also includes biographical sketch of Julian Boyd. Papers on Document by: Beacom, Matthew Eaton, John Ewing, Susan Gardner, Glenn Hartley, Jeff Heagney, E. A. King, Susan Long, Elizabeth VanFleet, Robin Youngerman, Gretchen K.

ecpclio10_lect_00128 Maryland History, Research and Revision, MHT conference, November 7, 1981 . 128

ecpclio10_lect_00129 Correspondence re: Rome Conference, 6/29/78; paper published in Italian Journal; . 129

ecpclio10_lect_00130 AHA paper on Naval Officer records; letter from John McCusker with enclosures; also given at EGHA meeting in Baltimore organized by Randy Bierne; letter from Charles A. Keene to Rhoda Dorsey. 130

ecpclio10_lect_00131 Naval Officer Records paper given at EGHA meeting, Baltimore, September, 1980; note from Jack Price Gilbert, Geoffrey: Shipowning in the New Republic: Patterns and practices in Balt, 1789-93;. 131

ecpclio10_lect_00132 Uncertain Connection: Eleutherian Mills; Paris, Toulouse, February 1978; offprint; excerpts from John G. Clark, Merchants of La Rochelle; Jack Price's comments; corrected proofs; abstr in French. 132

ecpclio10_lect_00133 Paper on Intrinsic Value; great quote from Baltimore Free Press on Replevin of important papers, May 5, 1849; includes NARS self study of Intrinsic Value from Mary Jane Dowd; infor on NYC archives. 133

ecpclio10_lect_00134 SAA paper on Access to Records; November 11, 1978? includes remarks by J. D. Porter, Archivist of Oregon; access to Governor's papers. 134

ecpclio10_lect_00135 SAA Paper on Replevin, October, 1977 with drafts of opinion for Maryland by Sandy Lewis; research no tes; opinion re: Charles Carroll of Carrollton documents from Register of Wills (1975 . 135

ecpclio10_lect_00136 MSS Society paper on Replevin, May 1980, photo of ECP . 136/ /

ecpclio10_lect_00137 Archival Sampling: An unacceptable method of preserving Records; includes article by Mike McReynolds R. H. Westmore, Ontario Government archives on sampling; Paul Lewinson, Fishbein, Thorton Mitchell. 137

ecpclio10_lect_00138 SAA Toronto meeting, Plenary session, 1974 re priorities; remarks by Andrea Hinding; Frank Evans . 138

ecpclio10_lect_00139 Whit Ridgeway, Maryland Bar Association project for teachers, re: Anti-Federalists; intro re: newspapers;. 139

ecpclio10_lect_00140 Maps as Graphics or In Praise of the cartographer's art, lecture to Graphics Conference, 6/24/89 re-works Where is Watkins Point, 10-15; Text: mapsasgr.wp; addl slides in 10-15;. 140 Copies of articles in the New York Times by: Adam Nicolson, "A Philosophic Look at Maps Old and New, In praise of the Cartographer's art" NYT, Sunday, September 19, 1982 Gunilla Knutsson, In Paris, Maps for Kins and other Traveles; R. V. Dnenberg, The past Seen in a World of Maps; Sunday April 10, 1983 Catalogue 1-89 of the Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd., re: Illusions, Delusions and Confusions see: 13-9 for article on the Power of Graphics b y Edward Tufte (Escaping the flatland of Chartjunk to the multivariate world of hyperspace, includes M. Minard map of Napoleon's march to Moscow , of which I would like a good graphic for this lecture: 6/27/89 ordered a copy from Graphics Press, Cheshire Conn. Graphics: 1 St. Mary's City from Farrer's map of Maryland showing rabbit, too dark (taken from Hopkins reprint 2 1213-379c Samuel Lewis map of Maryland, 1812 3 1213-153 map of Maryland 4 Calvert Coat of Arms, from Mrs. Snyder's map of Maryland, 1671, Hopkins Reprint; needs to be redone. 5 detail frrom ibid., showing Watkins Point, too dark 6 8-15-1; 1399-209 7 8-15-2; 1213-612 8 8-15-3 1213-626 9 8-15-6 10 8-15-4 11 8-15-9 12 8-15-7 13 8-15-8 14 8-15-5 15 8-15-10 16 8-15-11; 1399-207 17 8-15-12 18 8-15-13 19 8-15-14; 1399-208 20 8-15-15; 1399-208a 21 8-15-16; 1399-188 22 8-15-17; 1213-631 23 8-15-18; 1213-632 24 8-15-33; 1213-90e 25 8-15-19; 1213-640 26 8-15-20; 1213-639 27 8-15-26; 1213-90f 28 8-15-27 29 8-15-29 1556-1 30 8-15-31; 1213-483 31 8-15-47?; 1428-1507 32 John Smith's Mediterranean swim, ca. 1612, too dark 33 8-15-34; 1213-900 34 8-15-35; 1213-90d 35 8-15-36; 1213-90c 36 8-15-37; 1399-101 37 8-15-38; 1213-483 38 8-15-39; 1399-101 39 8-15-45 40 8-15-46; 1213-208 41 8-15-53; 1213-258 42 8-15-54; 1213-367 43 8-15-58; 1213-613 44 8-15-55; 1213-614 45 8-15-56; 1213-269a 46 8-15-57; 1213-269b 47 8-15-61; 1213-318 (too dark 48 8-15-62; 1213-310 (too dark; Augustine Herrmann 49 8-15-72; 1399-215b 50 8-15-73; 1399-215 pilots instructionns for the bay, 18th cent 51 8-15-42; 1213-634 52 8-15-44; 1399-229 53 8-15-63; Thorton and Greene 54 8-15-64; 1213-182 55 8-15-65; 1213-299J 56 8-15-66; 1213-299k 57 8-15-67; 1213-299l 58 8-15-68; 1213-299p 59 8-15-69; 1399-1 60 8-15-70; 1213-369a 61 8-15-74; 1399-283 62 8-15-7; 1213-208 63 8-15-78; 1213-483 64 8-15-81; 1213-323 65 8-15-83; Cummings, SE in Early Maps, detail of Robert Dudley, 66 8-15-82; 1213-323 67 8-15-85; 1213-323 68 8-15-86; 1213-483 69 8-15-87; 1213-493 70 8-15-88; 1213-370 71 8-15-89; 1213-149 72 8-15-90; 1213-149

ecpclio10_lect_00141 Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present, JHU Fall semester, 1989, Weds 6:15-7:55 p.m. . 141 Catalogue Reserve list

ecpclio10_lect_00142 Gilman course in American History, Fall/Spring 1989/1990, with Mercer Neale. . 142 See: S1259-121-676, memo to RB on 4/6/89 re: possible documents S1259-121-966, notes re: Lauren & Josh's documents (Federalist, Cookbook, Slave sale broadside S1259-121-790, memo to RB re: Chad McDaniel, U. of Md. S1259-121-230 memo to GAS, 6/1/88 re: Bill of Rights

ecpclio10_lect_00143 Lecture to Teachers on Bill of Rights, 7/21/89 . 143

ecpclio10_lect_00144 Maryland Law Day, Towson, May 1, 1989, honoring Judge John E. Raine, organized by Judge Barbara K. Howe. Gave them but for the sake of a Comma: The Bill of Rights and Changing Perceptions of .... 144

ecpclio10_lect_00145 Database: 10Lect Subject: 1989/04/15. McDonogh Conference for Teachers of History, AHA regional teaching conference. Discussion, names, phone numbers of participants in session on use of Archival Material in classroom. Harley. 145

ecpclio10_lect_00146 Database: 10Lect Subject: 89/09/26. Why Maryland History, speech to the Baltimore Rotary for Louis Goldstein, Pardon papers, Twain on George Washington; Newspaper preservation Lincoln at Fort Stevens 121-955. 146

ecpclio10_lect_00147 Text files of lectures and Bicentennial Minutes, 1985-1987 (partial . 147

ecpclio10_lect_00148 Database: 10Lect Subject: 1989/11/06. ARMA speech, re: new building, archives, possibly "Where is Watkins Point (10-140 or Rotary, 10-143 . 148

