Baltimore Savings Bank: Sources

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Baltimore Savings Bank: Sources

Ecpclio26Balt\00281) Payne, Peter Lester and Lance Edwin Davis The Savings Bank of Baltimore, 1818-1866: A Historical & Analytical Study JHU Series LXXII, no 2, 1954 Notes and overlays 281//

Ecpclio26Balt\00585) Savings Bank of Baltimore and Metropolitan Bank of Bethesda; records, history; student file of Dr Robert Thon, Jr, President in 1968; Phd graduate of Johns Hopkins; mutual savings banks thesis 585// See Also:

The inventory of the Archives of the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society (PSFS) and “The Savings of Ordinary Americans…,” Journal of Economic History, 54, December 1994, no. 4, by George Alter, Claudia Goldin, and Elyce Rotella filed with Ecpclio26Balt\00281.

For detailed notes on the MSA collection of Baltimore Savings Bank records (original project 6442), see Ecpclio26Balt\00281.