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      <p pageid="19507" ns="0" title="Baltimore&#039;s French Connection" />
      <p pageid="19510" ns="0" title="Baltimore: Prostitution and Bawdy Houses - &quot;Sin and Sex in the City&quot;" />
      <p pageid="19450" ns="0" title="Baltimore City Ground Rents" />
      <p pageid="19542" ns="0" title="Baltimore City Jail Dockets" />
      <p pageid="19568" ns="0" title="Baltimore City Tax Lists, 1798-1870" />
      <p pageid="19449" ns="0" title="Baltimore County and City: Secondary Sources" />
      <p pageid="19552" ns="0" title="Baltimore Port Records" />
      <p pageid="17528" ns="0" title="Baltimore Privateers and Letters of Marque" />
      <p pageid="19500" ns="0" title="Baltimore Savings Bank: Sources" />
      <p pageid="19566" ns="0" title="Barron v Baltimore 32 U.S. 243, 1833" />