ecpclio10_lect_00149 Johns Hopkins course on Baltimore History, Fall 1990 . 149

ecpclio10_lect_00150 University of Maryland, 619f course in Archival Management, Spring 1990, Thursdays 7-9;; S1259-121-1880;. 150

ecpclio10_lect_00151 Montgomery School Teachers inservice workshop; Docment Packet 14 re: Murray case, Segregation and Desegregation in Maryland.; 2/27/90 S 1259-121-1844. 151

ecpclio10_lect_00152 David Grimsted's Course, University of Maryland, Tuesdays 7-10; June 4-July 13; see: S1259-121-2069 for office file;;. 152

ecpclio10_lect_00153 Document Packet program, (Abell foundation grant? ; MdHR G 2221; . 153

ecpclio10_lect_00154 Maryland History, Johns Hopkins University Summer School, June-July 1990; 154

ecpclio10_lect_00155 Steiner Lecture, Maryland Historical Society, Sunday, April 29, postponed until November 14. see S1259-121-1388.. 155

ecpclio10_lect_00156 Three Centuries of Creative Financing in Maryland: The Maryland Experience; address to 22 conf of Northeast State Treasurers; 6/12; see S1259-121-2074. 156

ecpclio10_lect_00157 Database: 10Lect Subject: 06-16-90. Contracts with JHU for courses in Baltimore History, fall 1990 and Maryland History, Spring 1991; . 157

ecpclio10_lect_00158 Introduction to Archives at the University of Maryland, summer 1990. filed with 10-152. . 158 Note that a disk containing the calendar files is in 10-152-000 10_152-001/002 Syllabus History 410-411 Summer 1990 Seminar Room, 2119 Francis Scott Key Tuesday, 7-10 Dr. Papenfuse W 301-974-3869 H 301-467-6137 Office Hours 6-7, Tuesdays, by appointment SYLLABUS Required Reading: Note: All required reading is available in photocopied form from the Maryland State Archives for $10.00 in check or money order made out to the "Maryland State Archives." 1 The Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference of Archivists," ANNUAL REPORT OF THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, 1912. Washington, D. C., 1914, pp. 249-273. 2 "The Proceedings of the First Annual Conference of Archivists," ANNUAL REPORT OF THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, 1909. Washington, D. C., 1911, pp. 337-338. 3 Posner, Ernst. ARCHIVES IN THE ANCIENT WORLD. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1972, pp. vii-70. 4 COMMITTEE ON THE RECORDS OF GOVERNMENT, REPORT. Washington, D. C., 1985 5 CANADIAN ARCHIVES REPORT TO THE SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA BY THE CONSULTIVE GROUP ON CANADIAN ARCHIVES. Ottawa, 1980. 6 Miller, Page Putnam. DEVELOPING A PREMIER NATIONAL INSTITUTION. A REPORT FROM THE USER COMMUNITY TO THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. The National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History, 1986? 7 Cox, Richard. "American Archival History: Its Development, Needs, and Opportunites." AMERICAN ARCHIVIST;, 46, no. 1: 31-39. Rapport, Leonard. "Dumped from a Wharf into Casco Bay: The Historical Records Survey Revisited." AMERICAN ARCHIVIST, April 1974, 201-210. Papenfuse, Edward C. "'Modicum of Commitment': The Present and Future Importance of the Historical Records Survey." AMERICAN ARCHIVIST, April 1974, 211-221. Peterson, Trudy Huskamp Peterson. "The Iowa Historical Records Survey, 1936-1942." AMERICAN ARCHIVIST, April 1974, 223-245. 8 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PREPARATION OF INVENTORIES OF PUBLIC RECORDS BY HISTORICAL RECORDS SURVEY PROJECTS, May 26, 1941. 9 ANNUAL REPORT FY 1989, Maryland State Archives. 10 Morgan, Julia, and James K. Stimpert. ARCHIVAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL FOR THE FERDINAND HAMBURGER, JR. ARCHIVES, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University, 1989. 11 Kasson, John F. AMUSING THE MILLION CONEY ISLAND AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. New York: Hill and Wang, 1978. [added] 12 bibiliography of basic archival works from David Grimsted Additional articles may also be assigned one week in advance of a guest lecture. Requirements: Two papers, one due at midterm and the other on the night of the last class. The first paper of 8-10 pages is to be a comparative analysis of the WPA and Hamburger Archives procedural manuals. What is good about them? What is bad? How would you redo them? How would computerization affect the WPA manual content and organization? It is due June 19. The second paper of 15-20 pages should compare, contrast, and critque the American and Canadian Reports on Archives, taking into consideration the other assigned reading. There will be a short final exam the night of the last class which will deal exclusively with topics addressed by the visiting lecturers. GRADES: Students will be graded according to the following: First Paper: 20 points Second Paper: 40 points Final: 30 points Class Participation: 10 points Ten points will be subtracted for every day an assignment is late, unless the matter has been discussed with me in advance of the class when the assignment is due. All grading will be done on a scale of 1-100 with A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69, and F=0-59 SCHEDULE: Tuesday June 6: 7-8:15 Discussion: "Reinventing the Wheel" 8:30-10:00 in Maryland Room, 4th floor, McKeldin Library for Lecture by Lauren Brown, Archivist of the University of Maryland on "An Introduction to an Archive." Tuesday June 12 Guest: Dr. Frank Burke who will join us for a roundtable discussion of the interrelationship of the NHPRC, The National Archives, and State Archives. Read Posner, Proceedings of the First and Fourth Annual Conferences of Archivists. Begin reading American and Canadian studies; Tuesday June 19 7-8:30 Cynthia Requard, Manuscripts Librarian, Johns Hopkins University, will talk about "Subject Indexing of Archives." 8:30-10:00 Trudy Peterson, Assistant Archivist for the National Archives, will talk about "Public Policy & Access to Archives: A Philosophical Approach." Tuesday June 26 7-8:30 Richard Cameron, Archives Specialist of State Programs, of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission will talk about writing successful grant proposals to the NHPRC, NEH, and elsewhere. 8:30-10:00 Discussion concerning Budgeting techniques and strategies; Constituent Services. Read relevant sections of American and Canadian studies, MSA Annual Report, and Miller user study Tuesday July 3 7-8:30 Nancy McCall, Archivist of the Johns Hopkins Medical Archives, will speak on the Perils and Pleasures of Managing an Institutional Archives. 8:30-10:00 Discussion concerning conservation techniques and strategies; the usefulness of the Historical Records Survey. Read Articles in the American Archivist. July 10 AT THE MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES, 350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis 7-8:30 Richard Flint, Curator of Prints and Photographs, City Life Museums of Baltimore, will give an illustrated lecture on "Advertising and the Advent of the Visual Age: Sources for the History of the Circus." Review copied sections of John F. Kasson, AMUSING THE MILLION. New York: Hill and Wang, 1978. 8:30-9:30 Final Exam INTERNSHIPS Those students who are also signed up for 411 must see me about arranging for an internship before mid-term. For the credit associated with 411 a student should work a minimum of 120 hours as an intern at an archival institution and write a 6-10 page essay exploring an aspect of the archives that in some fashion touches upon Maryland History. A finding aid to a collection that contains Maryland related material, or a survey of holdings containing material relating to Maryland would be appropriate. The essay/finging aid will be due Tuesday July 10 or on the completion of the internship. You must let me know of any completion date other than the 10th of July by the night of the 10th. additional: 10-152-013 session on preservation includes HRC pamphlet on preservation; newsletters of the commission on preservation and access; bulletins of the National Archives Library for May 1990 including acquisitions (ALIC -given to Shashi to handle  ; description of NARA Archival Information System (AIS , 2/1990; Roile of Archives in the Communities they serve, 1990, given to HRC library, essays by H. G. Jones, Weldon, Wilson, Bigelow 10-152-014 American State Archives by Ernst Posner

ecpclio10_lect_00159 Filed with 10-154 Note: text files from 10-141, 10-142, + calendar files ( are filed with 10-141-000. 159 SYLLABUS 464.437 and 911.097 [10-154-001] Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30-8:45 Rowland Hall 308 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse OFFICE HOURS: by appointment PHONE: (office 301-974-3869 (home, 206 Oakdale Road, Baltimore, 21210 301-467-6137 TEXTS, DOCUMENT PACKETS, AND BOOK REVIEWS: There are two texts for this course, Robert J. Brugger, Maryland: A Middle Temperament, 1634-1980. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988, and Suzanne Ellery Greene Chapelle, Maryland, A History of Its People. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986. There are reading assignments from both for each class. Except for the first class, all students will be expected to have completed the reading assignments prior to the date assigned and will be expected to participate in class discussions concerning the lectures, the reading, and the document packets. Except for the first week, Document Packets will be distributed one week in advance of the classes in which they are discussed. Students are expected to review the contents of the Document packets prior to their use in class and to be prepared to answer in class any questions posed on the cover sheets. Graduate students will be expected to write two 5-8 page book reviews, and undergraduates will be expected to write one 5-8 page book review. The first graduate student book review will be due the night of the take home midterm exam (June 25 . The undergraduate and second graduate student book review will be due the last class. The books reviewed must be chosen from the footnotes or the recommended reading for Dr. Brugger's chapters 5 (Suspended between Memory and Hope , 8&9 (Non-Pilgrim's Progress and Searching for the Middle in Modern America , and 11 (Land of Pleasant Living . The criteria to be used in selecting a book should be your desire to understand better or know more about a particular topic addressed in one of the chapters (5, 8 & 9, 11 . You should explain why you chose a particular book in the first paragraph of your review and then critically assess how well the author satisfied your curiosity. For those doing more than one review, only one book may be chosen from a chapter or related chapters (i.e., 5, 8&9 , or 11 . For form and typical content of a review, see the book reviews sections of the Maryland Historical Magazine and the William and Mary Quarterly. Reviews will be graded on how well you criticize the book in light of the reading and your explanation of why you chose the book in the first place. Graduate and undergraduates may submit one additional review for up to 10 points extra credit. GRADES: Students will be graded according to the following: Midterm exam: (take home consisting of two essays and several short answers 25 points (non-graduate students, 30 points Final exam: (in class, one essay and several short answers 35 points (non-graduate students, 40 points Class participation: 20 points Book Reviews: 10 points each All grading will be done on a scale of 1-100 with A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69, and F=0-59. Ten points will be subtracted for every day an assignment is late. FORMAT: Each class will be a combination of lecture and class discussion of document packets and assigned readings. There will be one ten minute break beginning at 7:30 p.m. SCHEDULE: 06-04-90 WHY MARYLAND? {010} Document Packet: [1] "Patterns of Colonial Settlement, 1607-1650 {011}" 06-06-90 FROM SETTLEMENT TO COLONY, 1634-1715 {013} Read Chapelle, Chapter 1; Brugger, Chapters 1 & 2. {014/015} Document Packet: [2] "Life in the New World, 1634-1715 {012}" 06-11-90 FROM COLONY TO PROVINCE, 1715-1765 {019} Review Chapelle, Chapter 1; Review Brugger, Chapter 2. Document Packet: [3] "Taxation without Representation: The Stamp Act Crisis, 1765 {016}" 06-13-90 FROM PROVINCE TO STATE, 1765-1777 {021} Read Chapelle, Chapter 2; Brugger, Chapter 3 {024}. Document Packet: [4] "Hesitant Revolutionaries: Marylanders and Independence, 1774-1776 {017}" 06-18-90 FROM ONE TO ONE OF MANY, 1776-1833 {022} Read Chapelle, Chapter 3; Brugger Chapters 4 & 5 {025/026}. Document Packets: [5] "Writing it All Down: the art of Constitution making for the State and the Nation, 1776-1791 {020}"; [6] "Making it All Work: Efforts to Expand and to Constrict the Suffrage, 1800-1804 {027}"; [7] "Expanding Local Power and Restraining the Bill of Rights, 1817-1833 {028}"; 06-20-90 THE FUTILE SEARCH FOR CONCENSUS, 1833-1858 {030} Read Chapelle, Chapter 4; Read Brugger Chapter 6 {029}. Graduate book reviews due. Take home midterm exam will be distributed. Exam will cover the reading through today (June 20 {007}. Document Packet: [8] "The Failure of Politics: Slavery and the Crisis of the Union {031}" 06-25-90 RESTORING EQUILIBRIUM, 1858-1884 {032} Read Chapelle, Chapter 5; Brugger, Chapter 7 {033}. Midterm due. Document Packets: [9] "Divided Loyalties: Maryland During the Civil War {034}"; [10] "The Baltimore Railroad Strike & Riot of 1877 {035}" 06-27-90 A GOVERNMENT OF ALL THE PEOPLE?, 1884-1916 {037} Review Chapelle, Chapter 5; Read Brugger, Chapter 8 {040} Document Packet: [11] "The 1904 Census of Negroes in Baltimore City and Sparrows Point {039}" 07-02-90 CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM AND ECONOMIC CHAOS, 1915-1939 {041} Read Chapelle, Chapter 6; read Brugger, Chapters 9 & 10 {042/043}. Document Packets: [12] "Balancing Budgets and Reforming State Government, 1915-1921 {044}"; [13] "H.L. Mencken and Franklin Delano Roosevelt At the Gridiron Club, 1934 {045}" 07-04-90 Independence Day, no class 07-09-90 DEFINING CIVIL RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES, 1936-1968 {046} Read Chapelle, Chapter 7; read Brugger, Chapters 11 & 12 {047/048}. Document Packets: [14] "From Segregation to Integration: The Donald Murray Case, 1936 {049}"; [15] "A Question of Loyalty or Deliberate Deception?: The Elusive 'George Crosley', 1936- {050}" 07-11-90 BIGGER AND BETTER? GOVERNMENT, 1968-1990 {051} Review Chapelle, Chapter 7; read Brugger, Epilogue {052} Document Packet: [16] "Spiro T. Agnew and H. Rap Brown, 1967-1968 {053}" Final Exam, 7:30-8:30 {055} Also did: 06-06-90 DOCPAC 17 "Coping with the Native Population, 1634-1640 {018} 06-20-90 Inventory exercise {023} 06-27-90 DOCPAC 20 "In the Aftermath of Glory {056}"

ecpclio10_lect_00160 George Washington: Annapolis Lobbyist Extraordinaire; February 20, 1989, Old Senate Chamber; SUN 02/25/90. 160

ecpclio10_lect_00161 remarks to Unlocking the secrets of Time conference, November 4, 1989; . 161

ecpclio10_lect_00162 Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present, Spring Term, 1991, JHU; also 911.097 non credit . 162

ecpclio10_lect_00163 JHU course on American History as Literature and Biography, June 3-July 10, 1991; Aaron Burr and Mary Todd Lincoln; Irving Stone, Gore Vidal, etc.. 163

ecpclio10_lect_00164 JHU U.S. History, I. M. 6:15-9:00; 464.105; Course outline, etc.. 164

ecpclio10_lect_00165 JHU Summer Course with Charlie Stein on the Gunpowder River, July 1991; Project 3303 test of State Pubs usefulness, research potential.. 10 / 165

ecpclio10_lect_00166 Baltimore History from colonial times to the Present, JHU Continuing Studies, Spring 1992. Contract, 15_504. Notes, Lectures, Outline, Syllabus. . 166

ecpclio10_lect_00167 Canal course with Charles Stine, April 1992. . 167

ecpclio10_lect_00168 JHU course, Summer 1992, MW June 1 to July 8: 6:30-8:45 What is History? using Schama and Weinstein (on Alger Hiss .. 168

ecpclio10_lect_00169 Lecture/field trip with Charlie Stine on the Susquehanna River, 30th of June, 7th of July, 12th of July field trip. JHU Carol Bogash; tentative. 169

ecpclio10_lect_00170 Banquet speaker, Genealogy Seminar, Westminster, MD 21157, March 13;Facing the Future Together: Genealogists, Archivists and Historians, with apologies to Mark Twain and Dave Berry. 170

ecpclio10_lect_00171 Northumberland County Historical Society on the Boundary Rivalries between Maryland and Virginia, July 18, 1992 (variation of Where is Watkins Point . 171

ecpclio10_lect_00172 Lois Carr Conference, ECP chair, Lois Carr's Impact on Public History; . 172

ecpclio10_lect_00173 Disk containing text of speeches, lectures, papers keyboarded or corrected by Shirley, 1986-89 . 173 Twain Washington's Negro Body-Servant Carroll County courthouse rededication reminiscences of the formation of the NHPRC Twain speech at Government House, 1907 Play I wrote re: the formative years of the Legislature in St. Mary's county (in the House and Senate Journals for 1984 Calvert County Black Judges (PRJ work Mystery Marker (Mason Dixon Line Bio of Senator James Mobs.fin on Baltimore as Mobtown variations on Mississippi/Judge Murphy paper Della bio Dorsey bio Dante's remains speech for Senator Robb Joint Session on Constitution

ecpclio10_lect_00174 Lecture to PG Co (Hyattasville police on Maryland State Government; outline; Maryland Manual for 1991-1992 cut up for overlays; note to Captain Busnuk, Northwestern District;. 174

ecpclio10_lect_00175 History of the United States I, Saturdays 9-12, JHU, September 12-December 19. . 175

ecpclio10_lect_00176 Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present, Wednesday, Jan. 27-May 5, 1993. JHU . 176

ecpclio10_lect_00177 Hopkins Alumni College, St. Michaels, 7/23-7/25/1992; Grace Brush, Regs Woolman; using 10-140, where is Watkins Point and variation on Curtin Conference Paper, 10-165. 177

ecpclio10_lect_00178 Contribution to the Ecohistory of the Chesapeake Bay Drainage system: the role of urban places with Phil Curtin, Grace Brush, George Fisher; MSA Project 3467.. 178

ecpclio10_lect_00179 In the Aftermath of Glory; research and book project concerning blacks, civil rights, Civil War Soldiers, in Maryland. MSA Project 1727.. 179

ecpclio10_lect_00180 November 2, 1999 Proposed Course at JHU for Fall, 1993 (200 level based upon Claudia Pierpont, article in New Yorker September 1992, on Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind; see ecp-10-223 for notes and lectures. 180

ecpclio10_lect_00181 Propose Baltimore History Course for Spring 1994 on Baltimore History re-written to work on eco- history of the Bay and Baltimore's role. See 10_191. 181

ecpclio10_lect_00182 Washington, D. C. Temple Family History Center. the Genealogy Club of Montgomery County, Prince PB Genealogical Society. "Genealogy in the 90's Forgin a Lasting Partnership. 92 with 10-170. 182

ecpclio10_lect_00183 Washington County Free Library, Robert H. McCauley memorial lecture series; 11/4/91 on Sources for the History of Western Maryland at the Maryland State Archives.. 183

ecpclio10_lect_00184 Lecture on importance of preserving Church Records to Msgr. Farina seminar for Archdiocese of Washington, D. C., 13/92. 184

ecpclio10_lect_00185 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Historical Geography Association, featured Speaker, October 17, 1992. Peter Rees, U. of Del 302-831-2294; "Toward A History of the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem ..." Proj 5143. 185

ecpclio10_lect_00186 Speech re: Thomas Kennedy, Hagerstown, Washington Co. Free Library, 18/92; 3 p.m. see disk; also contains Betsy Steele, Boomwin program to say goodbye.. 186

ecpclio10_lect_00187 JHU Course: "The Political World and the Old South, 1607-1859." Spring Semester, 1993, Weds, 1-3. . 187

ecpclio10_lect_00188 JHU Course, Summer 1993, 464.430. American History as Literature and Biography. MW 6:30-8:45, p.m. June 7-July 14.. 188

ecpclio10_lect_00189 The world of Philip Calvert, Friends of St. Mary's in April; March 5, MdHS . 189

ecpclio10_lect_00190 JHU Course, Summer 1994. Baltimore and the Bay: The Role of Cities in the history of the Chesapeake Bay, See 10_181; Tu/Thu 6-9 p.m,. 190

ecpclio10_lect_00191 November 2, 1999 JHU Course, Spring 1994. Gone with the Wind: Stereotypes of Race and Gender in America, W, Jan 26-May 4, 1994; see ecp-10-223 for notes and lectures. 191

ecpclio10_lect_00192 JHU History Department, course, The City in American Society, 1770-1970. Fall, 1993, M W? . 192

ecpclio10_lect_00193 1993 National Genealogical Society Conference in the States, Baltimore, 2-5 June 1993; Banquet Speaker. "Can You Go Home Again?: Exploring the Future of Family History.". 193

ecpclio10_lect_00194 H. L. Mencken society talk, Mencken as spokesman for the Repubican Party. September 11; request of Arthur Gutman, see also article on Arthur in Sun as a Collector, 8/22/93; see .tm; Russell Baker. 194

ecpclio10_lect_00195 talk on Petition of Right, for Judicial Institute, David Boden request, U. of Md. Law School. September 9? see .tm. 195

ecpclio10_lect_00196 Association of Documentary Editors, October 21, 1993, Philadelphia. Session on Documents in the Classroom.. 196

ecpclio10_lect_00197 Gilman School, 9/21/93; discussion with Lois Carr of her work on the Planter's wife and of the Document Packet Daily Life; possible intro for packet by Lois? Proj 3916. 197

ecpclio10_lect_00198 JHU Alumni, Baltimore and New York re: Peabody Exhibit, Colonial Encounters; slides of exhibit; see: 38-34; projs 5290; 5807; 5808. 198

ecpclio10_lect_00199 Odyssey Course, JHU, Spring 1994 on Colonial Encounters Exhibit, see 38-34 . 199 ecpclio10_lect_00200 MARAC Lecture on Aftermath of Glory packet, 5/93, tape. See 37-27 for combined notes relating to intro for the packet.. 200

ecpclio10_lect_00201 Odessy Course with Charlie Stine on Pocomoke, June 1994, JHU . 10 / 201

ecpclio10_lect_00202 Marquardt case for Judge William Carr's seminar, Univeristy of Maryland Law School and for Andrea M. Mattei, Piper Marbury, March 8 luncheon; Seminar on 2/17/94; project 6175. 202

ecpclio10_lect_00203 Lecture to Phi Alpha Theta, Towson History Department; Pat Anderson, etc. on the Band Played On using 37-129; general intro 37-27/28; 37-135; and Aftermath, 37-112; 37-155 band music. PROJ 6222. 203

ecpclio10_lect_00204 JHU Course, Fall 1994. U.S. History 1860-present filed with 10_213. 204

ecpclio10_lect_00205 Talk on the Mothers of Maryland, Hamilton Club, March 23, evening, see 12-129, Proj 5507 . 205

ecpclio10_lect_00206 luncheon talk on Marquardt case, Piper Marbury, 3/8/94, see also 10_202 for Judge Carr's class, U. of Baltimore Law School. 206

ecpclio10_lect_00207 Women's Club of Roland Park, 3/94, 1:15 p.m. talk on Colonial Encounters (variation on 10_140, Where is Watkins Point? . 207

ecpclio10_lect_00208 Talk to Baltimore Bottle Society on world of Philip Calvert, and what you find in the ground Friday, April 16, 1993.. 208

ecpclio10_lect_00209 Maryland day comments re: Colonial Society Essay contest, related to Colonial Encounters exhibit PROJ 5507. 209

ecpclio10_lect_00210 Saint Mary's City Maryland day wreath laying ceremony, Leonard Calvert, SMC, 3/27/94; request of Joe Anderson, acting director PROJ 6308. 210

ecpclio10_lect_00211 Lecture, research on Document Packet Clebrating Rights and Responsibilities, PROJ 5381, 26_532 . 211

ecpclio10_lect_00212 Talk to Flag House volunteers? Zion Lutheran Church, 12:30 p.m. 4/24/94; for Clifford Bruck. See 12_129 for text and overlays.. 212

ecpclio10_lect_00213 JHU Fall 1994 History of the United States II. 1860 to the Present, 464.104; Weds 9/7-12/14; 6:45- 8:45.. 213

ecpclio10_lect_00214 JHU Spring 1995 What is History 464.539. Wednesday, 1/25-5/3 95, 6:15-8:45 . 214

ecpclio10_lect_00215 University of Maryland Class on sources for African American History, Tuesday 6/14/1994; Dr. Pettit use Aftermath of Glory;. 215

ecpclio10_lect_00216 Radio Show with Wisconsin Public Radio on the meaning of the Declaration of Independence; 218 years ago; David Bergman; WHAD. 216

ecpclio10_lect_00217 Baltimore City social studies teachers, "Where are you going? To Timbuktu." Use of facsimiles of original documents in the Classroom.. 217

ecpclio10_lect_00218 Stratford Hall talk, Forgotten Mothers of Maryland; 10:30 a.m. October 15; Mrs. E. Stack Gately from Annapolis invited me; proj 6636. 218

ecpclio10_lect_00219 The Breakfast Club; Suite 1900 #7 East Redwood; 13/94; Craig D. Cocharo; Preserving and Accessing the Collective Memory: How do we know about the Past and Why is it important? PROJ 6761. 219

ecpclio10_lect_00220 Society of Colonial Wars, Maryland Club; Fogotten Mothers of Maryland, 11/17/94. 12-129. 220

ecpclio10_lect_00221 Baltimore County Historical Society, 11/20/94; Regional Historical Societies on the Information Highway. Dr. Charles J. Scheve Proj 6697. 221

ecpclio10_lect_00222 Washington Map Society talk, 12/13 on early mapping of the Bay. Includes payment of Dues for 95 & Portolan, #31, Fall 94; LC; Bob Highbarger; proj 6766. 222

ecpclio10_lect_00223 November 2, 1999 JHU Summer of 1995; Gone with the Wind: Stereotypes of Race and Gender in America (I,M,W ; Academic Policy Handbook. notes and lectures filed here. 223

ecpclio10_lect_00224 JHU Fall of 1995: Proposed Course for Dr. Norris . 224 TO: Dr. Nancy Norris From: Ed Papenfuse 1/17/95 How would the following do for a course description? 459.7?? The idea of the City: From Tribal Village to Regional Metropolis? This seminar will focus on the history and future of the city in America with emphasis on the growing dichotomy between the desire for dispersed settlement (the agrarian ideal and the need for the conservation of available resources. Texts will include William Cronon's NATURE'S METROPOLIS on Chicago, Robert Fogelson, FRAGMENTED METROPOLIS on Los Angeles, and Joel Garreau, EDGE CITY, LIFE ON THE NEW FRONTIER. Issues to be explored include the proposition that the economic and political units of tomorrow (globally will be regional city states such as may be developing in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and perhaps within the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Another view will be represented by the efforts of Baltimore & Cleveland to revive themselves within a traditional definition of a city within long established geographical boundaries. Guests will include public officials and others who have participated in shaping the course of urban public policy.

ecpclio10_lect_00225 JHU Sophomore Seminar for the History Department. Call Sharon Widomski; Dorothy Ross asked me to teach the seminar this fall at JHU. (School Year 1995-1996 .. 225

ecpclio10_lect_00226 College of Library and Information Services, University of Maryland; Commencement address; 5/19/95 CLIS; subject- the World Wide Web; see also Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. 226

ecpclio10_lect_00227 Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present, 464.537. 1996 Spring Term, Wednesday, 1/24/96- 5/1/96 6:15-7:55. 227

ecpclio10_lect_00228 Cheaspeake Bay Maritime Museum, 31/95: Charting the Unknown and Mapping the Misunderstood. text filed with 10-222; slides with 10-199;. 228

ecpclio10_lect_00229 10th Annual Dr. George W. Archer Memorial Lecture, Sunday, November 5, 1995; Charting the Unknown & Mapping the Misunderstood,...;. 229

ecpclio10_lect_00230 MLA Lecture on "The Idea of the City", Sunday, November 12, 1995, 2:30 p.m. Shaffer Hall article on ECP and teaching on the Internet. 230

ecpclio10_lect_00231 Lecture to the Ark and Dove Society, 11/19/95; Forgotten Mothers of Maryland; see 12-129 proj 7319 (honorarium to the Trust Fund . 231

ecpclio10_lect_00232 JHU CS Fall, 1996 Baltimore History from Colonial Times to the Present, CSPI, Weds 6:15-7:55 . 232

ecpclio10_lect_00233 JHU CS History of the U.S. I: 1492-1860, M, W, Spring 1997; Weds 6:15-8:45; discussion re: use of lab or lab equipment;. 233

ecpclio10_lect_00234 Lecture to CLIS faculty and students, 4/8/96 on the current status & future of Archives, Archivists, and Historians; strategic plan, December 1994, for CLIS. 234 included David Troy's work on Rights and Responsibilities; Goldthwaite on Pencil Box; editorial by David Allan, Diamondback 4/8/96 on Widsom.not@cyberspace; contains course schedule for CLIS Syllabi for CLIS courses memo on management of the WEB page of the College; Research interests of the faculty see also 15-680

ecpclio10_lect_00235 JHU History Department, A&S, course on cities for Fall and Spring, 1996/1997 . 235

ecpclio10_lect_00236 Baltimore History from Colonial Times to the Present (CSPI 464.538 1996 Fall Term. Weds 9/11/96 -12/18/96 6:15-7:55. 236

ecpclio10_lect_00237 The Reality of the City in American History (3 100.357. Examines he historical and ecological impact of the city on American History. Baltimore City from its beginnings to the present.. 237

ecpclio10_lect_00238 CS JHU 464.103 U.S. History I: 1492-1860 (M, W 1/29/97-5/7/97; 6:15-8:45 . 238

ecpclio10_lect_00239 October 19, 1999 lecture at Maryland Hall on new things to be learned about Annapolis History: Who was the First President to Sleep in the White House; Dulany, 1824 court house; Jefferson, Monroe;. 239

ecpclio10_lect_00240 JHU Continuing Studies: American History as Fact and Fiction, 464.530 Fall Term, Wednesday, 9/3/97 - 12/17/97 6:15-7:55. 240

ecpclio10_lect_00241 November 2, 1999 JHU Continuing Studies: Spring 1998, Gone with the Wind, 464.306, Weds 6:15-8:45 see ecp-10-191 for lectures and notes. 241

ecpclio10_lect_00242 Summer 1997, NEH Teachers Institute: Teaching in Age of the Internet . 242 Journal: 1997/08/04 Largely talked about goals, assigned reading for Wednesday, outlined what we hoped to accomplish and took them on a whirlwind tour of packets and how I tought last semester using the WEB by visiting the Geocities site.

ecpclio10_lect_00243 Family, Property & Speculative Mania in the Formation of the Early Republic, . 243 Fall 1997 100.401 Mondays 2-4 Electronic Resource Center, MSEL

ecpclio10_lect_00244 Forgotten Mothers of Maryland lecture at Fairhaven, experiment in digital slide presentation. See 12-129 for lecture and slides. includes directions to the Palmers and to Fairhaven.

ecpclio10_lect_00245 January 7, 1998 Lecture on Peggy Stewart and other Burning issues in Annapolis's history . 245

ecpclio10_lect_00246 Maryland History from Colonial Times to the Present, JHU CS Fall 1998, 464.308 . 246

ecpclio10_lect_00247 Hardware, Software, and the Human Dimension of Teaching in the Age of the Internet, 8/98, U. of MD, Center for Renaissance and Baroque Studies, Dr. Susan Jenson, Associate Director, Conf contact. met with KB/RR/MC/LM re: outline of what needed to be done; to work on logistics, payment of honorarium directly to Archives Fund; RR/LM to work on logistics of hook up to U of MD computer, helping prepare materials for local as well as internet use; to narrow presentation materials to 1 underground RR 2 Civil Rights html done this summer 3 underground rr presentation with MC: to work on long range plan for back up for public presentations

ecpclio10_lect_00248 October 5, 1998 Revisions to a lecture given in April 1996 on Edge Cities. . 248

ecpclio10_lect_00249 November 21, 1998 The History and Future of Public History: University of Maryland, Spring Semester . 249 see ecp-15-696 for admin details

ecpclio10_lect_00250 Lecture to BL students in Mr. Neale's class on Hesitant Revolutionaries . 250 Tested idea of individual cds for classroom use to reduce strain, demand on small local servers, etc. File contains notes of talk, working NEH grant proposal cd; hesitant rev cd, John Paquett, who works with Anne Kellerman, helped in the lab. Note to Kathy: We need to send Mercer Neale and Invoice for 21 Hesitant Revolutionaries CD's at $5 each. That is the classroom discount price for more than twenty copies of our document packets on CD. Alert Debbie and Rocky accordingly and have that price available to me in the future when I used the classroom as a test market. I will be doing this again after xmas with the 1877 RR strike packet. There I expect it to be a 2 cd per student. Just send the invoice to Mercer with a note: Dear Mercer: Enclosed is the invoice for the Hesitant Revolutionaries CDs. I have given you the discount price because you were willing to let me experiment with your class. Could you let Kathy know when you need the 1877 strike packets? It is in pretty good shape, but needs some image cleanup. Ed Kathy: the plastic envelopes I am using for CD's in this file are just what I need (I seem to have only one . Remind me to show you what it looks like. Perhaps we could order in a fair number which I could use both for what we sell to places like BL and for my filing (I think we used them on the 21 cd order . note to file: file contains Mercer's outline he uses to introduce the period covered by the packet.

ecpclio10_lect_00251 Baltimore and the Bay, MLA, JHU Weds p.m., Spring Semester, 1999, 464.503; . 251 administrative file see 10-237 for management of the syllabus, readings, etc.

ecpclio10_lect_00252 January 17, 1999 History of Ideas Seminar, JHU, MLA program, American History as Fact and Fiction (BC, LA 464.530 Spring, Year 2000. 252

ecpclio10_lect_00253 November 2, 1999 JHU School of Professional Studies ... Gone with the Wind (464.306 , Weds 6:15 Fall, 1999 admin files; see ecp-10-223 for notes and lectures.. 253

ecpclio10_lect_00254 Address to the Historic Annapolis Foundation on William Paca's Annapolis, October 12; Honorarium to Archives of Maryland Fund. .supposed to be about trade: will be about William Paca and trade to China in 1783/1784/85; also about use of Government House as a place where Paca taught Law need speccol re: Pallus/John Odonnell need newspaper article about nursery of the long robe need name of professor of law at U of Md who is working on Blacks/Chinese immigrants to Marylands, especially re: O' Donnell Taunya Lovell Banks, J.D., University of Maryland; 410-706-3850 need to talk to her re: her web site and her students; Need good image of the proclamation of Peace ending the Revolution, now on exhibit in the State House ;

ecpclio10_lect_00255 Address to the Judicial Institute of Maryland on Conflict Resolution in Early Maryland October 21, 1999. 255 "Conflict Resolution in Colonial Maryland or the Calvert & Dulany Formulas for avoiding a Duel"; need background on Bostwick House Susanna Yatman 1650 Parran Road St. Leonard, MD 26685 Need photo of judge Bell in robes.; need image of Dulany's portrait

ecpclio10_lect_00256 Address to the Northeast Historical Archeology meeing on "What's in a name and why should we remembe r the Calverts?, October 24, SMC. 256 focus on Mynnes/ misunderstanding of origins, importance of family ties/catholocism Woodcote? Toleration/following lines of Md Judcial conference talk will do the presentation from overheads generated on Kathy's printer- need overhead projector will attend banquet can only be there Saturday afternoon and Sunday

ecpclio10_lect_00257 Address to the Brandeis University Women re: Maryland A New Guide to the Old Line State, October 27 Kathy: Please call JHU press (Brugger will tell you whom to call and see what promotional handouts they have for me to take to the Brandeis luncheon. If they have nothing, can we put together one page that tells them how to order the book from us? (credit card order, same day mail out, etc.? . You can use the image of the cover from the HRC meeting, annotate it in visioneer and print out some for me to take (call and see how many they expect to have attending . This is my project file for the talk.

ecpclio10_lect_00258 Seminar with delegation from Anhui Province, China, on our Archival program, December 3 . 258

ecpclio10_lect_00259 Address to the Annapolis Rotary with Carol Parham on using family and local history in the schools, need for intern scholarship money., October 26. This is my project file for my remarks. Theme: What's in a Name and Why We Should Remember Joint MSA/AACO project in search of sponsors; for a teacher/mentor a student/scholar Millenium program. Begun in the 2000/2001 school year Begin with the Superintendant's challenge to: social Studies/English Teachers,11th grade; What's in A Name and Why Should We remember? Maryland State Archives Millenium Essay Contest and Fellowship, .Sponsored by the MSA/Annapolis Rotary/AA CO Public Schools Challenge in the school year: discover their own families and or their own local communities through research and writing; compete for a summer prize of a teacher/mentor/ student/scholar fellowship to expand on their work of the school year and convert it into a a web-based publication useable in the classroom as on ongoing project to better understand who they are, where they are living, Provides Teachers with a much needed respite from teaching and the need for summer employment and permits them to spend the summer helping a Student with his or her research project and converting that experience into lesson plans for use by other teachers; budget: Essay prize: $200 each to the Teacher and Student ($400 mentor/scholar award: $3000 for the teacher/ $2500 scholarship for the student for college to work 10 weeks in the summer funding goes to the Archives, project jointly administered by the Superintendent's office and the MSA; Sources of funding: MSA /Rotary /State Department of Education? Need to involve our students in a better sense of the importance of place and what we have to learn from our own roots and the roots of where we have come to live. Statistics on AA Co: How many are newcommers; How much do they know about the place and the people where they live?

ecpclio10_lect_00260   November 7, Talk to Democratic Party, Montgomery County, on need for Public History; little background on Montgomery County history. see also ecp-2-155       </body>    

ecpclio10_lect_00261 October 26, 2000 project file for talk to conference of women judges April, 2000; followup with Federal and State Judges; Judges Gauvey and Motz re: Lincoln Pardon of Benjamin Brown, June 18,1863. 261

ecpclio10_lect_00262 November 14, 1999 address to the Potomac Chapter of the Maryland Society of Surveyors, 11/9/1999, Wheaton Maryland re: Plats system. 262 includes Chris's outline of his remarks to the Baltimore county chapter.

ecpclio10_lect_00263 Ed to present a Workshop at the at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on Sunday, March 19, 2000 at 10:30 am. 263 and T00-4534request of Sara Cline; see file for materials relating to the ghost story, outer banks of nbsp; N. C., re: Theodosia Burrcd of Burr materails for class. used Lincoln's pockets documents, 17-821, Doris Kearns Goodwin and plagiarism;

ecpclio10_lect_00264 March 1, 2000 Administrative files for Fact and Fiction course at Hopkins, Spring Semester, 2000, Weds 6:15-7:55 Krieger 307. Lectures and related files are managed under 10-240. 264

ecpclio10_lect_00265 March 16, 2000 Miscellaneous speech files . 265

ecpclio10_lect_00266Letter from Anne P. Stygles, Chief Deputy Clerk, Maryland Circuit Court Clerks' Association, confirming Ed's acceptance to address the Association on May 3, 2000 at the Crisfield Heritage Foundation's Tawes Historical Museum </body>

ecpclio10_lect_00267 Letter from Betty MacGlashan confirming Ed's acceptance to address the Queen Anne's County Historical Society on May 17, 2000 at the Kent Island Yacht Club. 267

ecpclio10_lect_00268 Letter from Dan Friedman on behalf of Judge John Carroll Byrnes inviting Ed to address the Baltimore Courthouse Law Museum Foundation, Inc. on the topic of Maryland Legal History On-Line project. 268

ecpclio10_lect_00269 Seminar with Garrett Power at the U of Md Law School in the Spring of 2001 . See admin correspondence in 00219

ecpclio10_lect_00270 Judicial Institute of Maryland; April 2001, series of lectures co-taught with David Bogen, U. of Md Law School (at request of Judge Wilner . See related files in 10-255. Note to David Bogen: I put a copy of your De Sousa article in Lois's box and look forward to reading it this weekend. I had a letter waiting for me as well. I have a couple of loose ends to clean up first, but hope to turn my attention to next Spring towards the end of the month. When would you like to get together? Ed

ecpclio10_lect_00271 Ed to speak to students at Roland Park Country School on November 15 about Charles J. Bonaparte and civil rights. 271

ecpclio10_lect_00272 July 14, 2000 Various emails concerning calls from Marc Apter inviting Ed to be a speaker at a screen symposium for the MPT video "Images of Maryland," as well as dinner for VIP guests on July 18, 2000. See followups under reference ecp-11-

ecpclio10_lect_00273 September 14, 2000 Administrative file for Maryland History Course, JHU, Fall Semester, 2000, 307 Krieger Hall . 273

ecpclio10_lect_00274 October 2, 2000 Request from Judge Robert M. Bell for Ed to address Judges of the Taiwan High Court on Wednesday, October 4 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in the Archives Electronic Classroom. 274

ecpclio10_lect_00275 October 18, 2000 Judicial Institute, October 19, 2000; Judge William O. Carr; intro to resources at the Maryland State Archives. 275

ecpclio10_lect_00276 December 8, 2000 Too Close to Call: Presidential Elections and Electoral Reform in Maryland, 1824 and 1904 historical presentation on opening day to the House of Delegates, January 2001. 276 Please assign staff to pull whatever materials we have on the Presidential Election of 1904, including relevant newspaper articles, election returns, governor's correspondence, electoral college materials, etc. and get back to me with a list of relevant documents, etc.

ecpclio10_lect_00277 February 5, 2001 Lecture, JHU, on 2/8 re: Elections too close to call and to AIMS, Charlie Flanagan + LOC AM Mem proj See Tom Crain email, email from Charlie; use Bonaparte materials too.. 277

ecpclio10_lect_00278 January 16, 2001 project file for the Conference of Chief Justices of the United States Midyear Meeting in Baltimore on January 21-25 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 278

ecpclio10_lect_00279 project file for welcoming ceremonies for new lawyers . 279/ / Ed to put together a draft for Judge Bell of some ideas for remarks he would use to focus on the life career of Judge Harry Cole. Emily Squires is aware that she needs to "soup up" what we have on Judge Cole by the end of June. transferred to ecp-11-187

ecpclio10_lect_00280 March 26, 2001 project file for April 19th speech for the Wranglers Club at the reuqest of Judge Martha Kavanaugh, the "Pooh Bah" of the Wranglers Club. 10 / 280

ecpclio10_lect_00281 April 6, 2001 Letter to Ed from Sandra K. Dalton inviting him to attend the Maryland Court Clerk's Association spring seminar to be held at the Crystal Inn, North East, Maryland on May 1 and May 2, 2001. 281

ecpclio10_lect_00282 April 10, 2001 project file for presentation to the Maryland Society of Surveyors seminar on May 11, 2001 . 282

ecpclio10_lect_00283 May 16, 2001 The effect of the Information Revolution on the United States; delegation from Hunan Province of China; request of Douglas Oard, U. of Md Library School, 5/16/01 284

ecpclio10_lect_00285 June 10, 2001 Project file for course with Larry Gibson, U of Md Law School, Fall 2001; History of civil rights in Maryland; biographical studies of black lawyers. 285

ecpclio10_lect_00286 June 10, 2001 MLA thesis, James Collins, on history of Fort Meade. . 286

ecpclio10_lect_00287 June 20, 2001 project file for address to the Maryland Society of Surveyors on June 22 at the Historical Society in Easton, MD. 287

ecpclio10_lect_00288 June 21, 2001 Project file for talk to the Maryland Advisory Council on Libraries tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 20. 288

ecpclio10_lect_00289 September 3, 2001 Project file for Baltimore and the Bay BE 464.438 Fall 01, SPSBE Tom Crain, 410-516-7709; 289

ecpclio10_lect_00290 September 3, 2001 Project file for Baltimore and the Bay, MLA, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, 450.603; Dr. Melissa Hilbish, 410-516-4640; 290

ecpclio10_lect_00291 September 4, 2001 Project file for Johns Hopkins University Fall course 2001, Baltimore and the Bay . 291

ecpclio10_lect_00292 January 17, 2002 project file for welcome to attendees at MARAC meeting on April 19 in Towson, MD . 292 A Welcome to the Annual Meeting of the Mid Atlantic Regional Archivists Conference, April 19, 2002. Good morning! I see Leonard Rapport is here. He and I shared a room at the first of these conferences in Wilmington. I didn't get any sleep that night because Leonard is an insomniac, but I learned a lot, as I always do from Leonard. Indeed he gave me my start in Archives, but that is another story and I have been given strict instructions from Susan to be brief. Happy Birthday, almost. From an organizational standpoint you will be 30 years old in June. Considering that that is the probable median age of the active members of this organization, I feel somewhat like a mummified Jeremy Bentham being rolled out to attend one of the dinners held in his name at University College London. Jeremy Bentham left a unique archives, his papers which document his illustrious career as a philosopher who spent his whole life trying to get humanity to look beyond the basics, and himself, the remains of which became an Archivist's nightmare. His preserved skeleton, dressed in his own clothes, and surmounted by a wax head resides in a wooden cabinet display called the Auto Icon in the main building of the University College London. Bentham intended that his head should be part of the auto icon, and for ten years before his death (so legend has it he carried around in his pocked the glass eyes that were to adorn it. Unfortunately when the time came to preserve it for posterity, the process went disastrously wrong, robbing the head of most of its facial expression, and leaving it decidedly unattractive. The wax head was therefore substituted, and for some years the real head with its glass eyes, reposed on the floor of the Auto Icon, between Bentham's legs. However it proved an irresistible target of students, especially from King's College London, and it frequently went missing, turning up on one occasion in a luggage locker at Aberdeen station. The last straw came when it was discovered at the front quadrangle being used for football practice. There after it was removed to the College [archives] vault, where it remains to this day. (see: . Source:</blockquote> How do I know all this? From the web, of course. Indeed most of the information that people seem to crave these days is at least initially derived from the web. As Peter Jennings pointed out the other night, is a phenomena that has few peers: a successful that employs a mere 300 people and receives 500 resumes a day. Indeed I thought it might be interesting to ask google to find the main sites that addressed your theme today: Beyond the Basics. In second place came "Beyond the Basics: An Automotive Encyclopedia," which instantly reminded me of a review I am late in submitting, of a book by a scholar who spent her graduate career at Yale, took time off to confront the real world as a auto mechanic, and then got down to basics to write a very good work on the influence of Small Pox on American History which she called Pox Americana. But I digress. The top of the google hit list for "beyond the basics" was a site called : WWW: Beyond the Basics which is a draft book written by class at Virginia Tech about the World Wide Web. Just as I was getting interested in what the class was about (I would recommend you spend some time at the site , a little screen popped up asking me Who was the Lead singer of Nirvana? I was given choices, Shannon Noon, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Ian Curtis, and Ed Papenfuse (I added the last for a laugh . I suppose you all know the answer, Curt Cobain, but I had to go back to Google to find out. There I discovered that my 87 year old father-in-law's heart-throb, Courtney Love, was once Curt Cobain's partner and that they had a child, Francis Bean. It is easy to get distracted on the web. It is almost as bad as archivists on Listservs. But permit me to return to today's theme: Beyond the Basics and to welcome you to Maryland on an auspicious day: Patriots Day, April 19 In 1775 on this day the shot heard round the world was fired. In 1861 on this day the first blood of the civil war was shed on Baltimore's streets as the Massachusetts troops tried unsuccessfully to move unscathed from President's Street Station to Pratt Street Station on their way to defend Washington In 1995 tragedy struck Oklahoma City. Subsequently a memorial was built and a web site launched to keep the memories fresh of what happened that day, but interestingly enough, nothing on the web site tells you succinctly about what happened, how it happened, and when it happened. Everything, of course, that we remember about the importance of this day, is overshadowed by another day in September, but the message is the same. As Archivists we are charged with keeping the the meaning of the collective memory alive in world that is fast becoming almost too fragile for us to handle. Instead of the tangible objects of paper and even more esoteric artifacts like Jeremy Bentham's skull, that we are called upon to care for, and make known, if not accessible, we face extraordinary challenges ahead with regard to holding on to our knowledge of the past. Last fall I had the privilege of addressing a group of archivists in the interior of China The metaphor that I used to conclude my remarks was drawn from a poem that Chairman Mao copied in his unique style of calligraphy, and which is engraved on a stone monument at the entrance to a dark alley in Nanjing named after the Confucian scholars that once lived there. The poem is about the swallows nesting in the eaves of the rich who leave their safe and secure world to create their nests in the eaves of the poor. The information revolution, as manifested today in the world Wide Web, in many ways is like the swallows spreading out into the countryside to to nest in the eaves of the citizenry at large. More people than ever can learn about what we have in our collections and what it all means, but like the mud and straw homes the swallows build, the electronic world is fragile and easily destroyed. Still, as archivists we must venture forth from the safe havens of the small and tactile collections which largely form the basis of what you care for, to the larger, darker uncertain world of finding and maintaining the principal source of what we know about ourselves today, tomorrow, and in the future: the electronic information sources of today. We must ignore the distractions, and focus on the basics, building our little homes of clay and straw (known as electronic archives . We must work together to ensure that they remain intact, undisturbed by perverse chief information officers, their legions of employees more interested in Nirvana and their music than preserving the unique electronic record of the Governor's daily work log, and the vicissitudes of life with an NT server. [insert reference to my remarks in china] You can go too far with metaphors. Permit me to close my welcome with some advice from Jeremy Bentham, slightly altered to fit the times::
Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure. It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as to determine what we shall do. On the one hand the standard of right and wrong, on the other the chain of causes and effects, are fastened to their throne. They govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think: every effort we can make to throw off our subjection, will serve but to demonstrate and confirm it. In words [men and women] may pretend to abjure their empire: but in reality [they] will remain subject to it all the while. The principle of utility recognizes this subjection and assumes it for the foundation of that system, the object of which is to rear the fabric of felicity by the hands of reason and of law. Systems which attempt to question it, deal in sounds instead of sense, caprice instead of reason, in darkness instead of light. source:
May your efforts as archivists: rear the fabric of felicity may sense prevail over sound, reason over caprice, and light over darkness, in all that you do The future of knowing who we are and what we did on this day and any other that was worthwhile, is in your hands. Thank you

ecpclio10_lect_00293 January 25, 2002 project file for lecture series "Democracy and the Legacy of St. Mary's City" on February 20, 2002 in St. Mary's City Hall. 293

ecpclio10_lect_00294 January 25, 2002 project file for lecture on February 15 at Boys' Latin School in the Alumni House . 294

ecpclio10_lect_00295 February 4, 2002 Project file for Washington's Birthday speech on February 18, 2002 by Senator Brian Frosh . 295

ecpclio10_lect_00296 February 11, 2002 project file re: "Leadership Institute for Administrators of State Archives, Records Management and Information Management Programs" at NARA in College Park on May 6-8, 2002. 296

ecpclio10_lect_00297 February 11, 2002 First Citizen awards; presentation of first three volumes of the Carroll papers; awards to Senators Bromwell and Baker; Treasurer Dixon. Wednesday, February 13; Senate Chamber.

ecpclio10_lect_00298 February 22, 2002 project file for meeting with Kaz Nakamoto and Tetsu Kochi (Okinawa Prefectural Archives, Japan on January 16, 2002. 298

ecpclio10_lect_00299 March 18, 2002 project file for Maryland Court Clerk's Association spring seminar from April 30 to May 1, 2002 at the Best Western & Westminster Conference Center in Westminster, MD (see also 10-281 . 299 ecpclio10_lect_00300 March 25, 2002 project file for request from Ronald Grimm to address the Council and Geographic Names Authority at the Hyatt Inner Harbor Hotel on Friday, July 26 from 8:00-8:45 p.m.. 300

ecpclio10_lect_00301 April 23, 2002 project file for request from Ken Zimmerman to address the Baltimore County Genealogical Society on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in September 2002. 301

ecpclio10_lect_00302 April 23, 2002 project file for visit by China State Archives Bureau, Inner Mongolian Archives Management System in June 2002. 302

ecpclio10_lect_00303 April 24, 2002 project file for talk on "Preserving your Municipalities History" at the request of the Maryland Municipal League at the Convention Center in OC on June 26. 303

ecpclio10_lect_00304 May 3, 2002 project file for presentation to the Department of Assessment and Taxation's annual management meeting in Frederick, MD -- <a href="../../../../megafile/ 11/00230/html/1100230.html">see also ecp 11-230</a> . 304

ecpclio10_lect_00305 May 10, 2002 project file for co-teaching with Larry Gibson at the University of Maryland, School of Law in the fall 2002 semester on Tuesday, 9:10-11:00 a.m. in Room 402. 305

ecpclio10_lect_00306 May 10, 2002 project file for co-teaching with Garrett Power at the University of Maryland, School of Law, in the spring 2003 semester on Wednesday, 10:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in Room 473. 306

ecpclio10_lect_00307 May 17, 2002 project file for MD Circuit Court Clerks Association annual convention, Crisfield, May 3, 2000 . 307

ecpclio10_lect_00308 May 17, 2002

ecpclio10_lect_00309 August 1, 2002 project file for talk on November 21, 2002 to the Baltimore Bibliophiles at the Johns Hopkins Club . 309

ecpclio10_lect_00310 September 17, 2002 project file for talk on the Deacon family to the University Park Historic Preservation group on October 17, 2002. 310

ecpclio10_lect_00311 October 4, 2002 Salvaging the Nearly Lost Art of Constitution making:Documenting the Documents, paper for Horst Dippel, Kassel conference, October 2002. 311

ecpclio10_lect_00312 October 4, 2002 History of Maryland Law, 1776- ca. 1820, Maryland Judicial Institute, October 18, 2002. . 312

ecpclio10_lect_00313 October 15, 2002 project file for Georgetown University Law Library conference to be held March 6-8, 2003 called "Preserving Legal Information for the 21st Century: Toward a National Agenda". 313

ecpclio10_lect_00314 November 4, 2002 project file for visit to the Archives of five Russian journalists (interested in the electoral process , their interpreter and 2-3 people from the League of Women Voters on November 4, 2002. 314

ecpclio10_lect_00315 November 6, 2002 Email from Linda Liu with the FCC group attaching draft letter of invitation for a three-member delegation from Inner Mongolia, P.R. China to visit the Archives in December 2002. 315

ecpclio10_lect_00316 November 14, 2002 project file for addressing the China Burma India (CBI Veterans group of WWII on February 20 at Snyder's Willow Grove Restaurant. 316

ecpclio10_lect_00317 November 22, 2002 project file for attending OAH Convention in Memphis, April 3-6, 2002 to serve and present on the Committee on Research and Access to Historical Documents. 317

ecpclio10_lect_00318 December 6, 2002 project file for speaking engagement at the Georgetown conference on "State-Based Preservation Initiatives" on Friday, March 7, 2002. 10 / 318

ecpclio10_lect_00319 December 10, 2002 project file for visit on December 16, 2002 by Georgios Giannakopoulos, Director General of the Greek State Archives. 319